Pittsburgh Penguins

188PIT Pierre Larouche CCAN5' 11"175QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
2927PIT Jacques Cossette RWCAN5' 9"185QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
4862PIT Mario Faubert DCAN6' 1"175NCAASt. Louis University
5880PIT Bruce Aberhart GCAN5' 11"180OHALondon Knights
6898PIT William Schneider LWUSA5' 11"175NCAAU. of Minnesota
78116PIT Robbie Laird LWCAN5' 9"165WCHLRegina Pats
87133PIT Larry Finck DCAN5' 11"185OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
97150PIT Jim Chicoyne DCAN5' 11"205WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
106166PIT Rick Uhrich RWCAN5' 9"168WCHLRegina Pats
116181PIT Serge Gamelin LWCAN5' 11"185QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
126195PIT Rich Perron DCAN5' 8"180QMJHLQuebec Remparts
135206PIT Rick Hindmarch FCAN6' 1"187CIAUU. of Calgary
145216PIT William Davis DCAN6' 1"180NCAAColgate U.
154223PIT James Mathers DUSA6' 1"200NCAANortheastern U.