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Round 2
Round 3
Stanley Cup Final

2012 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
1211 Lindell, Esa DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
2953 Rantakari, Otso DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
118 Salminen, Sami Right WingJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
5963 Kallela, Toni Left WingKalpa Jr.FINLAND-JR.
4039 Koblasa, Petr Right WingKarlovy Vary Jr.CZREP-JR.
7572 Zadrazil, Matej Left WingKarlovy Vary Jr.CZREP-JR.
75 Pokka, Ville DefensemanKarpatFINLAND
101 Fayzullin, Danil DefensemanKazan 2RUSSIA-JR.
6999 Galin, Damir DefensemanKazan 2RUSSIA-JR.
2219 Ikonen, Henri Left WingKingstonOHL
95 Eberhardt, Markus Left WingKlosterseeGERMANY-3
7770 Marti, Christian DefensemanKlotenSWISS
4349 Walser, Samuel CenterKlotenSWISS
114 Hauner, Norman Right WingKolnGERMANY
4846 Zerressen, Pascal DefensemanKrefeldGERMANY
8262 Klein, Artem CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
112107 Klopper, Patrick CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
10747 Kretschmann, Christian CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
117126 Kronthaler, Stephan DefensemanLandshut Cann.GERMANY-2
11 Forsberg, Filip CenterLeksandSWEDEN-2
87 Noren, Patrik DefensemanLeksandSWEDEN-2
118128 Sekac, Jiri Left WingLev PopradRUSSIA
129 Chalupa, Lukas DefensemanLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
7267 Mraz, Richard Right WingLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
8675 Sulak, Libor DefensemanLev Poprad 2RUSSIA-JR.
3130 Pettersson, Jesper DefensemanLinkopingSWEDEN
6256 Prochazka, Martin Left WingLitomericeCZREP-2
9181 Bittner, Jan DefensemanLitvinov Jr.CZREP-JR.
4540 Simion, Dario Right WingLuganoSWISS
9988 Balmelli, Lukas CenterLugano Jr.SWISS-JR.
84100 Nikko, Joni Left WingLukkoFINLAND
135 Komarek, Konstantin Left WingLuleaSWEDEN
3737 Kukan, Dean DefensemanLulea Jr.SWE-JR.
67 Maslov, Kirill DefensemanMVD Balashikha 2RUSSIA-JR.
54 Bereglazov, Alexei DefensemanMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
103 Dorofeyev, Yegor Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
8776 Shingareev, Timur Right WingMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
6883 Stulov, Dmitri DefensemanMagnitogorsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
122 Westerholm, Ponthus Right WingMalmoSWEDEN-2
127 Kurth, Marcel CenterMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
10957 Tiffels, Dominik DefensemanMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
5174 Hedberg, Edvin Right WingModoSWEDEN
88 Bohman, Marcus DefensemanModo Jr.SWE-JR.
88 Bystrom, Ludvik DefensemanModo Jr.SWE-JR.
5650 Hari, Janos Left WingModo Jr.SWE-JR.
8577 Nystrom, Erik Left WingModo Jr.SWE-JR.
2334 Wikstrand, Mikael DefensemanMoraSWEDEN-2
102 Kadeykin, Alexander CenterMytischi 2RUSSIA-JR.
132 Soshnikov, Nikita Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterMytischi 2RUSSIA-JR.
94130 Buri, Richard DefensemanNitra Jr.SLOVAKIA-JR.

It's hard to walk into that locker room and look those guys in the eye when they've played -- clearly, that was our best game we've played in the series -- and I thought we deserved a better fate tonight.

— Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper on his team's 3-2 loss to the Canadiens in Game 3 on Sunday