Round: 1

111BUF Gilbert Perreault CCAN6' 1"180OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
122VAN Dale Tallon DCAN6' 1"200OHAToronto Marlboros
133BOS Reggie Leach RWCAN6' 0"180WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
144BOS Rick MacLeish CCAN5' 11"185OHAPeterborough Petes
155MTL Ray Martyniuk GCAN5' 9"160WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
166MTL Chuck Lefley RWCAN6' 2"185IntlCanadian National Team
177PIT Greg Polis RWCAN5' 10"185WCHLEstevan Bruins
188TOR Darryl Sittler CCAN6' 0"190OHALondon Knights
199BOS Ronald Plumb DCAN5' 10"174OHAPeterborough Petes
11010CSE Chris Oddleifson CCAN6' 0"174WCHLWinnipeg Jets
11111NYR Norm Gratton LWCAN5' 11"165OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
11212DET Serge Lajeunesse DCAN5' 10"185OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
11313BOS Bob Stewart DCAN6' 0"205OHAOshawa Generals
11414CHI Dan Maloney LWCAN6' 1"195OHALondon Knights

Round: 2

2115BUF Butch Deadmarsh LWCAN5' 11"186WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
2216VAN Jim Hargreaves DCAN5' 11"195WCHLWinnipeg Jets
2317MNS Buster Harvey RWCAN6' 0"185OHAHamilton Red Wings
2418PHI Bill Clement CCAN6' 1"194OHAOttawa 67's
2519CSE Pete Laframboise LWCAN6' 2"185OHAOttawa 67's
2620MNS Fred Barrett DCAN5' 11"195OHAToronto Marlboros
2721PIT John Stewart LWCAN6' 0"180WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
2822TOR Errol Thompson LWCAN5' 9"185Charlettown Senior
2923STL Murray Keogan FCAN5' 10"175NCAAU. of Minnesota-Duluth
21024LAK Al McDonough RWCAN6' 1"175OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
21125NYR Mike Murphy RWCAN5' 10"180OHAToronto Marlboros
21226DET Bobby Guindon CCAN5' 9"175OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
21327BOS Dan Bouchard GCAN6' 0"189OHALondon Knights
21428CHI Michel Archambault LWCAN5' 8"160QMJHLDrummondville Rangers

Round: 3

3129BUF Steve Cuddie DCAN5' 10"190OHAToronto Marlboros
3230VAN Ed Dyck GCAN5' 11"160WCHLCalgary Centennials
3331MTL Steve Carlyle DCAN5' 10"181AJHLRed Deer Rustlers
3432PHI Bob Kelly LWCAN5' 10"200OHAOshawa Generals
3533CSE Randy Rota CCAN5' 8"170WCHLCalgary Centennials
3634MNS Dennis Patterson DCAN5' 8"174OHAPeterborough Petes
3735PIT Larry Bignell DCAN6' 0"175WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
3836TOR Gerry O'Flaherty LWUSA5' 10"182OHAKitchener Rangers
3937STL Ron Climie LWCAN5' 11"180OHAHamilton Red Wings
31038LAK Terry Holbrook RWCAN6' 0"185OHALondon Knights
31139NYR Wendell Bennett RWCAN6' 2"180Weyburn Jr. A
31240DET Yvon Lambert LWCAN6' 2"200QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
31341BOS Ray Brownlee LWCAN5' 10"175CIAUU. of Brandon
31442CHI Len Frig DCAN5' 11"190WCHLCalgary Centennials

Round: 4

4143BUF Randy Wyrozub CCAN5' 11"180WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
4244VAN Brent Taylor RWCAN6' 1"175WCHLEstevan Bruins
4345MTL Cal Hammond GCAN5' 8"160WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
4446PHI Jacques Lapierre DCAN5' 11"172QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
4547CSE Ted McAneeley DCAN5' 9"185WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
4648MNS Dave Cressman LWCAN6' 1"180OHAKitchener Rangers
4749PIT Connie Forey LWCAN6' 2"185OHAOttawa 67's
4850TOR Bob Gryp LWCAN6' 1"190NCAABoston University
4951STL Gord Brooks RWCAN5' 8"168OHALondon Knights
41052MTL John French LWCAN5' 11"165OHAToronto Marlboros
41153NYR Andre St. Pierre DCAN5' 10"170QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
41254DET Tom Johnston RWCAN5' 11"168OHAToronto Marlboros
41355BOS Gord Davies LWCAN5' 11"175OHAToronto Marlboros
41456CHI Walt Ledingham LWCAN5' 11"180NCAAU. of Minnesota-Duluth

