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Tampa Bay

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1st 00:00DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Dominic Moore
1st 00:27DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Ryan Malone
1st 00:40TBLHitBrett Clark hit Mike Ribeiro
1st 00:58TBLShotMathieu Roy Slap Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 01:03DALHitMark Fistric hit Johan Harju
1st 01:18DALGiveawaySeverin Blindenbacher
1st 01:30TBLPenaltyMatt Smaby Fighting against Brian Sutherby
1st 01:30DALPenaltyBrian Sutherby Fighting against Matt Smaby
1st 01:30DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Adam Hall
1st 02:31TBLGiveawayDan Ellis
1st 02:46TBLFaceoffDominic Moore won against Mike Ribeiro
1st 03:10DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Ryan Malone
1st 03:11DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against Dominic Moore
1st 03:18TBLHitTeddy Purcell hit Mark Fistric
1st 04:29TBLShotNate Thompson Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 04:37TBLShotDana Tyrell Wrap-around saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 04:44TBLGoalAdam Hall (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Dana Tyrell (1), Nate Thompson (1)
1st 04:44TBLFaceoffNate Thompson won against Mathieu Tousignant
1st 04:50DALPenaltyFrancis Wathier Fighting against Adam Hall
1st 04:50TBLPenaltyAdam Hall Fighting against Francis Wathier
1st 04:50DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Johan Harju
1st 04:58TBLHitDana Tyrell hit Trevor Daley
1st 05:12TBLHitDana Tyrell hit Matt Niskanen
1st 05:22DALPenaltyTrevor Daley Hooking against Nate Thompson
1st 05:22DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Ryan Malone
1st 05:46TBLShotRyan Malone Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 05:48TBLPenaltyRyan Malone Interference - Goalkeeper against Andrew Raycroft
1st 05:48TBLFaceoffSteve Downie won against Toby Petersen
1st 06:08DALTakeawayScott Glennie
1st 06:12TBLPenaltySteve Downie Hooking against Toby Petersen
1st 06:12TBLFaceoffDominic Moore won against Mike Ribeiro
1st 06:31DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Nate Thompson
1st 07:13DALShotBrenden Morrow Slap Shot saved by Dan Ellis
1st 07:51DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Mathieu Roy
1st 08:36TBLHitMatt Smaby
1st 08:45DALHitBrian Sutherby hit Scott Jackson
1st 08:50DALShotBrian Sutherby Slap Shot saved by Dan Ellis
1st 08:53TBLHitScott Jackson hit Brian Sutherby
1st 09:38TBLHitDana Tyrell hit Severin Blindenbacher
1st 09:40DALPenaltyMark Fistric Interference against Nicklas Persson
1st 09:40DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Steve Downie
1st 09:50TBLShotSteve Downie Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 10:10TBLHitTeddy Purcell hit Brian Sutherby
1st 10:13TBLShotRyan Malone Tip-In saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 10:57TBLShotJohan Harju Tip-In saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 10:57TBLFaceoffJohan Harju won against Aaron Gagnon
1st 11:07DALTakeawayMatt Niskanen
1st 11:09DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Mathieu Roy
1st 11:46DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Dana Tyrell
1st 11:51TBLGiveawayBrett Clark
1st 12:01DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Dana Tyrell
1st 12:04DALTakeaway
1st 12:26TBLTakeawayJohan Harju
1st 13:06TBLHitRichard Panik hit Matt Niskanen
1st 14:07DALHitTomas Vincour hit Nicklas Persson
1st 14:18TBLHitMarc-Antoine Pouliot hit Philip Larsen
1st 14:24DALShot
1st 14:24TBLFaceoffJames Wright won against Mike Ribeiro
1st 14:37TBLShotMarc-Antoine Pouliot Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
1st 15:00TBLPenaltyJames Wright Hooking against Brenden Morrow
1st 15:00TBLFaceoffAdam Hall won against Toby Petersen
1st 15:22DALShotToby Petersen Slap Shot saved by Dan Ellis
