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Dmitri Arkhipov

European Skater - Kazan 2, RUSSIA-JR.
Final Rank:Midterm Rank:109
Position:Right WingShoots:Left
Height:6' 3"Weight:202
Born:February 2, 1993
Born in:Russia


2009-2010BARS KAZAN 2RUSSIA JR. 2101234
2009-2010KAZAN 2RUSSIA-JR.101234
2010-2011BARS KAZAN 2RUSSIA JR. 244741120
2010-2011KAZAN 2RUSSIA-JR.44741120
2012-2013BARS KAZAN 2RUSSIA JR. 25615284330
2012-2013KAZAN 2RUSSIA-JR.5615284330
2013-2014BARS KAZAN 2RUSSIA JR. 25322274938
2013-2014KAZAN 2RUSSIA-JR.5322274938