North American Skater
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
Weight: 187
Born: 05/16/1992
Mid Term Rank: 47
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Kitchener
League: OHL
On his style of play: I think just a guy that competes every shift and who works hard and has good offensive instincts and the ability to put the puck in the net.

On patterning his game:
I think my favorite player to watch in the NHL is Sidney Crosby, just the way he handles the puck and how he competes every shift, he’s just a great leader for his team.

On winning the creative shootout at the Top Prospects Game: I just had the two moves planned out. My first one didn't work too well. My third one, I just sort of made it up. It just sort of comes to you and you're horsing around after practice. I think those moves, they are not really game like. So I guess after practice when you're horsing around with the guys, that's when those kind of moves come up.

On getting his start in hockey: I think I just followed my family's footsteps. I mean, I have three older sisters that play hockey, one older brother that plays hockey and now a little sister that plays hockey. It just sort of came with the family I guess.

On his passion for the game at a young age:
Yeah, a lot of hours spent in the basement playing floor hockey and my dad built a rink a couple of years for the winter, and a lot of time spent watching my siblings play hockey in different minor hockey arenas, so that was fun.

On having five siblings that played hockey: Just the whole experience of growing up in a hockey family, I think it brought us closer. I think the way that our siblings have been supportive for each other through the years of minor hockey, it's just been phenomenal to have that as an experience.

On his older sisters playing NCAA hockey:
I think that they were great role models for me, and the way they handled themselves, I think I can really look up to them, and the way they played the game and handled themselves off the ice, too.

On his most memorable hockey moment so far: I think just probably my first OHL goal. That was big that was my first OHL game. I think it was a big night, and was really happy to get the goal.

On his rookie year in the OHL: It was really fun. Whenever the coaches give you a chance, an opportunity to play a lot of minutes at a young age, you just sort of try and take the ball and run with. I'm really grateful to the coaching staff in Kitchener for giving me the confidence that they put in me. I think I'm just going to try to carry that into this season and the next.

On being a Markham Waxer in minor hockey:
Yeah, there's some great players that came out of the Waxer organization. I actually played with a couple of them, with Cody Hodgson and Steven Stamkos when I was really young.