Dylan McIlrath
North American Skater - Moose Jaw, WHL
Final Rank:17Midterm Rank:27
Height:6' 4"Weight:212
Born:April 20, 1992
Born in:Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Drafted: 2010: NYR (1st Round / 10th Overall) 

On when he’s playing his best: Probably just stay at home, physical D man. I like to lay the body as part of my role, stick up for teammates when needed. I can fight, as well. Just keep it simple, chip pucks off windows and be consistent in my defensive zone.

On patterning his game: Shea Weber, probably is like the most typical stay at home D man. He has a great shot, too, and physical at times. One of my big role models is Travis Hamonic (53rd overall in 2008). He's come up the ranks right now and he's helped me along the way. He's someone I sure look up to.

On the moment that gets him into the game: Big hit probably, it's a really momentum shifter, or a big fight can really shift the momentum of a game. I think trying to do that and help teammates out.

On Travis Hamonic’s influence on his junior career: He played on Moose Jaw for three years and then he just got traded at the deadline to Brandon. He's helped me along the way. Right when I got drafted, he kind of fired me up on Facebook and said we should get together one time. We ended up working out at the same gym that year, and so we became good friends like that, and then been friends since.

On getting started in hockey: I started playing recreational hockey when I was five. I started because my older brother was playing, so I really wanted to try. First time I started skating was around three years old and I remember my parents telling me that I hated it because I couldn't do it, so I just never wanted to do it again. But finally, they made me do it again and it caught on quickly.

On where he developed as a player: When I was really young, Norberry was my community center, Norberry Royals, and I would go there with my dad. But then later, I moved in grade six, I moved to a different part of Winnipeg and we actually had an outdoor rink right across the street. I was there probably most days for hours on end working on my skills.

On becoming a defenseman: Well, I was a forward probably my whole life until Bruce Suthern, my summer hockey coach made me kind of do the switch. It was because there were too many forwards on the team, and so I started out defense and I was one of the top guys on the team, so it kind of stuck with me from there.

On his most memorable moment in his career: Probably making the Under-17 team, it really brought my confidence up and is the first major Team Canada event I had ever been a part of and it was a really nice experience. There's so much pride and honor that comes with the (Canadian) jersey and it was really nice to be a part of that team.

On his life away from the rink:
In Moose Jaw, after practices, I'll go hang out with buddies and maybe catch a movie or go to Dairy Queen and just relax and not try to think about hockey too much. When I'm at the rink, it's all hockey and when I'm away from the rink, it's just chill time I guess.