1181999-18PIT Konstantin Koltsov LWBLR6' 0"218RussiaCherepovets Severstal


112003-1PITPIT (from FLA) Marc-Andre Fleury GCAN6' 2"180QMJHLCape Breton
111984-1PIT Mario Lemieux CCAN6' 4"230QMJHLLaval Voisins
112005-1PIT Sidney Crosby CCAN5' 11"200QMJHLRimouski
121985-2PIT Craig Simpson LWCAN6' 2"195NCAAMichigan State U.
121976-2PIT Blair Chapman RWCANWCHLSaskatoon Blades
122006-2PIT Jordan Staal CCAN6' 4"220OHLPeterborough
141986-4PIT Zarley Zalapski DCAN6' 1"215IntlCanadian National Team
141968-4PIT Garry Swain CCAN5' 8"164OHANiagara Falls Flyers
141988-4PIT Darrin Shannon LWCAN6' 2"210OHLWindsor Compuware Spitfires
151987-5PIT Chris Joseph DCAN6' 2"211WHLSeattle Thunderbirds
171973-7PIT Blaine Stoughton LWCANWCHLFlin Flon Bombers
171970-7PIT Greg Polis RWCANWCHLEstevan Bruins
182012-8PITCAR-PIT Derrick Pouliot DCAN5' 11"192WHLPortland
181974-8PIT Pierre Larouche CCANQMJHLSorel Black Hawks
191980-9PIT Mike Bullard CCAN6' 0"195OHABrantford Alexanders
191984-9PIT Doug Bodger DCAN6' 2"210WHLKamloops Junior Oilers
1101982-10PIT Rich Sutter RWCAN5' 11"188WHLLethbridge Broncos
1131975-13PIT Gordon Laxton GCANWCHLNew Westminster Bruins
221968-14PIT Ron Snell RWCAN5' 10"158WCHLRegina Pats
1151983-15PIT Bob Errey LWCAN5' 11"175OHLPeterborough Petes
221969-15PIT Rick Kessell CCAN5' 10"175OHAOshawa Generals
1161989-16PIT Jamie Heward DCAN6' 2"215WHLRegina Pats
1161984-16PIT Roger Belanger CCANOHLKingston Canadians
241971-18PIT Brian McKenzie LWCAN5' 10"165OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
211976-19PIT Greg Malone CCANOHAOshawa Generals
1202007-20PIT Angelo Esposito CCAN6' 2"190QMJHLQuebec
271970-21PIT John Stewart LWCAN6' 0"180WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
1212001-21PIT Colby Armstrong RWCAN6' 2"195WHLRed Deer
211983-22PIT Todd Charlesworth DCANOHLOshawa Generals
221985-23PIT Lee Giffin RWCANOHLOshawa Generals
1231996-23PIT Craig Hillier GCAN6' 0"165OHLOttawa 67's
271973-23PIT Wayne Bianchin RWCANWCHLFlin Flon Bombers
1232011-23PIT Joe Morrow DCAN6' 0"199WHLPortland
281972-24PIT Jack Lynch DCAN6' 2"180OHAOshawa Generals
1241994-24PIT Chris Wells CCAN6' 6"223WHLSeattle Thunderbirds
271978-25PIT Michael Meeker RWCANOHAPeterborough Petes
241988-25PIT Mark Major LWCAN6' 3"223OHLNorth Bay Centennials
251987-26PIT Rick Tabaracci GCAN6' 1"181OHLCornwall Royals
321969-26PIT Michel Briere CCAN5' 10"165Shawinigan
291974-27PIT Jacques Cossette RWCANQMJHLSorel Black Hawks
2111973-27PIT Colin Campbell DCAN5' 9"190OHAPeterborough Petes
271981-28PIT Steve Gatzos RWCANOHLSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
2111976-29PIT Peter Marsh RWCANQMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
2121977-30PIT Jim Hamilton RWCANOHALondon Knights
1302009-30PIT Simon Despres DCAN6' 4"205QMJHLSaint John
2141972-30PIT Bernie Lukowich RWCAN6' 0"190WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
2101979-31PIT Paul Marshall LWCANOHABrantford Alexanders
222003-32PIT Ryan Stone CCAN6' 2"207WHLBrandon
371970-35PIT Larry Bignell DCAN6' 0"175WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
2161989-37PIT Paul Laus DCAN6' 1"215OHLNiagara Falls Thunder
421969-38PIT Yvon Labre DCANOHAToronto Marlboros
2171982-38PIT Tim Hrynewich LWCANOHLSudbury Wolves
381972-40PIT Denis Herron GCANQMJHLTrois Rivieres Ducs
2191992-43PIT Marc Hussey DCAN6' 4"182WHLMoose Jaw Warriors
