Quinton Howden
North American Skater - Moose Jaw, WHL
Final Rank:19Midterm Rank:29
Height:6' 2"Weight:182
Born:January 21, 1992
Born in:Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Drafted: 2010: FLA (1st Round / 25th Overall) 

On when he’s playing his best: Just me having fun. I think that's what every kid’s doing when they are playing their best, I mean, I'm just out there working hard and enjoying the game and raising guys up to my level to play. You know, like I said, having fun out there.

On his style of play: I think my speed. I'm a very tall guy but I think I've got good speed that I can use to my advantage and I try to take that into factor to get my (linemates) to go to the net and make plays from there on.

On patterning his game: I've kind of been told I play like a Patrick Marleau type guy. He's a big guy, too. He's quick. He's physical when he needs to be, but he works hard out there. So I try to put myself after him because he's a very good player. So as much as I can take away from some of the stuff that he does, I try to put it into my game.

On his WHL experience: Getting drafted (first overall out of Bantam), a lot of high expectations from myself, but I had a bad year last year not bad, but our team didn't have a very strong year. But this year we have come out of the gate quite good, and I'm getting the chance to play with two very strong guys, just getting the opportunities that I'm getting from the coaches -- I'm just trying to run with that and do the best I can.

On his linemates in Moose Jaw: Thomas Frazee has been through quite a bit. He's been through a few teams and now he's settled down and he's part of our team, and I got to know him real well and he's a great guy. But then there's also Jason Best, who not very many people know who he is, but he's got a name out there in our league, and I mean, I don't know a kid that has a bigger heart than him. His determination to win and stuff like that is so big. In practice we have fun out there and that's what helps us combine to be a strong line.

On getting his start in hockey: I didn't start for a while actually. Broke my femur when I was little so wasn't able to do anything for a few years and then I had to re learn how to walk actually. Once I was able to function again and was healthy, my parents threw the skates on me and just kind of ran with that opportunities and did the best I could from there on.

On developing as a young hockey player: Those are the best days. We have a little outdoor rink right by our house, so me and a few of my buddies would always go out there every night. We would be shoveling snow for a while, probably more than we would be playing. But in the end it was all fun -- just having fun out there with the boys, is a factor on the ice in what I would do.

On the biggest influence on his career: Definitely my parents. They have always been there for me, and they have always supported me, taken me to the rinks early on and stuff like that. They have always been behind me back and helped me out with anything.

On his thoughts about being drafted in June: Yeah, it's pretty huge. I'm very excited about it. It's in the back of my mind, but I try not to think about it too much. It's all fun in the end. We are having a good season right now, and that's what I'm focused and committed to right now. But as summertime comes, I think I'll get pretty excited for the draft and you know, I'll be looking forward to it, that's for sure.