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MIN @ COL - 5:02 of the First Overtime

Thursday, 05.01.2014 / 12:40 AM
2013-2014 Situation Room blog
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2013-2014 Situation Room blog
MIN @ COL - 5:02 of the First Overtime

At 5:02 of the first overtime in the Minnesota Wild/Colorado Avalanche game, video review supported the referee's call on the ice that Nino Niederreiter's shot crossed the Colorado goal line. Good goal Minnesota.

Quote of the Day

It's about enjoying the moment. It's pretty cool to get that many people together and that excited about hockey to the point they really want you to mess up. They've got a ton of red jerseys and you have to sit back and appreciate people love hockey that much and you are the one out there who gets to play the game. Just try and stick with that respect for the game and also the mentality that for me it's just about entering the fight and seeing how long I can stay in it.

— Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller on what he expects from the fans in Calgary for Game 6