2142013-44PITCBJ-PIT Tristan Jarry GCAN6' 1"183WHLEdmonton
341986-46PIT Brad Aitken LWCAN6' 2"200OHLSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
3111976-47PIT Morris Lukowich LWCAN5' 9"170WCHLMedicine Hat Tigers
3121977-48PIT Kim Davis CCANWCHLFlin Flon Bombers
3131975-49PIT Paul Baxter DCAN5' 11"189WHACleveland Crusaders
371981-49PIT Thomas Thornbury RWCANOHLNiagara Falls Flyers
471970-49PIT Connie Forey LWCAN6' 2"185OHAOttawa 67's
2212007-51PIT Keven Veilleux CCAN6' 5"218QMJHLVictoriaville
391980-51PIT Randy Boyd DCAN5' 1"200OHAOttawa 67's
2202017-51PITSTL-PIT Zachary Lauzon DCAN6' 0"187QMJHLRouyn-Noranda
2222000-52PIT Shane Endicott CCAN6' 3"209Seattle
3101982-52PIT Troy Loney LWCAN6' 3"209WHLLethbridge Broncos
2261993-52PIT Domenic Pittis CCAN5' 11"190WHLLethbridge Hurricanes
3111979-52PIT Bennett Wolf DCANOHAKitchener Rangers
2222018-53PIT Calen Addison DCAN5' 10"178WHLLETHBRIDGE
2242011-54PIT Scott Harrington DCAN6' 1"200OHLLondon
471973-55PIT Dennis Owchar DCANOHAToronto Marlboros
481972-56PIT Ron Lalonde CCANOHAPeterborough Petes
2291999-57PIT Jeremy Van Hoof DCAN6' 2"200OHLOttawa 67's
3161983-58PIT Mike Rowe DCANOHLToronto Marlboros
3161985-58PIT Bruce Racine GCAN6' 0"190NCAANortheastern U.
3161991-60PIT Shane Peacock DCAN5' 9"198WHLLethbridge Hurricanes
481978-61PIT Shane Pearsall LWCANOHAOttawa 67's
481974-62PIT Mario Faubert DCANNCAASt. Louis University
621969-62PIT Paul Hoganson GCAN5' 11"175OHAToronto Marlboros
3101993-62PIT Dave Roche LWCAN6' 4"230OHLPeterborough Petes
3201988-62PIT Daniel Gauthier LWCAN6' 1"190QMJHLVictoriaville Tigres
312005-62PIT Kris Letang DCAN6' 0"201QMJHLVal d'Or
571970-63PIT Steve Cardwell LWCAN5' 11"190OHAOshawa Generals
411983-63PIT Frank Pietrangelo GCAN5' 10"185NCAAU. of Minnesota
411984-64PIT Mark Teevens RWCANOHLPeterborough Petes
4111976-65PIT Greg Redquest GCAN5' 10"190OHAOshawa Generals
322004-67PIT Nick Johnson RWCAN6' 1"183AJHLSt. Albert
441988-67PIT Mark Recchi RWCAN5' 10"195WHLKamloops Blazers
3191992-67PIT Travis Thiessen DCAN6' 3"203WHLMoose Jaw Warriors
441986-67PIT Rob Brown RWCAN5' 11"185WHLKamloops Blazers
362002-69PIT Erik Christensen CCAN6' 1"200WHLKamloops
471981-70PIT Norm Schmidt DCANOHLOshawa Generals
322003-70PIT Jonathan Filewich RWCAN6' 2"208WHLPrince George
491980-72PIT Tony Feltrin DCANWHLVictoria Cougars
3201996-72PIT Boyd Kane LWCAN6' 2"229WHLRegina Pats
3211994-73PIT Greg Crozier LWCAN6' 3"180Mass.Lawrence Academy
352003-73PITPIT (from FLA) Daniel Carcillo LWCAN6' 0"205OHLSarnia
4101979-73PIT Brian Cross DCANOHABrantford Alexanders
561978-75PIT Rob Garner CCANOHAToronto Marlboros
3241995-76PIT Jean-Sebastien Aubin GCAN5' 11"180QMJHLSherbrooke Faucons
3162016-77PITDET-NJD-PIT Connor Hall DCAN6' 2"190OHLKitchener
671970-77PIT Bob Fitchner CCANWCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
3172007-78PITPIT (from NYR) Robert Bortuzzo DCAN6' 3"196OHLKitchener
4161989-79PIT Todd Nelson DCAN6' 0"201WHLPrince Albert Raiders
3221998-80PIT David Cameron CCAN6' 1"180WHLPrince Albert Raiders
3192007-80PITPIT (from MIN) Casey Pierro-Zabotel CCAN6' 1"205BCHLMerritt
3222012-83PIT Matt Murray GCAN6' 4"169OHLSault Ste. Marie
5131975-85PIT Kim Clackson DCANWCHLVictoria Cougars
3232001-86PIT Drew Fata DCAN6' 1"209OHLToronto St. Michael's
3201999-86PIT Sebastien Caron GCAN6' 1"170QMJHLRimouski Oceanic
521985-86PIT Steve Gotaas CCAN5' 10"180WHLPrince Albert Raiders
