Tyler Seguin
North American Skater - Plymouth, OHL
Final Rank:1Midterm Rank:2
Height:6' 1"Weight:172
Born:January 31, 1992
Born in:Brampton, ON, CAN
Drafted: 2010: BOS (1st Round / 2nd Overall) 

On his style of play: When I play my best I think I have a good all around complete game. I try to be really good in my own zone, and I try to carry that to the offensive zone. I like to see myself as a playmaker but also can bury the puck when I need to.

On patterning his game:
Right now in the NHL I look up to Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings. He's close to Plymouth and I get to see him here and there. He's an all around type of player and that's what I want to be like.

On getting his start in hockey: My dad played hockey for the University of Vermont on a scholarship and he wanted me to be a hockey player ever since I was born. I started when I was three or four skating with the chair like everyone and after that just moved on to rep hockey in Whitby.

On his father: He was captain of the University of Vermont and was a roommate with John LeClair. He got a full ride scholarship there. He was more of a hitter, a fast skater, defensive fighter type of player, so not really my game. But my whole life, he's been pushing me and always teaching me what's best for hockey and probably the biggest guy I look up to.

On the biggest influences in his career:
Like again, my dad and then I got my agent and advisor, Ian Pulver, has always been there. My family is always supporting me. Growing up I looked up to Steve Yzerman, he was such a professional on and often ice. He was a great leader and captain and that was someone who was one of my role models, too.

On meeting Steve Yzerman:
He came down to my game last year. We were playing London at home. I had a pretty good game and he complimented me, actually. I was a little star struck and in awe, and in the end I tried to be professional and not get on my knees and ask for an autograph.

On his childhood hockey idol:
I think when I was really young, it was probably my dad. He was just the type of guy that was just always so hard working, always passionate, and then growing up I always wanted to idolize an NHL player and that was Steve Yzerman for sure.

On the best moment in his career:
So far in my life I would say it was last summer actually. I went to Europe for the Under 18 tournament. I got to represent my country and we won the gold medal and it was something very special.

On getting cut from the World Juniors: Going in there (to the tryout camp), I knew I was one of the youngest. I was 17 years old. I think I was a little immature maybe, maybe just thinking too much about what they wanted instead of playing my own game. But I know in life second chances do come around and if I get that opportunity, I know what to expect.

On the NHL Entry Draft: Well, it's pretty cool, growing up, you are dreaming of this big year and so many events, you are just really taking it day by day, and trying to take in all of the advice you can get from everyone around you.

On the young stars in the NHL:
It's just amazing, Canada, too, being so productive with how many amazing players there are coming through. And to get cut from a Team Canada World Junior is not something to be ashamed of, because you got the invite there. I really just do my own thing.

On his career as a lacrosse player:
I’ve been playing lacrosse ever since I really started hockey. You know, it was always lacrosse and hockey, not hockey better than lacrosse but that day came where I had to choose and it happened to be hockey. Lacrosse was just fun because I was a pretty fast runner, it was a tough sport but it was a lot of fun.

On the skills he learned from lacrosse:
I am usually pretty good with the puck, stick handling and in lacrosse you have to cradle a lot, and I think that improved my hockey game.

On his first OHL goal puck: Actually maybe different than what some people think. I gave it to my mom and told her to get it out of my sight. It took me 15, 16 games to get that first OHL goal and when it finally did, I didn't want anything to do with it, just get it away, and that's what happened.

On his trademark move: Usually if I'm coming in on the goalie, I'm going to try to pass first rather then shoot. It's just kind of a trigger in my head and I always want to make others around me better, but if I'm coming in, I'm usually going to fake it and go back hand, cheese.

If he could be a celebrity for a day:
If I could be a celebrity for the day, it would definitely be Steve Yzerman. Just again, I grew up idolizing him my whole life and I do think he is a celebrity to this day and he's got a lot on his plate with the Team Canada Olympics and I would want to be him.

On his favorite pump:
The song that gets me pumped up to play hockey would be a few, usually the band, Theory of a Dead Man and maybe the song, So Happy.

On his sports memorabilia: Favorite piece would be when I was younger, my dad got me a signed Toronto Maples Leafs hockey stick by the whole team. Other than that, that's all I pretty much really have.

On the one thing he couldn’t live without
: The one thing I definitely couldn't live without other than hockey would be my iPod. Long road trips with hockey and all that, I need something to listen to and something to do and it would be my iPod.

On his most embarrassing hockey moment: My most embarrassing hockey moment was last year in Kitchener, it was a tough game, I had a penalty and they ended up scoring. I went on the ice and the towel was stuck to my skate and I ended up wiping out. They just scored and I couldn't stop laughing and I went to the bench with my head down.