North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
Weight: 198
Born: 08/21/1990
Mid Term Rank: 32
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Sudbury
League: OHL

NHL Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire

Strengths: "With the great Staal family reputation and the high expectations brought on by his brothers, Jared is coming into his own -- he's just growing into his "big Staal body", which is very similar to that of his brothers. He comes off the wing with the desire to go to the net and that, I think, will continue to grow and he's going to continue to develop on into the NHL."


Outlook: "We caution to not weigh (the family name) too heavily. I think it's a factor that should be brought in, but how far into the inner ring do you bring it? Visually, genetically, he looks like (his brothers). He's got his summer time with his brothers where he is going to get a depth of advice that other prospects aren't going to get. And that's significant. In my mind he's right where he should be (with his development) and he'll continue to gain experience in Sudbury."