541988-88PIT Greg Andrusak DCAN6' 1"183NCAAU. of Minnesota-Duluth
551987-89PIT Jeff Waver DCANOHLHamilton Steelhawks
771970-90PIT James Pearson DCANOHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
4191992-91PIT Todd Klassen DCAN6' 0"204WHLTri-City Americans
412012-92PITCBJ-PIT Matia Marcantuoni C/RWCAN5' 11"193OHLKitchener
591980-93PIT Doug Shedden CCANOHASault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
5101979-94PIT Nick Ricci GCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
3332001-96PIT Alexandre Rouleau DCAN6' 1"180QMJHLVal d'Or
4171997-97PIT Alexandre Mathieu CCAN6' 1"176QMJHLHalifax Mooseheads
412004-99PIT Tyler Kennedy CCAN5' 11"183OHLSault Ste. Marie
6121977-102PIT Greg Millen GCAN5' 9"175OHAPeterborough Petes
861970-102PIT Cam Newton GCAN5' 11"170OHAKitchener Rangers
611983-103PIT Patrick Emond CCANQMJHLHull Olympiques
5161991-104PIT Robert Melanson DCAN6' 1"202QMJHLHull Olympiques
621985-107PIT Kevin Clemens LWCANWHLRegina Pats
641986-109PIT Jeff Daniels LWCAN6' 1"200OHLOshawa Generals
641981-109PIT Paul Edwards DCANOHLOshawa Generals
651990-110PIT Denis Casey GCAN5' 10"180NCAAColorado College
4241998-110PIT Scott Myers GCAN5' 10"172WHLPrince George Cougars
4202007-111PIT Luca Caputi LWCAN6' 3"200OHLMississauga
671981-112PIT Rod Buskas DCAN6' 1"206WHLMedicine Hat Tigers
4222012-113PIT Sean Maguire GCAN6' 1"203BCHLPowell River
691980-114PIT Pat Graham LWCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
6101979-115PIT Marc Chorney DCANNCAAU. of North Dakota
5191992-115PIT Philippe De Rouville GCAN6' 1"183QMJHLVerdun College-Francais
781974-116PIT Robbie Laird LWCANWCHLRegina Pats
4272007-118PITPIT (from DET) Alex Grant DCAN6' 2"185QMJHLSaint John
881972-120PIT Yves Bergeron RWCAN5' 9"165QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
4292008-120PIT Nathan Moon CCAN5' 11"179OHLKingston
4202003-121PITPIT (from BOS) Paul Bissonnette DCAN6' 3"220OHLSaginaw
4302009-121PIT Nick Petersen RWCAN6' 2"186QMJHLShawinigan
522009-123PITPIT (from TBL) Alex Velischek DCAN6' 0"200HIGH-NJDelbarton
5181997-124PIT Harlan Pratt DCAN6' 1"190WHLPrince Albert Raiders
4282000-124PITPIT (from WSH) Michel Ouellet RWCAN6' 1"193Rimouski
522006-125PIT Chad Johnson GCAN6' 3"198CCHAAlaska-Fairbanks
512005-126PIT Tim Crowder RWCAN6' 2"180BCHLSouth Surrey
6211989-126PIT Michael Needham RWCAN5' 10"185WHLKamloops Blazers
552018-129PITDET-PIT Justin Almeida CCAN5' 9"158WHLMOOSE JAW
741986-130PIT Doug Hobson DCANWHLPrince Albert Raiders
741988-130PIT Troy Mick LWCAN5' 11"192WHLPortland Winter Hawks
751990-131PIT Ken Plaquin DCAN6' 2"190NCAAMichigan Tech
751987-131PIT James Bodden CCANSOJHLChatham
961973-134PIT Gord Lane DCANWCHLNew Westminster Bruins
7101982-136PIT Grant Couture DCANWHLLethbridge Broncos
562002-137PIT Cam Paddock CCAN6' 0"178WHLKelowna
5202007-141PIT Jake Muzzin DCAN6' 3"213OHLSault Ste. Marie
5222012-143PIT Clark Seymour DCAN6' 3"205OHLPeterborough
7161991-148PIT Ed Patterson RWCAN6' 2"218WHLKamloops Blazers
6151996-150PIT Peter Bergman CCAN6' 1"195WHLKamloops Blazers
5302009-151PITPIT (from PIT) Andy Bathgate CCAN6' 0"164OHLBelleville
871981-154PIT Mitch Lamoureux CCANOHLOshawa Generals
9121975-155PIT Byron Shutt LWCANNCAABowning Green
6261993-156PIT Patrick Lalime GCAN6' 3"192QMJHLShawinigan Cataractes
891980-156PIT Bob Geale CCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
