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Round 2
Round 3
Stanley Cup Final

2013 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
10170 Liljendahl, Tobias CenterDjurgarden Jr.SWE-JR.
10289 Krupic, Amil DefensemanRogle Jr.SWE-JR.
10382 Westermarck, Felix Right WingBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
104109 Gollenbeck, Erik Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
105102 Okulov, Konstantin Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterNovosibirsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
106 Ziegler, Sven Right WingEisbaren Berlin Jr.GERMANY-JR.
10793 Rauhala, Otto CenterTappara Jr.FINLAND-JR.
10850 Bender, Tim DefensemanMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
109110 Orendorz, Kevin Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
110 Palausch, Lennart Right WingMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
11160 Zinchenko, Stanislav DefensemanAstana 2RUSSIA-JR.
112 Kohout, Martin CenterKarlovy Vary Jr.RUSSIA-JR.
113 Viirlas, Roni DefensemanLukko Jr.FINLAND-JR.
114 Dvorak, Tomas DefensemanKarlovy Vary Jr.RUSSIA-JR.
11555 Riikola, Juuso DefensemanKalpa Jr.FINLAND-JR.
11692 Saari, Santeri DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
117100 Bobos, Martin DefensemanKosice Jr.SLOVAKIA-JR.
11899 Ilvonen, Mika DefensemanBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
119101 Pokorny, Dominik Right WingSparta Jr.CZREP-JR.
120104 Perekhodyuk, Stanislav Left WingVmf St. Petersburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
12167 Pulli, Matias DefensemanTPS Jr.FINLAND-JR.
122115 Koivistoinen, Eetu CenterBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
123 Tryamkin, Nikita DefensemanYekaterinburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
12457 Antonietti, Eliot DefensemanGeneveSWISS
125111 Mieho, Panu Left WingHIFK Jr.FINLAND-JR.
126 Klopper, Patrick CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
127 Vuoti, Santeri Left WingHPK JR.FINLAND-JR.
128112 Siiki, Oskari Right WingTPS Jr.FINLAND-JR.
12988 Shevyrin, Dennis Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
130 Maenalanen, Saku Right WingKarpat Jr.FINLAND-JR.
54 Fyrpihl, Rasmus Left WingOrebro U18SWEDEN-JR. U18
58 Haapala, Henrik Right WingTappara Jr.FINLAND-JR.
80 Nykopp, Thomas Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterTri-CityUSHL
84 Puhakka, Janne Right Wing/CenterBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
85 Vaschenko, Grigori DefensemanSt. Petersburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
90 Vainio, Juuso DefensemanHPK JR.FINLAND-JR.
96 Sedlar, Marco Right WingLandshut Jr.GERMANY-JR.
97 Kuronen, Jimi DefensemanHIFK Jr.FINLAND-JR.
106 Eidstedt, Axel DefensemanHV 71 JR.SWEDEN-JR.
107 Martschini, Lino Right WingPeterboroughOHL
108 Westlund, David DefensemanBrynas Jr.SWEDEN-JR.
113 Koslowski, John Right WingEisbaren Berlin Jr.GERMANY-JR.

It means a lot to us, we're very excited. We're looking to continue to build on [our] top core talent of young players. It's just a great opportunity for us to really build high.

— Panthers vice president of hockey operations Travis Viola after Florida won the No. 1 pick in the NHL Draft Lottery