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Ovechkin wins Blackberry NHL Breakaway Challenge

Saturday, 01.29.2011 / 7:53 PM

By Shawn P. Roarke - Senior Managing Editor / Blogging the Honda SuperSkills

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Blogging the Honda SuperSkills
Ovechkin wins Blackberry NHL Breakaway Challenge
As expected, the Breakaway Challenge was full of skill and highlights, as the six players made some of the most creative attempts seen in this contest, which began in 2008.

Washington's Alex Ovechkin earned his third straight win in this contest with an unbelievable series of moves in his four shots, capped by his last attempt. On that one, Ovechkin dribbled the puck down the ice with the knob of his stick before switching back to a traditional stick hold to beat Pittsburgh goalie Marc-Andre Fleury with a sweet shot. After he scored, Ovechkin sheathed his stick as players from both teams banged their sticks on the ice.

When asked about his winning moves, Ovechkin pleaded ignorance.

"I'm so excited right now, I can't remember," Ovechkin said.

With the victory, Ovechkin helped give Team Staal a 12-3 lead after two events.

Montreal rookie P.K. Subban certainly gave Ovechkin a run for his money, just as Ovechkin had predicted in his pre-event comments. Subban curried favor with the home crowd when he showed up for the competition in Jeff Skinner's Carolina Hurricanes jersey. But Subban, who won the AHL Skills competition, was about more than just fashion. On two of his attempts, he passed the puck over the net to himself and tried to bat int in, baseball style. However, he failed on both shots. He also tried to bounce the puck on his stick down the ice before shooting it betweeen his legs.

Anaheim's Corey Perry also had a highlight when he carried the puck down the ice lacrosse-style, over his shoulder, and fired off a shot.
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Life's about opportunity and how you respond to that opportunity, and obviously he must have some swagger about him, some confidence about him, because he was solid. He made some good saves. He was 6-foot-3 on every shot, which is a good thing for a goalie. He played well. We got a win.

— Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock on rookie goaltender Garret Sparks, who made 24 saves in his first NHL start, a 3-0 win vs. Oilers
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