8101982-157PIT Peter Derksen LWCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
751994-161PIT Serge Aubin CCAN6' 1"200QMJHLGranby Bisons
1161973-164PIT Don McLeod GCAN6' 0"190WCHLSaskatoon Blades
6132013-164PITWPG-PIT Dane Birks DCAN6' 3"190BCHLMerritt
911984-169PIT John Del Col LWCANOHLToronto Marlboros
6202010-170PIT Reid McNeill DCAN6' 3"191OHLLondon
6202007-171PIT Dustin Jeffrey CCAN6' 1"205OHLSault Ste. Marie
941986-172PIT Dave McLlwain CCAN6' 0"185OHLNorth Bay Centennials
6232014-173PIT Jaden Lindo RWCAN6' 1"201OHLOwen Sound
6232011-174PIT Josh Archibald WCAN5' 10"161HIGH-MNBrainerd H.S.
971981-175PIT Dean Defazio LWCANOHLBrantford Alexanders
981980-177PIT Brian Lundberg DCANNCAAU. of Michigan
9101982-178PIT Greg Gravel CCANOHLWindsor Spitfires
7181997-179PIT Mark Moore DCAN6' 3"185NCAAHarvard U.
6282013-179PIT Blaine Byron CCAN5' 11"163CCHLSmiths Falls
7241995-180PIT Derrick Pyke RWCAN6' 1"161QMJHLHalifax Mooseheads
6292008-180PIT Patrick Killeen GCAN6' 4"204OHLBrampton
7261993-182PIT Sean Selmser LWCAN6' 1"182WHLRed Deer Rebels
1011983-183PIT Alec Haidy RWCANOHLSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
9161989-184PIT Andrew Wolf DCANWHLVictoria Cougars
7241996-186PIT Eric Meloche RWCAN5' 10"202COJHLCornwall
1041986-193PIT Kelly Cain CCANOHLLondon Knights
1041988-193PIT Donald Pancoe LWCAN6' 1"200OHLHamilton Steelhawks
6322005-194PIT Jean-Philippe Paquet DCAN6' 3"202QMJHLShawinigan
1051987-194PIT Daryn McBride CCANNCAAU. of Denver
1071981-196PIT Dave Hannan CCAN5' 10"180OHLBrantford Alexanders
1291975-196PIT Lex Hudson DCANNCAAU. of Denver
7231998-196PIT Joel Scherban CCAN6' 2"207OHLLondon Knights
10101982-199PIT Stu Wenaas DCANWHLWinnipeg Warriors
722003-199PIT Andy Chiodo GCAN5' 11"192OHLToronto St. Michael's
1111983-203PIT Garth Hildebrand LWCANWHLCalgary Wranglers
7181999-204PIT Tom Kostopoulos RWCAN6' 0"200OHLLondon Knights
8261993-208PIT Larry McMorran CCAN6' 3"193WHLSeattle Thunderbirds
8181997-208PIT Andrew Ference DCAN5' 11"189WHLPortland Winter Hawks
7282011-209PITPIT (from SJS) Scott Wilson C/LWCAN5' 11"166OJHLGeorgetown
7282013-209PIT Troy Josephs CCAN5' 11"176OJHLSt. Michael's
7292008-210PIT Nicholas D'Agostino DCAN6' 2"197OPJHLSt. Michael's
1151990-215PIT Michael Thompson RWCAN6' 0"202NCAAMichigan State U.
7312017-217PIT William Reilly DCAN6' 1"197ECACRPI
11101982-220PIT Chris McCauley CCANOHLLondon Knights
7292004-222PITPIT (from VAN) Jordan Morrison CCAN5' 11"180OHLPeterborough
1211983-223PIT Dave Goertz DCANWHLRegina Pats
11161989-226PIT Scott Farrell DCANWHLSpokane Chiefs
812004-228PIT David Brown GCAN6' 0"185CCHAU. of Notre Dame
7322003-229PITPIT (from NJD) Stephen Dixon CCAN6' 0"185QMJHLCape Breton
9241995-232PIT Frank Ivankovic GCAN6' 4"194OHLOshawa Generals
8181999-233PIT Darcy Robinson DCAN6' 4"220WHLSaskatoon Blades
852002-234PIT Max Talbot CCAN5' 11"190QMJHLHull
1241988-235PIT Darren Stolk DCAN6' 4"210WHLLethbridge Broncos
1241986-235PIT Robert Wilson DCANOHLSudbury Wolves
11161991-236PIT Paul Dyck DCAN6' 1"192WHLMoose Jaw Warriors
12161989-247PIT Jason Smart CCAN6' 4"212WHLSaskatoon Blades
8192000-248PIT Steven Crampton RWCAN6' 3"197Moose Jaw
912004-259PIT Brian Ihnacak CCAN6' 0"178ECACBrown U.
9181999-261PIT Andrew McPherson LWCAN6' 2"175NCAAR.P.I.
922003-263PIT Matt Moulson LWCAN6' 1"210ECACCornell U.
9192000-280PIT Nick Boucher GCAN5' 11"175Dartmouth College