Round: 5

5157BUF Mike Morton RWCAN5' 8"155QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
5258VAN Bill McFadden FCANWCHLSwift Current Broncos
5359LAK Billy Smith GCAN5' 10"185QMJHLCornwall Royals
5460PHI Doug Kerslake RWCAN5' 11"200WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
5561CSE Ray Gibbs GCAN5' 11"170Charlettown Senior
5662MNS Henry Lehvonen DCAN5' 11"200OHAKitchener Rangers
5763PIT Steve Cardwell LWCAN5' 11"190OHAOshawa Generals
5864TOR Luc Simard LWCAN5' 9"165QMJHLTrois Rivieres Ducs
5965STL Mike Stevens DCAN5' 11"188NCAAU. of Minnesota-Duluth
51066MTL Rick Wilson GCAN6' 1"195NCAAU. of North Dakota
51167NYR Gary Coalter RWCAN5' 10"185OHAHamilton Red Wings
51268DET Tom Mellor DUSA6' 1"185NCAABoston College
51369BOS Bob Roselle CCAN6' 2"185QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
51470CHI Gilles Meloche GCAN5' 8"169QMJHLVerdun Maple Leafs

Round: 6

6171BUF Mike Keeler DCAN5' 10"175OHANiagara Falls Flyers
6272VAN Dave Gilmour LWCAN5' 9"165OHALondon Knights
6373LAK Gerry Bradbury CCAN5' 11"180OHALondon Knights
6474PHI Dennis Giannini LWCAN5' 9"184OHALondon Knights
6575CSE Doug Moyes LWCAN5' 10"180QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
6676MNS Murray McNeil FCAN5' 9"175WCHLCalgary Centennials
6777PIT Bob Fitchner CCAN6' 0"190WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
6878TOR Cal Booth LWCAN5' 11"185SJHLWeyburn Red Wings
6979STL Claude Moreau DCAN5' 9"180OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
61080MTL Robert Brown DCAN6' 1"185NCAABoston University
61181NYR Duane Wylie CUSA5' 8"170OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
61282DET Bernie MacNeil LWCAN5' 11"190Espanola Jr. A
61383BOS Murray Wing DCAN5' 11"180NCAAU. of North Dakota

Round: 7

7184BUF Tim Regan GUSA6' 3"188NCAABoston University
7285STL Jack Taggart DCAN6' 0"175NCAAU. of Denver
7386LAK Brian Carlin LWCAN5' 10"175WCHLCalgary Centennials
7487PHI Hank Nowak LWCAN6' 1"195OHAOshawa Generals
7588CSE Terry Murray DCAN6' 2"190OHAOttawa 67's
7689MNS Gary Geldart DCAN5' 8"160OHALondon Knights
7790PIT James Pearson DCAN5' 10"185OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
7891TOR Paul Larose FCAN5' 9"155QMJHLQuebec Remparts
7992STL Terry Marshall DCAN6' 0"175WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
71093MTL Bob Fowler RWUSA6' 0"185WCHLEstevan Bruins
71194NYR Wayne Bell GCAN5' 11"175WCHLEstevan Bruins
71295DET Ed Hays CCAN5' 11"165NCAAU. of Denver
71396BOS Glenn Siddall LWCAN6' 0"178OHAKitchener Rangers

Round: 8

8197BUF Doug Rombough CCAN6' 3"215OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
8399LAK Brian Chinnick LWCAN5' 11"175OHAPeterborough Petes
84100PHI Gary Cunningham DCAN6' 0"184OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
85101CSE Alan Henry DCAN5' 11"190NCAAU. of North Dakota
86102MNS Mickey Donaldson LWCAN5' 10"165OHAPeterborough Petes
87103PIT Cam Newton GCAN5' 11"170OHAKitchener Rangers
88104TOR Ron Low GCAN6' 1"205MJHLDauphin Kings
89105STL Dave Tataryn GCAN5' 9"160OHANiagara Falls Flyers
810106MTL Richard Jordan LWCAN6' 3"196NCAABoston University
811107NYR Pierre Brind'Amour LWCAN5' 8"170OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens

Round: 9

91108BUF Luc Nadeau CCAN5' 10"165QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
92109STL Bob Winograd DCAN5' 11"195NCAAColorado College
93110PHI Jean Daigle LWCAN6' 1"185QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
94111PIT Ron Lemieux DCAN5' 11"175MJHLDauphin Kings

Round: 10

101112STL Mike Lampman LWUSA6' 2"195NCAAU. of Denver

Round: 11

111113STL Jeff Rotsch DUSA6' 0"175NCAAU. of Wisconsin

Round: 12

121114STL Al Calver DCAN6' 1"190OHAKitchener Rangers

Round: 13

131115STL Jerry MacDonald DCAN6' 0"180CIAUSt. Francis Xavier University

Round: 14

141116STL Gerald Haines FCAN5' 11"178Kenora