North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 7"
Weight: 204
Born: 02/01/1990
Mid Term Rank: 6
Nationality: American
Club: Kelowna
League: WHL

On his style of play:  I feel I'm a strong skater.  I can move the puck well; see up the ice pretty well.  I feel I'm relied on in the defensive zone and I have offensive ability.


On using his height to his advantage:  Obviously, being that height my reach is a big advantage for me.  My stick is probably taller than most of the guys on my team, so that helps a lot. 


On getting his start in hockey:  I was about 6 years old, and my dad took me to a Houston Aeros game -- it was the American Hockey League at the time.  And the next morning we were in the local pro shop buying equipment. At that time in Houston, hockey wasn't that big, so there weren’t many leagues.  I got into just exhibition games and just loved it ever since.


On the transition from playing hockey in Houston to playing hockey in Calgary:  There are two teams and 3 million people in Houston.  And you get to Calgary, and there are 13 (teams) just in one community.  It's a big difference with the atmosphere for hockey.  It was fun to play in. 


On playing at Notre Dame in Wilcox, Saskatchewan:  I think that was the best developing year for me to (prepare) for the WHL and the next level.  It was a physical league, and that's what I needed to take that next step.  When they called me up (to Kelowna), I felt I was ready for it.


On playing against his former Notre Dame teammates in the WHL:  Every time we play a team with one of my teammates from Notre Dame, it's fun.  We go at each other pretty hard, and it's a fun rivalry.


On trying to become a dual citizen:  Right now, I'm not eligible to play for Canada even if they wanted me.  I'm in the process of getting dual citizenship.  And once that happens, if both sides tend to want me, then I'll have a decision to make, but I'm not quite sure at this point.


On watching the Dallas Stars:  Growing up in Houston, I was a Dallas Stars fan.  And I'll never forget.  I think it was four overtimes when they were playing the Buffalo Sabres, and Brett Hull scored the game winner.  It was pretty exciting for me. 


On his most memorable hockey gift:  I remember one Christmas, my mom got me a hockey stick -- an Easton Synergy, and I think I was about ten at the time.  I was really excited.  It was probably the best hockey Christmas gift I could have gotten. 


On his dad’s influence on his career:  My dad's definitely been the biggest influence for me.  He's always pushed me to be the best that I can.  And he's helped me along the way and hasn't stopped. 


On one movie he would choose to be in:  If I could be in one movie I'd be in "Wedding Crashers". 


On his most embarrassing song on his iPod: Most embarrassing song on my iPod is Tokyo Drift, from the movie. 


On his favorite food to cook: My favorite food to cook is steak.