Czech Republic

151990-5PIT Jaromir Jagr RWCZE6' 3"240CzechKladno
1191992-19PIT Martin Straka CCZE5' 9"180Czech.Skoda Plzen
1231998-23PIT Milan Kraft CCZE6' 4"212Czech.Keramika Plzen
221996-28PIT Pavel Skrbek DCZE6' 3"191CzechKladno
252002-35PIT Ondrej Nemec DCZE6' 0"196CZEVsetin
3181997-71PIT Josef Melichar DCZE6' 2"220CzechCeske Budejovice HC
4251996-105PIT Michal Rozsival DCZE6' 2"212CzechDukla Jihlava
5241995-128PIT Jan Hrdina CCZE6' 0"200WHLSeattle Thunderbirds
5162015-137PIT Dominik Simon CCZE5' 11"176Czech RepublicPlzen
5232011-144PIT Dominik Uher CCZE6' 0"195WHLSpokane
5162000-146PITPIT (from MTL) David Koci DCZE6' 6"238Sparta Praha Jr.
6181997-152PIT Petr Havelka LWCZE6' 2"187CzechSparta Praha
851987-152PIT Jiri Kucera RWCZE5' 11"180CzechDukla Jihlava
7191992-163PIT Jan Alinc LWCZE6' 1"176CzechLitvinov Chemopetrol
622003-169PIT Lukas Bolf DCZE6' 1"189CZE JR.Sparta Jr.
6241998-169PIT Jan Fadrny CCZE6' 0"176CzechSlavia Praha HC
7212001-217PIT Tomas Duba GCZE6' 0"176CZESparta Jr.
9122000-273PITPIT (from ANA) Roman Simicek CCZE6' 2"210HPK Hameenlinna


1222012-22PIT Olli Maatta DFIN6' 1"204OHLLondon
1222014-22PIT Kasperi Kapanen RWFIN6' 0"181FINLANDKalpa
2312016-61PITPIT-TOR-PIT Kasper Bjorkqvist RWFIN6' 1"198Finland Jr.Blues Jr.
4342005-125PIT Tommi Leinonen DFIN6' 2"185Finland Jr.Karpat Jr.
8131975-139PIT Tapio Levo DFINFinland Jr. Nationals
5302016-151PIT Niclas Almari DFIN6' 1"167Finland Jr.Jokerit Jr.
851990-152PIT Petteri Koskimaki CFIN6' 1"180NCAABoston University
722006-185PIT Timo Seppanen DFIN6' 1"209FINLANDIFK
6312017-186PIT Antti Palojarvi DFIN6' 1"176Finland Jr.Lukko Jr.
8241998-224PIT Mika Lehto GFIN5' 11"172FINLANDAssat Pori
9231996-238PIT Timo Seikkula CFIN6' 1"187FinlandJunkkarit
12161991-258PIT Pasi Huura DFIN6' 4"220FINLANDIlves Tampere


