North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 7"
Weight: 204
Born: 02/01/1990
Mid Term Rank: 6
Nationality: American
Club: Kelowna
League: WHL

NHL Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire
Strengths: "His height differentiates him from the rest of the draft-eligible defensemen - he towers above all the other players. He is not often burned by the small, quick players and because of the emphasis in today’s NHL on a lack of restraining type of play, I think Tyler has adjusted well to that and is more ready to play in the new NHL than a lot of the other smaller players."

Areas to improve: "Improvements can be made with his continued maturity. I don’t know that he needs to work on anything other than continuing to work on foot speed, continuing to work on coordination. He’s got a rocket shot from the point on the power-play and that is never going to leave him."

Outlook: "Tyler is the tallest player among the top-rated players. As a defenseman, that height translates into a great poke-check and great stick work. At 6’7", he still has a little bit of growing into his body to do. Obviously comparisons are made to Zdeno Chara, who, it has been said, actually as a junior stumbled when he played for St. George. There may be a night when the large feet of Myers get in his way a little bit, but to hear scouts talk, they won’t get in his way for very many more years."

Kelowna Rockets head coach Ryan Huska
"The one thing with Tyler is that his size is something that you can’t teach. He’s very big and for a guy his size, he skates very well. He’s very fluid on the ice. For a younger guy, he’s got a lot of composure with the puck. I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of NHL scouts are fairly high on him right now . . . he’s starting to understand that he can use his size to his advantage in our own zone. He’s becoming a really good player defensively. His stick is so good and he makes it very difficult for opponents to get around him in the defensive zone."