1st 15:22DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Dana Tyrell
1st 15:48TBLGiveawayMathieu Roy
1st 16:26TBLGiveawayDominic Moore
1st 17:19TBLHitMichael Vernace hit Mike Ribeiro
1st 17:23TBLHitBrett Clark
1st 17:31DALTakeawayMike Ribeiro
1st 17:36TBLHitSteve Downie hit Brad Lukowich
1st 17:51TBLHitJohan Harju hit Philip Larsen
1st 18:02DALTakeawayBrad Lukowich
1st 18:06DALGiveawayBrad Lukowich
1st 18:33DALHitMark Fistric hit James Wright
1st 19:13TBLGiveawayMattias Ohlund
1st 19:15TBLFaceoffMarc-Antoine Pouliot won against Mathieu Tousignant
1st 19:43DALShotMathieu Tousignant Wrap-around saved by Dan Ellis
1st 19:44DALShot
1st 19:45DALShot
1st 19:46TBLPenaltyMarc-Antoine Pouliot Fighting against Mathieu Tousignant
1st 19:46DALPenaltyMathieu Tousignant Fighting against Marc-Antoine Pouliot
1st 19:46DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Dominic Moore
1st 19:57TBLHitNate Thompson hit Trevor Daley
1st 20:00period end
2nd 00:16DALHitBrian Sutherby hit Mathieu Roy
2nd 01:15TBLShotAdam Hall Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 01:40TBLHitRichard Panik hit Scott Glennie
2nd 01:48TBLHitMichael Vernace hit Brad Lukowich
2nd 02:06TBLShotRichard Panik Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 02:34TBLHitJames Wright hit Brad Lukowich
2nd 02:42DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Scott Jackson
2nd 02:48DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against Dominic Moore
2nd 03:00DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against Dominic Moore
2nd 03:18DALShotAaron Gagnon Wrist Shot saved by Dan Ellis
2nd 04:03TBLShotSteve Downie Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 04:05TBLHitNicklas Persson hit Trevor Daley
2nd 04:26DALTakeawayMike Ribeiro
2nd 04:31DALGiveawayMike Ribeiro
2nd 04:37TBLFaceoffAdam Hall won against Toby Petersen
2nd 04:54TBLShotNate Thompson Backhand saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 05:03TBLShotDana Tyrell Deflected saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 05:03TBLFaceoffJames Wright won against Toby Petersen
2nd 05:13DALHitScott Glennie hit Michael Vernace
2nd 05:39DALHitBrenden Morrow hit James Wright
2nd 06:31TBLGoalDominic Moore (1) Tip-In, assists: Ryan Malone (1), Scott Jackson (1)
2nd 06:31DALFaceoffMathieu Tousignant won against Nicklas Persson
2nd 06:52DALPenaltyFrancis Wathier Fighting against Scott Jackson
2nd 06:52TBLPenaltyScott Jackson Fighting against Francis Wathier
2nd 06:52DALPenaltyFrancis Wathier Elbowing against Scott Jackson served by Mathieu Tousignant
2nd 06:52TBLFaceoffSteve Downie won against Brian Sutherby
2nd 07:02TBLShotRyan Malone Wrist Shot saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 08:10DALGiveawayMatt Niskanen
2nd 08:28TBLShotDominic Moore Backhand saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 08:36TBLFaceoffNate Thompson won against Mike Ribeiro
2nd 09:11DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Michael Vernace
2nd 09:16TBLGiveawayDana Tyrell
2nd 09:21DALGiveawayBrenden Morrow
2nd 09:48DALFaceoffKrys Barch won against Adam Hall
2nd 09:54DALHitKrys Barch hit Mathieu Roy
2nd 10:32DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Steve Downie
2nd 10:41TBLShotJames Wright Tip-In saved by Andrew Raycroft
2nd 10:42DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against Dominic Moore
2nd 11:37DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Mathieu Roy
2nd 11:42TBLGiveawayMattias Ohlund
2nd 11:50TBLShotMarc-Antoine Pouliot Slap Shot saved by Brent Krahn
2nd 12:44DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Dana Tyrell
2nd 13:00TBLGiveawayMattias Ohlund
2nd 13:13DALHitMathieu Tousignant hit Mathieu Roy
2nd 13:32DALHitToby Petersen hit James Wright
2nd 13:37TBLPenaltySteve Downie Slashing against Toby Petersen
2nd 13:37DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Dominic Moore
2nd 13:48DALShotPhilip Larsen Wrist Shot saved by Dan Ellis