351994-57PIT Sven Butenschon DDEU6' 4"215WHLBrandon Wheat Kings
4202010-110PIT Tom Kuhnhackl RWDEU6' 2"172GERMAN-2Landshut Cann.
6162015-167PIT Frederik Tiffels LWDEU6' 0"192NCHCWestern Michigan


8241994-206PIT Boris Zelenko LWKAZ6' 1"172RussiaCSKA Moscow

Korea (South)

2241994-50PIT Richard Park RWKOR5' 11"190OHLBelleville Bulls
921985-170PIT Jim Paek DKOR6' 1"200OHLOshawa Generals


2222012-52PIT Teddy Blueger CLVA6' 0"171HIGH-MNShattuck-St. Mary's


2162015-46PIT Daniel Sprong RWNLD6' 0"180QMJHLCharlottetown


122004-2PIT Evgeni Malkin FRUS6' 3"195RUSMagnitogorsk
1241995-24PIT Aleksey Morozov RWRUS6' 1"204RussiaKrylja Sovetov
2271998-54PIT Alexander Zevakhin RWRUS6' 0"187RussiaCSKA Moscow
3241994-76PIT Alexei Krivchenkov DRUS6' 0"185RussiaCSKA Moscow
4241995-102PIT Oleg Belov CRUS6' 1"180RussiaCSKA Moscow
6191992-139PIT Artem Kopot DRUS5' 10"183RussiaChelyabinsk Traktor
5292008-150PIT Alexander Pechurskiy GRUS6' 0"187RUSSIA-3Magnitogorsk 2
6241995-154PIT Alexei Kolkunov CRUS6' 0"185RussiaKrylja Sovetov
6241994-154PIT Valentin Morozov CRUS5' 11"176RussiaCSKA Moscow
5311999-157PIT Vladimir Malenkykh DRUS6' 1"187RussiaTolyatti Lada
5252003-161PITPIT (from PHI) Evgeni Isakov LWRUS6' 1"196RUSCherepovets
6222012-173PIT Anton Zlobin RWRUS5' 11"195QMJHLShawinigan
7162015-197PIT Nikita Pavlychev CRUS6' 7"200USHLDes Moines
8241995-206PIT Sergei Voronov DRUS6' 2"200RussiaMoscow Dynamo
10241994-258PIT Mikhail Kazakevich CRUS6' 1"187RussiaYaroslavl Torpedo
10261993-260PIT Leonid Toropchenko CRUS6' 4"235AHLSpringfield Indians


1171997-17PIT Robert Dome LWSVK6' 0"217IHLLas Vegas Thunder
3192000-84PIT Peter Hamerlik GSVK6' 2"187Skalica
4242001-120PIT Tomas Surovy FSVK6' 0"191SVKPoprad
512004-130PIT Michal Sersen DSVK6' 0"176QMJHLRimouski
5181999-144PIT Tomas Skvaridlo CSVK6' 1"180SlovakiaZvolen Jr.
951990-173PIT Ladislav Karabin LWSVK6' 1"189SlovakBratislava Slovan Harvard


5282017-152PITOTT-PIT Jan Drozg LWSVN6' 0"174SWEDEN-JR. U18LEKSAND U18


1161991-16PIT Markus Naslund LWSWE6' 0"191SELModo Hockey Ornskoldsvik
1261993-26PIT Stefan Bergqvist DSWE6' 2"224SELLeksands IF
212004-31PIT Johannes Salmonsson FSWE6' 2"183SWEDENDjurgarden
2252016-55PITANA-VAN-PIT Filip Gustavsson GSWE6' 1"190SWEDEN-JR.Lulea Jr.
2272018-58PITNSH-COL-PIT Filip Hallander CSWE6' 1"188SWEDEN-2TIMRA
2312009-61PIT Philip Samuelsson DSWE6' 3"198USHLChicago
3202012-81PITPHI-PHX-PIT Oskar Sundqvist CSWE6' 3"172SWEDEN-JR.Skelleftea Jr.
452002-101PIT Daniel Fernholm DSWE6' 4"218SWEDENDjurgarden
4261993-104PIT Jonas Andersson-Junkka DSWE6' 2"165SwedenKiruna
741990-130PIT Mika Valila CSWE6' 0"172FINLANDTappara Tampere
5312017-155PIT Linus Olund CSWE5' 11"185SWEDENBrynas
6302009-181PIT Viktor Ekbom DSWE6' 2"194SWEDEN-2Oskarshamn
11261993-286PIT Hans Jonsson DSWE6' 1"176SELModo Hockey Ornskoldsvik


