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Tomas Dvorak

European Skater - Karlovy Vary, CZREP
Final Rank:114Midterm Rank:
Height:6' 4"Weight:198
Born:May 7, 1995
Born in:Czech Republic


2009-2010H. BROD U18CZREP-JR. U1841012
2010-2011H. BROD U18CZREP-JR. U182810122
2011-2012H. BROD JR.CZREP-JR-220000
2011-2012H. BROD U18CZREP-JR. U184112142681
2012-2013KARLOVY VARY JR.CZREP-JR.5903324
2012-2013KARLOVY VARY JR.RUSSIA-JR.5903324
2012-2013KARLOVY VARY U18CZREP-JR. U1851122
2013-2014CZE (2013 World Junior A Challenge)NATOUR41126
2013-2014KARLOVY VARY JR.CZREP-JR.497111866
2013-2014KARLOVY VARY JR.RUSSIA-JR.497111866
2014-2015CZE U20 (4 Nations tournament - Prerov 2014)ITLTOUR20006
2014-2015KARLOVY VARYCZREP330008
2014-2015KARLOVY VARY JR.CZREP-JR.141111243
2014-2015KARLOVY VARY JR.RUSSIA-JR.141111243