Evander Kane
North American Skater - Vancouver, WHL
Final Rank:3Midterm Rank:3
Height:6' 1"Weight:176
Born:August 2, 1991
Born in:Vancouver, BC, CAN
Drafted: 2009: ATL (1st Round / 4th Overall) 

On his style of play: I'm a goal-scorer. I like to score goals. That's what I do best. I also like to bring a physical element to my game and try to be a complete player.

On patterning his game: I don't try to really play like any special player. I just like to go out there and play the way I play. But, there are some similar players that you could say I play like. One of those guys would be Jarome Iginla. We both like to score goals. He's not afraid to go to the dirty areas to score those goals. I think that's why I'm comparable to him.

On getting his start in hockey:
I always grew up watching hockey with my dad since a very early age. I always wanted to go to the public skate and whatnot with my family. I started playing organized hockey when I was eight and I just continued on from there.

On the biggest influences in his career:
It's my parents mostly. They've been with me the whole way from when I was young all the way to where I am now. I owe them a lot of credit, just them supporting me, taking me to practices, paying for all the tournaments, all the plane travel and whatnot. I owe a lot to them. My dad taught me the fundamentals of what it takes -- he really had a big part to do with why I'm a good hockey player.

On his name:
I was named after Evander Holyfield. It was one of my grandpa's favorite boxers and one of my dad's favorite boxers. My dad did some professional boxing when he was younger. Also he played hockey as well. My mom liked the name. So they decided to go with that one.

On playing in the Memorial Cup as a 15-year-old:
It really helped me a lot going into my 16-year-old year. Being able to play in such a big tournament like that as a 15-year-old was obviously a good accomplishment. Playing with players like Milan Lucic and Brett Festerling, guys like that you get to learn a lot. It all happened pretty quick, but learning from Don (Hay), getting to know him better, him having more confidence in me was a real key to my success.

On his road to the World Junior Championship:
I was cut originally. I was obviously disappointed. There was an injury that occurred, and I was able to come back and join the squad. It gave me a lot of confidence coming back, them knowing that I wanted to be there was a part in me coming back. Putting on the Canadian jersey was a great experience. Being able to play in front of Canada on that big stage obviously got the whole team going and me as well. Being able to win gold in front of 20,000 fans was a great memory and a great moment.

On winning the gold medal in 2009: Well we have to go back to the game before against Russia. Us winning that game really gave us a lot of momentum going into the Sweden game. We knew we had to play better. I thought we played a real good team game against Sweden. Just being a part of it being able to win that game, I thought the guys did a really good job and it was just outstanding to be teammates with those guys.

On his childhood hockey hero: I always liked watching Mario Lemieux. One of the best players of all time, if not the best player. I liked watching him, but I also liked, growing up when I was young, probably my favorite player, was Joe Sakic. Colorado was my favorite team at that time with Rob Blake, Adam Foote and Adam Deadmarsh. I liked Joe Sakic a lot.

On how he spends his free time: I like playing PlayStation, PS3. It's quite a hobby of our team. We always like to play online and catch each other, which is what I do mostly in my off time. But I guess I'm still in school, so I've got to do some homework. I don't mind going out and seeing the odd movie once in a while.

On the Vancouver Giants video game of choice: NHL 09. That's pretty much the game that everybody plays.