752002-202PIT Patrik Bartschi FCHE5' 10"199SUIKloten


3251996-77PIT Boris Protsenko RWUKR6' 0"180WHLCalgary Hitmen

United States

152002-5PIT Ryan Whitney DUSA6' 3"210H-EASTBoston University
1182000-18PIT Brooks Orpik DUSA6' 2"219Boston College
1202010-20PIT Beau Bennett RWUSA6' 1"173BCHLPenticton
241986-25PIT Dave Capuano LWUSA6' 2"190R.I.Mount St. Charles H.S.
2131975-31PIT Russ Anderson DUSANCAAU. of Minnesota
341971-32PIT Joe Noris CUSA6' 0"185OHAToronto Marlboros
222006-32PIT Carl Sneep DUSA6' 4"210USHSWBrainerd
2161991-38PIT Rusty Fitzgerald CUSA6' 1"186Minn.Duluth East H.S.
2181997-44PIT Brian Gaffaney DUSA6' 5"205USHLNorth Iowa Huskies
351987-47PIT Jamie Leach RWUSA6' 1"205OHLHamilton Steelhawks
2231999-51PIT Matt Murley LWUSA6' 2"206NCAAR.P.I.
2242001-54PIT Noah Welch DUSA6' 4"215USHSESt. Sebastian's
3161989-58PIT John Brill RWUSA6' 3"180Minn.Grand Rapids H.S.
3191990-61PIT Joe Dziedzic LWUSA6' 3"227Minn.Edison H.S.
2312005-61PIT Michael Gergen FUSA5' 11"185USHSWShattuck-St. Mary's
2312004-61PITPIT (from VAN) Alex Goligoski DUSA5' 11"180USHLSioux Falls
322009-63PITPIT (from TBL) Ben Hanowski RWUSA6' 2"198HIGH-MNLittle Falls H.S.
322006-65PIT Brian Strait DUSA6' 1"200USAUSA U-18
4121977-66PIT Mark Johnson CUSANCAAU. of Wisconsin
451990-68PIT Chris Tamer DUSA6' 2"200NCAAU. of Michigan
3162013-77PITMIN-PHI-DAL-PIT Jake Guentzel CUSA5' 9"157USHLSioux City
3202010-80PIT Bryan Rust RWUSA6' 0"191USHLUSA U-18
4161991-82PIT Joe Tamminen CUSA6' 1"187Minn.Virginia H.S.
3202004-85PITPIT (from CGY) Brian Gifford CUSA6' 1"173USHSWMoorhead
541986-88PIT Sandy Smith RWUSA5' 11"200Minn.Brainerd H.S.
551990-89PIT Brian Farrell CUSA5' 11"182Conn.Avon Old Farms H.S.
3312017-93PIT Clayton Phillips DUSA5' 10"180USHLFargo
5101982-94PIT Grant Sasser CUSAWHLPortland Winter Hawks
5161989-100PIT Tom Nevers CUSAMinn.Edina H.S.
4241994-102PIT Thomas O'Connor DUSA6' 2"190EJHLSpringfield Olympics
621990-107PIT Ian Moran DUSA5' 11"197Mass.Belmont Hill H.S.
651987-110PIT Shawn McEachern LWUSA5' 11"200Mass.Matignon H.S.
4232014-113PIT Sam Lafferty C/LWUSA6' 0"187HIGH-MADeerfield Academy
4191999-115PIT Ryan Malone LWUSA6' 4"219USHLOmaha Lancers
4282013-119PIT Ryan Segalla DUSA6' 0"190HIGH-CTSalisbury
6161989-121PIT Michael Markovich DUSA6' 3"200NCAAU. of Denver
4302016-121PIT Ryan Jones DUSA6' 1"186USHLLincoln
711983-123PIT Paul Ames DUSAMass.Billerica H.S.
6161991-126PIT Brian Clifford CUSA5' 11"170HIGH-NYNichols
711984-127PIT Tom Ryan DUSAMass.Newton North H.S.
5241994-128PIT Clint Johnson LWUSA6' 2"200Minn.Duluth East H.S.
5261993-130PIT Chris Kelleher DUSA6' 1"215HIGH-MASt. Sebastian's
4352001-131PIT Ben Eaves CUSA5' 8"180H-EASTBoston College
5201998-134PIT Rob Scuderi DUSA6' 1"216NCAABoston College
552002-136PIT Andrew Sertich LWUSA5' 11"161USHSWGreenway H.S.
5202010-140PIT Kenny Agostino LWUSA5' 11"190HIGH-NJDelbarton
