North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
Weight: 175
Born: 05/28/1992
Mid Term Rank: 69
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Portland
League: WHL
On getting his start in the game: Well, my older brother, he started when he was about three or four, so it was just kind of good that I started, because he did it, too. So yeah, about age three or four, I started and just went on from there.

On his best hockey moment so far:
Probably winning the gold medal at the Ivan Hlinka tournament last summer. That was a special feeling and just coming in with a group of guys you don't really know and coming together to win one thing is pretty special feeling.

On representing Canada: It's a huge honor. A lot of people don't get to do that, but I was fortunate enough to. It's just a great feeling, like I said, meeting a bunch of guys you don't know, but you've heard about and a couple guys like McFarland and Gormley and all those guys, it was a pretty big honor playing with those guys.

On playing with Nino Niederreiter and Ryan Johansen:
Yeah, it's a special thing to have all us 17 year olds on the line here, but at the start of the year, it was kind of rocky because we didn't really know each other. And Nino coming across from Switzerland, had not played in the Western Hockey League before. But right now, we are doing some special things out there and hopefully that will go to playoff time and then we'll have a good run for it.

On his roll as a winger: I like to grind it out down low. I mean, Nino and Johansen, they know I'll go in the corners and muck it up and get the puck to them and get the puck to Nino. He'll put the puck in the net and maybe I'll put the puck in the net, too, a few times.

On his physicality: Probably my brother. He was always a physical guy when he played for Regina and Kamloops. I just kind of developed that, too, and I go the a little bit of a scoring touch, as well, so I like to do that, too.

On his older brother’s influence:
Yeah, he's probably the biggest influence of my life. He's been through all this before, everything I've been through, he's been through. It's a pretty big help and if I have any questions, I can always talk to him and he'll help me out.

On the possibility of being drafted: Well, hopefully I make it there. But hopefully I just have, a great second half to the season, good playoffs, hopefully make it to the combine and if I may lucky enough to make it there and do get drafted in the first round, it's going to be a dream come true. That's all I've ever wanted to do was play in the NHL, so hopefully it will come true.