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1st 00:59BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
1st 01:54BUFGoalAdam Mair (1) Wrap-around, assists: Nathan Gerbe (1), Cody McCormick (2)
1st 02:10BUFHitNathan Gerbe hit Adam McQuaid
1st 02:40BUFHitDrew Stafford hit Milan Lucic
1st 02:52BUFHitSteve Montador hit Shawn Thornton
1st 03:17BUFHitMichael Grier hit Johnny Boychuk
1st 03:34BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Patrice Bergeron
1st 03:44BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Wrist Shot
1st 03:46BOSHitMark Recchi hit Henrik Tallinder
1st 03:59BUFHitJason Pominville hit Dennis Wideman
1st 05:06BUFShotAdam Mair Wrist Shot
1st 05:14BUFShotCraig Rivet Slap Shot
1st 06:05BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Johnny Boychuk
1st 06:11BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Patrick Kaleta
1st 06:29BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Daniel Paille
1st 06:34BOSHitPatrice Bergeron hit Henrik Tallinder
1st 06:37BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Mark Recchi
1st 06:45BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
1st 08:49BUFShotDrew Stafford Backhand
1st 08:55BUFShotDrew Stafford Wrist Shot
1st 09:00BUFShotDrew Stafford Backhand
1st 09:11BOSPenaltyShawn Thornton Elbowing against Patrick Kaleta
1st 09:26BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
1st 10:01BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Daniel Paille
1st 10:19BOSHitMatt Hunwick hit Drew Stafford
1st 11:05BUFHitCody McCormick hit Johnny Boychuk
1st 11:23BUFPenaltyTyler Myers Cross checking against Steve Begin
1st 11:59BUFShotToni Lydman Slap Shot
1st 12:47BOSHitMichael Ryder hit Henrik Tallinder
1st 13:05BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Michael Ryder
1st 13:33BUFHitCraig Rivet hit Milan Lucic
1st 15:08BOSShotDennis Wideman Slap Shot
1st 15:43BUFHitCody McCormick hit Matt Hunwick
1st 15:59BOSShotAndrew Ference Wrist Shot
1st 16:13BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Derek Roy
1st 16:52BUFShotTyler Ennis Tip-In
1st 17:25BOSHitMarco Sturm hit Tyler Myers
1st 17:26BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
1st 18:01BOSShotDennis Wideman null
1st 18:10BOSHitMichael Ryder hit Nathan Gerbe
1st 18:15BUFHitToni Lydman hit Vladimir Sobotka
1st 18:54BUFGoalJason Pominville (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Derek Roy (2), Tyler Ennis (3)
1st 19:15BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Mark Recchi
1st 19:54BUFShotNathan Gerbe Wrist Shot
1st 19:58BUFHitDrew Stafford hit Zdeno Chara
2nd 00:12BOSHitDavid Krejci hit Toni Lydman
2nd 01:37BOSHitDaniel Paille hit Tyler Myers
2nd 02:45BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Michael Ryder
2nd 04:45BOSShotDaniel Paille Slap Shot
2nd 05:10BUFPenaltyPaul Gaustad Hooking against Patrice Bergeron
2nd 05:23BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
2nd 05:33BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Wrist Shot
2nd 05:51BOSShotZdeno Chara Wrist Shot
2nd 06:08BOSShotZdeno Chara Slap Shot
2nd 07:09BOSPenaltyMarco Sturm Hi-sticking against Jason Pominville
2nd 07:14BUFShotJason Pominville Wrist Shot
2nd 07:16BUFShotToni Lydman Wrist Shot
2nd 07:16BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
2nd 08:15BUFHitTyler Ennis hit Blake Wheeler
2nd 08:18BUFShotTyler Myers Wrist Shot
2nd 09:04BUFShotTyler Ennis Wrist Shot
2nd 09:16BUFShotNathan Gerbe Wrist Shot