2nd 13:48DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Dominic Moore
2nd 13:58TBLFaceoffDominic Moore won against Mike Ribeiro
2nd 14:27DALPenaltyBrenden Morrow Slashing against Adam Hall
2nd 14:27TBLFaceoffMarc-Antoine Pouliot won against Aaron Gagnon
2nd 14:51DALShotAaron Gagnon Tip-In saved by Dan Ellis
2nd 14:52DALShotAaron Gagnon Wrist Shot saved by Dan Ellis
2nd 14:56TBLFaceoffMarc-Antoine Pouliot won against Aaron Gagnon
2nd 15:05DALShotMatt Niskanen Wrist Shot saved by Dan Ellis
2nd 15:05TBLFaceoffAdam Hall won against Brian Sutherby
2nd 16:14TBLShotNicklas Persson Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
2nd 16:15DALPenaltyTrevor Daley Cross checking against Teddy Purcell
2nd 16:15TBLFaceoffNicklas Persson won against Toby Petersen
2nd 16:50DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against Dominic Moore
2nd 18:16TBLShotDominic Moore Tip-In saved by Brent Krahn
2nd 18:37TBLShotNate Thompson Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
2nd 18:59DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Scott Jackson
2nd 19:07DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Adam Hall
2nd 20:00period end
3rd 00:00DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Nate Thompson
3rd 00:17DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Nate Thompson
3rd 00:30TBLTakeawayNate Thompson
3rd 01:19DALGoalAaron Gagnon (1) Backhand, assists: Tomas Vincour (1), Brian Sutherby (1)
3rd 01:19TBLFaceoffDominic Moore won against Toby Petersen
3rd 01:49DALShotToby Petersen Slap Shot saved by Dan Ellis
3rd 02:21DALTakeawayPhilip Larsen
3rd 02:58DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Nate Thompson
3rd 03:16DALHitBrenden Morrow hit Scott Jackson
3rd 03:32DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Dana Tyrell
3rd 03:39TBLGoalAdam Hall (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Dana Tyrell (2), Scott Jackson (2)
3rd 03:39DALFaceoffAaron Gagnon won against James Wright
3rd 04:00TBLHitJames Wright hit Matt Niskanen
3rd 04:05DALGiveawayTrevor Daley
3rd 04:08TBLShotJames Wright Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 04:08DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Ryan Malone
3rd 04:26TBLTakeawayMarc-Antoine Pouliot
3rd 04:45TBLHitScott Jackson hit Krys Barch
3rd 04:57TBLGiveawayMarc-Antoine Pouliot
3rd 05:08DALShotMark Fistric Wrist Shot saved by Dan Ellis
3rd 05:21DALFaceoff
3rd 05:28TBLHitNate Thompson hit Trevor Daley
3rd 05:46DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Dana Tyrell
3rd 06:08TBLShotSteve Downie Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 06:57DALTakeawayAaron Gagnon
3rd 07:07DALHitBrad Lukowich hit Marc-Antoine Pouliot
3rd 07:17DALGoalPhilip Larsen (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Tomas Vincour (2), Aaron Gagnon (1)
3rd 07:17DALFaceoffToby Petersen won against Nicklas Persson
3rd 07:36DALHitKrys Barch hit Brett Clark
3rd 07:41TBLFaceoffJohan Harju won against Francis Wathier
3rd 08:05TBLShotJohan Harju Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 08:06TBLHitNate Thompson hit Mathieu Tousignant
3rd 08:18DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Nate Thompson
3rd 08:30TBLHitMattias Ohlund hit Mike Ribeiro
3rd 08:51DALShot
3rd 09:35TBLGiveawayJames Wright
3rd 09:37DALShotBrad Lukowich Slap Shot saved by Dan Ellis
3rd 10:29TBLHitRyan Malone hit Mark Fistric
3rd 10:46DALGiveawaySeverin Blindenbacher
3rd 10:51TBLShotTeddy Purcell Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 10:55TBLGoalMattias Ohlund (1) Slap Shot, assists: Teddy Purcell (1), Johan Harju (1)
3rd 10:55DALFaceoffMathieu Tousignant won against Nate Thompson
3rd 11:16DALHitMatt Niskanen hit Dana Tyrell
3rd 11:22TBLShotNate Thompson Wrap-around saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 12:08TBLHitMathieu Roy hit Mike Ribeiro
3rd 12:36DALTakeawayAaron Gagnon
3rd 13:54DALHitToby Petersen hit Brett Clark
