North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
Weight: 178
Born: 01/17/1992
Mid Term Rank: 23
Nationality: Russian
Club: Saint John
League: QMJHL
On his dream to play in the NHL: Yeah, when I start hockey at four years old, I tell my mom I want to be a hockey player, and I want to play in the NHL. So, for around 14 years, it's my life.

On leaving Moscow to play in the USHL: Four years ago I was in Chicago, with my Russian team and when I went home I tell my mom, I want to try to play in North America and my mom understand me because it's my life, and she say, okay. And last year I came to Indiana. First time it was hard because you don't understand anybody and don't know English. And it was tough but when you go on the ice, you forget everything. You just enjoy your play, enjoy your game.

On Saint John coach, Mike Kelly, visiting him in Moscow: When I play in Indiana, scouts from Saint John came to visit me in Indiana and tell me they want to draft me in the first round but I'm not thinking sure. And this summer, my agent called me and he tells me you get drafted, so how you feel, so I say, it's good but I'm not sure if I'm coming to Saint John, because I really wanted to stay in Indiana and Mike Kelly came to Moscow, we were just talking for around three days, and I tell my agent, my mom, I want to go to Saint John.

On his first year in the QMJHL: I like it. It's great, great team, great coaches. It's, you know, professional, and everyone helps you, everyone teach you what you need to do on the ice better. It's a good experience for me.

On his style of play: I like play fast games, more physical, and kind of a power forward.

On his thoughts about being drafted in June: You know, right now, I try not thinking about this, because when I thinking, I'm playing not very well, and I play every game hard, hard work, and in L.A., it will be my dream will be complete. You know, I can't wait for this.