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Jan Bittner

European Skater - Litvinov Jr., CZREP-JR.
Final Rank:91Midterm Rank:81
Height:6' 3"Weight:207
Born:January 1, 1993
Born in:Czech Republic


2007-2008LITVINOV U18CZREP-JR. U183431418
2008-2009LITVINOV U18CZREP-JR. U184621012137
2009-2010LITVINOV JR.CZREP-JR.40006
2009-2010LITVINOV U18CZREP-JR. U18353121590
2010-2011LITVINOV JR.CZREP-JR.2201114
2010-2011LITVINOV U18CZREP-JR. U182126836
2011-2012LITVINOV JR.CZREP-JR.424111544
2012-2013BUDAPEST JR.RUSSIA JR. 217022102
2012-2013BUDAPEST JR.RUSSIA-JR.17022102
2012-2013RED DEERWHL1400025