3rd 14:41DALHitBrad Lukowich hit Adam Hall
3rd 14:53DALHitMike Ribeiro hit Adam Hall
3rd 14:59TBLHitNate Thompson hit Brad Lukowich
3rd 15:07TBLFaceoffJames Wright won against Aaron Gagnon
3rd 15:13DALHitBrian Sutherby hit Mathieu Roy
3rd 15:39DALShotSeverin Blindenbacher Backhand saved by Dan Ellis
3rd 15:40TBLFaceoffDominic Moore won against Toby Petersen
3rd 16:25TBLShotRyan Malone Backhand saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 16:27TBLShotRyan Malone Wrist Shot saved by Brent Krahn
3rd 17:26DALGiveawayBrad Lukowich
3rd 18:29TBLPenaltySteve Downie Tripping against Tomas Vincour
3rd 18:29DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Adam Hall
3rd 19:06DALFaceoffMike Ribeiro won against Dominic Moore
3rd 20:00period end
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5M. OhlundD1011028:14
6R. MaloneL0105216:45
7B. ClarkD00-10025:53
9S. DownieR00-13615:18
16T. PurcellR0121013:05
18A. HallR2023511:51
19D. MooreC1003015:26
23N. PerssonR0011014:35
24J. HarjuL0112015:24
28M. RoyD0021022:53
32M. SmabyD000051:52
34M. PouliotC00-12513:01
42D. TyrellC0222011:04
43J. WrightC0002214:11
44N. ThompsonC0114014:22
48M. VernaceD0000024:41
58S. JacksonD0220516:27
71R. PanikR00-11015:27
30C. Desjardins00.0000:00
33D. Ellis1719.89560:00
5M. NiskanenD0001023:51
6T. DaleyD0000424:28
10B. MorrowL00-11221:16
11A. GagnonC1124014:47
13K. BarchR00-1009:48
17T. PetersenC00-22017:38
20B. SutherbyC0121512:27
27J. CheechooR00-22017:35
28M. FistricD00-11217:48
36P. LarsenD1002018:36
42G. RalloC0002012:51
46S. GlennieR00-10012:14
48F. WathierL00-20128:47
53M. TousignantC00-1157:39
63M. RibeiroC00-10021:55
73B. LukowichD00-11014:06
81T. VincourC0210014:04
30A. Raycroft1618.88930:42
41B. Krahn1113.84627:47
scoring summary
1st Period
04:44TBL Adam Hall (1) Wrist shot - ASST: Dana Tyrell (1), Nate Thompson (1) 1 - 0 TBL
2nd Period
06:31TBL Dominic Moore (1) Tip-in - ASST: Ryan Malone (1), Scott Jackson (1) 2 - 0 TBL
3rd Period
01:19DAL Aaron Gagnon (1) Backhand shot - ASST: Tomas Vincour (1), Brian Sutherby (1) 2 - 1 TBL
03:39TBL Adam Hall (2) Wrist shot - ASST: Dana Tyrell (2), Scott Jackson (2) 3 - 1 TBL
07:17DAL Philip Larsen (1) Wrist shot - ASST: Tomas Vincour (2), Aaron Gagnon (1) 3 - 2 TBL
10:55TBL Mattias Ohlund (1) Slapshot - ASST: Teddy Purcell (1), Johan Harju (1) 4 - 2 TBL
penalty summary
1st Period
01:30TBL Matt Smaby  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Brian Sutherby
01:30DAL Brian Sutherby  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Matt Smaby
04:50DAL Francis Wathier  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Adam Hall
04:50TBL Adam Hall  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Francis Wathier
05:22DAL Trevor Daley  Hooking  - 2 min against  Nate Thompson
05:48TBL Ryan Malone  Interference on goalkeeper  - 2 min against  Andrew Raycroft
06:12TBL Steve Downie  Hooking  - 2 min against  Toby Petersen
09:40DAL Mark Fistric  Interference  - 2 min against  Nicklas Persson
15:00TBL James Wright  Hooking  - 2 min against  Brenden Morrow
19:46TBL Marc-Antoine Pouliot  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Mathieu Tousignant
19:46DAL Mathieu Tousignant  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Marc-Antoine Pouliot
2nd Period
06:52DAL Francis Wathier  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Scott Jackson
06:52TBL Scott Jackson  Fighting (maj)  - 5 min against  Francis Wathier
06:52DAL Francis Wathier served by Mathieu Tousignant  Elbowing  - 2 min against  Scott Jackson
13:37TBL Steve Downie  Slashing  - 2 min against  Toby Petersen
14:27DAL Brenden Morrow  Slashing  - 2 min against  Adam Hall
16:15DAL Trevor Daley  Cross checking  - 2 min against  Teddy Purcell
3rd Period
18:29TBL Steve Downie  Tripping  - 2 min against  Tomas Vincour
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/00/0
Faceoff Wins
Blocked Shots
Penalty Minutes