North American Skater
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
Weight: 157
Born: 10/21/1991
Mid Term Rank: 7
Nationality: Russian
Club: Barrie
League: OHL
On his style of play: I'm a player that plays smart, skilled skating, like play the same, maybe like Datsyuk.

On the players he watches in the NHL:
Ovechkin or Kovalchuk but there's so many, I like younger guys, it's me same, it's very young. It's tough to play NHL.

On watching Datsyuk for the first time in his hometown: Yeah, it's first time, he's not player in the NHL, it's before play NHL, he played for the same team I would play for. He's a very good player, very smart, and a lot of points in the game, maybe three or four points every game. And it's good after season, go to Detroit Red Wings and it's good, I love this guy.

On his skating being one of his best skills: Skating, practice, practice same and guys, I don't know, it's not practice only skating too much. I don't know, its only I go fast, fast.

On coming to Canada to play in the OHL: I don't know, I really wanted to play in OHL and Canada. It's my dream to play NHL. My father played before hockey and told me, it's okay, you want play NHL, you go play hockey in Canada.