Kyle Beach
North American Skater - Everett, WHL
Final Rank:7Midterm Rank:4
Height:6' 3"Weight:203
Born:January 13, 1990
Born in:North Vancouver, BC, CAN
Drafted: 2008: CHI (1st Round / 11th Overall) 

On his style of play: I consider myself a power-forward -- I like to get in the corners and get dirty. I’ll go to the places that most people won’t go to get that extra goal or just to win the battle to get the team the possession of the puck and hopefully create something in the offensive zone.


On patterning his game after Jarome Iginla: I definitely look up to Jarome Iginla. I know him personally -- I’ve met him a couple of times in the summer -- he has a house in Kelowna and he has been a great mentor to me in the last couple of years. I love watching him play, he’s obviously the captain of the Calgary Flames and he goes out and works hard every night and it doesn’t matter what the score is he’s always going 110 percent.


On getting his start in hockey: I was pretty much an athletic kid all the way growing up -- my parents played volleyball all the way up through university. As soon as I was born I was into athletics. I was given a pair of skates two weeks after birth and I wore my hockey helmet to bed all the way up until I was four years-old. I’ve always loved to play and my parents have been great supporters, they got me into the game and it’s just gone from there.


On the biggest influences in his career: Definitely my parents -- they are up at 5 or 6 am,  driving me to morning practices when I was younger. They were always supportive and always there for me when I need it. I also have to thank my coaches, I wouldn’t be anywhere without them today. Every coach has had to put in a lot of effort with me coming up through minor hockey and even the WHL.


On what motivates him: I’m a really competitive person on and off the ice. I love to win, hate losing. When I come to the rink, scoring that winning goal, or knowing that you’re going to be in a Game 7 or a championship game is the best feeling for me. Seeing my teammates smile after a game, after a win is a great feeling and I look forward to that every night and hopefully we can win as many as possible.


On his superstitions: I definitely have a couple superstitions, I like to tie my skates the same way and I like to tape my socks and tape my stick the same way but I try to avoid the superstitions as I think they just get in the way. I definitely have a coupe and I stick by them but I try not to get into too many of them.


On using the ‘lacrosse move’ to score: Me and (Zach) Hamill have had a bit of a competition going in practice ever since he scored between the legs last year against Seattle. We work on it every day almost and we’ve been going to see who can do it first and I got the opportunity this year to get behind (the net) on the power-play early with good ice and a dry stick and I thought I’d just go for it. I had done it several times in practice and I was confident enough to try it in a game. Fortunately enough it went in and it was actually the first game that we won in the season that it happened in.


On his thoughts on the Draft: I’m really excited – it’s an awesome opportunity for myself. Everybody has supported me and this is kind of the point where everybody gets recognition for what’s happened in the past. It’s really exciting to go and know that you’re ranked and going to be drafted in June to know all that my family and friends and everyone else is supporting me the whole way is a really good feeling.


On his favorite food to cook: My favorite food to cook is Kraft Dinner, it’s the easiest thing I’ve got in the house and it’s the quickest as well.


On his favorite song: My favorite song on my iPod has to be Thunderstruck by ACDC.


On his most embarrassing hockey moment: My most embarrassing hockey moment would have to be falling on a shootout, I didn’t even get a shot on net.


On his favorite shootout move: My favorite shootout move has to come in do a little fake, go to the backhand and go top cheese bar down.