Toews visits community in early portion of Cup day

Friday, 07.19.2013 / 12:42 PM | Tal Pinchevsky  - Staff Writer

On the day the city of Winnipeg welcomed back prodigal son Jonathan Toews, the Chicago Blackhawks captain made sure to take time to give back to the city's children.

During his day with the Stanley Cup in Winnipeg, Toews started it with a special appearance with city officials at the local Canadian Tire department store. In a presentation outside the storefront, Toews gave out complementary Blackhawks t-shirts to the children in attendance before answering some questions.

One curious boy got a nice cheer from the partisan crowd after asking Toews which team he would want to play for other than Chicago.

"Probably the Toronto Maple Leafs. Just kidding," Toews said. "My heart is here in Winnipeg. This is my home."

Toews particularly enjoyed a question from one youngster who took his time to muster the courage to address him.

"How did you win the Stanley Cup?" the child asked, eliciting a big laugh from Toews.

"That's a good one. You have to win 16 games," Toews said. "Those are 16 big wins. It's two months of hard work."

Following the appearance at Canadian Tire, Toews brought the Cup to the Winnipeg Children's Hospital to meet with the kids and pose for photographs. Another big moment in a big day featuring Winnipeg's native son and the most iconic trophy in sports.

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