North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
Weight: 215
Born: 10/20/1989
Mid Term Rank: 9
Nationality: American
Club: Boston University
League: H-East

NHL Central Scouting’s Gary Eggleston

"Colin is a combination of a skilled and power forward. He is very strong, has excellent hands and is a very good passer and playmaker. He makes and takes a difficult pass extremely well. He is tough and strong on the puck and is a very smart player who is aware of where teammates are at all times. He anticipates the play at both ends of the ice very well. When he gets the puck he responds instantly and knows where to put the puck. He is very reliable defensively, has incredibly quick feet and he can turn quickly while maintaining puck control."


Boston University head coach Jack Parker

"Colin is a really smart player who sees the ice really well. He can really move the puck because he has what I refer to as ‘Larry Bird court-sense’. He knows where everybody is and can see plays develop in front of him. He knows where to go when he has the puck and when he doesn't have the puck. An asset that never seems to surprise me is that he always collects the pass near him, so that the puck stays with him."