7161989-142PIT Patrick Schafhauser DUSA6' 1"195Minn.Hill-Murray H.S.
7191990-145PIT Pat Neaton DUSA6' 0"180NCAAU. of Michigan
5252014-145PITANA-PIT Anthony Angello CUSA6' 3"190USHLOmaha
821985-149PIT Paul Stanton DUSA6' 1"200Mass.Catholic Memorial H.S.
841986-151PIT Steve Rohlik LWUSAMinn.Hill-Murray H.S.
841988-151PIT Jeffrey Blaeser LWUSA6' 3"190HIGH-MASt. John's Prep
622010-152PITPIT (from TOR) Joe Rogalski DUSA6' 1"195OHLSarnia
5252001-156PIT Andy Schneider DUSA6' 0"220USHLLincoln
911983-163PIT Marty Ketola RWUSAMinn.Cloquet H.S.
8161989-163PIT David Shute CUSA5' 11"185WHLVictoria Cougars
612004-164PIT Moises Gutierrez RWUSA6' 4"225WHLKamloops
8161991-170PIT Peter McLaughlin DUSA6' 3"190Mass.Belmont Hill H.S.
652002-171PIT Robert Goepfert GUSA5' 10"162USHLCedar Rapids
941988-172PIT Robert Gaudreau CUSA5' 11"185RIBishop Hendricken H.S.
951987-173PIT Jack MacDougall RWUSAMass.New Prep School
6191999-176PIT Doug Meyer LWUSA6' 2"197NCAAU. of Minnesota
6222018-177PIT Liam Gorman CUSA6' 2"188HIGH-MAST. SEBASTIANS SCHOOL
7241994-180PIT Drew Palmer DUSA6' 3"209WHLSeattle Thunderbirds
6302016-181PIT Joseph Masonius DUSA6' 0"190H-EASTU. of Connecticut
6182000-185PIT Patrick Foley LWUSA6' 1"216U. of New Hampshire
8191992-187PIT Fran Bussey CUSA6' 3"182Minn.Duluth East H.S.
1011984-189PIT Steve Hurt RWUSAMinn.Hill-Murray H.S.
9161991-192PIT Jeff Lembke GUSA5' 11"180USHLOmaha Lancers
1051990-194PIT Timothy Fingerhut LWUSA6' 0"175Conn.Canterbury H.S.
712004-194PIT Chris Peluso DUSA5' 11"180USHSWBrainerd
712005-195PIT Joe Vitale CUSA5' 11"205USHLSioux Falls
7232014-203PIT Jeff Taylor DUSA6' 0"180ECACUnion College
10161989-205PIT Greg Hagen RWUSA5' 11"175Minn.Hill-Murray H.S.
9191992-211PIT Brian Bonin CUSA5' 9"165Minn.White Bear Lake H.S.
10161991-214PIT Chris Tok DUSA6' 1"185HIGH-MNGreenway
1141986-214PIT Stan Drulia RWUSA5' 11"190OHLBelleville Bulls
1141988-214PIT Cory Laylin LWUSA5' 10"170Minn.St. Cloud Apollo H.S.
1151987-215PIT Mark Carlson LWUSA6' 0"193Philadelphia Jrs.
7192000-216PIT Jim Abbott LWUSA6' 1"185U. of New Hampshire
832003-232PIT Joe Jensen CUSA5' 11"180WCHASt. Cloud State
9241994-232PIT Jason Godbout DUSA5' 11"180Minn.Hill-Murray H.S.
9261993-234PIT Timothy Harberts CUSA6' 1"185Minn.Wayzata H.S.
9171997-234PIT Eric Lind DUSA6' 1"198Conn.Avon Old Farms H.S.
10191992-235PIT Brian Callahan CUSA6' 1"180Mass.Belmont Hill H.S.
1251990-236PIT Brian Bruininks DUSA6' 0"180NCAAColorado College
8102002-239PIT Ryan Lannon DUSA6' 1"200ECACHarvard U.
9161998-244PIT Toby Petersen CUSA5' 10"197NCAAColorado College
8232001-250PIT Brandon Crawford-West GUSA5' 11"185NAHLTexas Tornado
9261998-254PIT Matt Hussey CUSA6' 2"212Conn.Avon Old Farms H.S.
952002-265PIT Dwight Labrosse GUSA6' 1"167OHLGuelph
11241994-284PIT Brian Leitza GUSA6' 2"185USHLSioux-City Musketeers