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Round 2
Round 3
Stanley Cup Final

2012 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
10957 Tiffels, Dominik DefensemanMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
52 Ziegler, Sven Right WingEisbaren Berlin Jr.GERMANY-JR.
2219 Ikonen, Henri Left WingKingstonOHL
9786 Jevpalovs, Nikita Right WingBlainville-BoisbriandQMJHL
119131 Arzamastsev, Zakhar DefensemanNovokuznetskRUSSIA
5855 Podzinsh, Aynars Left WingRigaRUSSIA
118128 Sekac, Jiri Left WingLev PopradRUSSIA
1013 Slepyshev, Anton Left WingNovokuznetskRUSSIA
9365 Bazanov, Alexei Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterVoskresensk 2RUSSIA-JR.
54 Bereglazov, Alexei DefensemanMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
129 Chalupa, Lukas DefensemanLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
103 Dorofeyev, Yegor Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
101 Fayzullin, Danil DefensemanKazan 2RUSSIA-JR.
7320 Filippov, Alexei Right WingChelyabinsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
6999 Galin, Damir DefensemanKazan 2RUSSIA-JR.
8364 Gareev, Stanislav DefensemanUfa 2RUSSIA-JR.
113110 Gimatov, Eduard Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterYekaterinburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
2018 Gusev, Nikita Left WingCSKA 2RUSSIA-JR.
102 Kadeykin, Alexander CenterMytischi 2RUSSIA-JR.
63104 Khatsei, Arseni CenterSpartak 2RUSSIA-JR.
2141 Krutikov, Evgeni Left WingSpartak 2RUSSIA-JR.
79113 Kvartalnov, Nikita Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterCherepovets 2RUSSIA-JR.
105106 Lebedev, Alexandr Left WingYaroslavl 2RUSSIA-JR.
92109 Lisov, Nikita DefensemanCSKA 2RUSSIA-JR.
105 Lyubushin, Ilya DefensemanNovokuznetsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
7461 Malenkikh, Egor DefensemanSt. Petersburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
67 Maslov, Kirill DefensemanMVD Balashikha 2RUSSIA-JR.
4745 Misyul, Oleg DefensemanYaroslavl 2RUSSIA-JR.
7267 Mraz, Richard Right WingLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
1314 Osnovin, Viacheslav CenterChelyabinsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
99 Prokhorkin, Nikolai Left WingCSKA 2RUSSIA-JR.
117 Ryabov, Anatoli Left WingTyumen 2RUSSIA-JR.
8776 Shingareev, Timur Right WingMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
132 Soshnikov, Nikita Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterMytischi 2RUSSIA-JR.
6883 Stulov, Dmitri DefensemanMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
8675 Sulak, Libor DefensemanLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
110108 Timirev, Alexandr Right WingCSKA 2RUSSIA-JR.
5396 Vanin, Denis DefensemanChelyabinsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
1615 Vasiliev, Valeri DefensemanSpartak 2RUSSIA-JR.
6597 Yamkin, Ilya Left WingNizhny Novgorod 2RUSSIA-JR.
7059 Yunushev, Daniil Left WingUfa 2RUSSIA-JR.
102 Zhafyarov, Damir Left WingNovokuznetsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
120 Horansky, Stanislav Right WingZilinaSLOVAKIA
94130 Buri, Richard DefensemanNitra Jr.SLOVAKIA-JR.
8073 Luza, Patrik DefensemanBratislava Jr.SLOVAKIA-JR.
124 Salak, Jan Right WingBratislava Jr.SLOVAKIA-JR.
104120 Anderberg, Fredric Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterDjurgarden Jr.SWE-JR.
1516 Andersson, Calle DefensemanFarjestad Jr.SWE-JR.
88 Bohman, Marcus DefensemanModo Jr.SWE-JR.
88 Bystrom, Ludvik DefensemanModo Jr.SWE-JR.

It means a lot to us, we're very excited. We're looking to continue to build on [our] top core talent of young players. It's just a great opportunity for us to really build high.

— Panthers vice president of hockey operations Travis Viola after Florida won the No. 1 pick in the NHL Draft Lottery