2nd 09:22BUFGoalMichael Grier (2) Slap Shot, assists: Paul Gaustad (1)
2nd 09:33BUFShotMichael Grier Wrist Shot
2nd 09:40BUFHitMichael Grier hit Milan Lucic
2nd 09:46BUFHitMichael Grier hit Zdeno Chara
2nd 09:57BUFHitSteve Montador hit Johnny Boychuk
2nd 10:22BUFHitCraig Rivet hit Vladimir Sobotka
2nd 10:53BUFPenaltyCraig Rivet Roughing against Vladimir Sobotka
2nd 12:05BOSShotMiroslav Satan Wrist Shot
2nd 12:48BOSShotMarco Sturm Tip-In
2nd 13:32BUFHitSteve Montador hit Daniel Paille
2nd 13:54BOSShotBlake Wheeler Snap Shot
2nd 14:31BUFShotCody McCormick Slap Shot
2nd 14:34BUFShotNathan Gerbe Wrist Shot
2nd 15:29BUFShotMichael Grier Slap Shot
2nd 15:46BUFHitSteve Montador hit Patrice Bergeron
2nd 16:10BUFShotTyler Ennis Slap Shot
2nd 16:15BUFShotToni Lydman Backhand
2nd 16:24BUFHitDrew Stafford hit Andrew Ference
2nd 16:36BOSHitMarco Sturm hit Patrick Kaleta
2nd 17:35BUFShotNathan Gerbe Slap Shot
2nd 17:47BUFShotTyler Ennis Wrist Shot
2nd 18:09BUFHitMichael Grier hit Patrice Bergeron
2nd 18:14BUFHitMichael Grier hit Patrice Bergeron
2nd 19:43BOSHitMarco Sturm hit Derek Roy
2nd 19:59BOSShotMiroslav Satan Slap Shot
3rd 00:42BOSShotMatt Hunwick Slap Shot
3rd 01:04BOSShotJohnny Boychuk Slap Shot
3rd 01:09BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Johnny Boychuk
3rd 02:52BUFShotDrew Stafford Wrist Shot
3rd 03:06BUFShotDerek Roy Tip-In
3rd 03:07BUFShotDerek Roy Wrist Shot
3rd 05:17BOSShotMichael Ryder Slap Shot
3rd 05:37BOSShotSteve Begin Wrap-around
3rd 05:52BOSHitDavid Krejci hit Jason Pominville
3rd 06:13BUFShotJason Pominville Wrist Shot
3rd 06:31BUFHitJason Pominville hit David Krejci
3rd 06:32BUFShotTyler Ennis Snap Shot
3rd 06:45BUFHitHenrik Tallinder hit Zdeno Chara
3rd 06:48BOSShotJohnny Boychuk Slap Shot
3rd 07:16BOSHitShawn Thornton hit Tyler Myers
3rd 07:41BOSShotAndrew Ference Wrist Shot
3rd 07:49BOSHitDaniel Paille hit Tyler Myers
3rd 08:34BOSShotVladimir Sobotka Wrist Shot
3rd 08:38BOSShotMatt Hunwick Slap Shot
3rd 08:42BOSShotMatt Hunwick Wrist Shot
3rd 08:52BOSShotZdeno Chara Slap Shot
3rd 08:55BOSShotJohnny Boychuk Wrist Shot
3rd 09:18BOSHitDavid Krejci hit Steve Montador
3rd 09:24BOSHitJohnny Boychuk hit Jason Pominville
3rd 09:38BOSShotJohnny Boychuk Wrist Shot
3rd 09:46BOSShotZdeno Chara Slap Shot
3rd 10:01BOSHitJohnny Boychuk hit Tyler Ennis
3rd 10:40BUFHitCody McCormick hit Adam McQuaid
3rd 10:45BUFShotTyler Myers Slap Shot
3rd 10:58BOSShotShawn Thornton Slap Shot
3rd 12:00BOSHitBlake Wheeler hit Andrej Sekera
3rd 12:48BUFHitCody McCormick hit Andrew Ference
3rd 12:51BOSHitDavid Krejci hit Henrik Tallinder
3rd 13:54BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Slap Shot
3rd 14:10BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Drew Stafford
3rd 14:24BUFHitNathan Gerbe hit Milan Lucic
3rd 14:39BOSHitShawn Thornton hit Craig Rivet
3rd 14:46BOSShotDaniel Paille Snap Shot
3rd 15:28BUFHitDerek Roy hit Vladimir Sobotka
3rd 15:33BOSHitMichael Ryder hit Andrej Sekera
3rd 15:51BUFPenaltyDerek Roy Slashing against Michael Ryder
3rd 16:47BUFHitHenrik Tallinder hit David Krejci
3rd 16:55BOSShotMatt Hunwick Slap Shot
3rd 17:30BOSGoalJohnny Boychuk (1) Slap Shot, assists: Dennis Wideman (2), Miroslav Satan (2)
3rd 18:12BOSHitVladimir Sobotka hit Henrik Tallinder
3rd 18:17BUFGoalTyler Ennis (1) Deflected, assists: Jason Pominville (1)
3rd 18:33BOSHitAdam McQuaid hit Michael Grier
3rd 18:36BUFPenaltyMichael Grier Tripping against Steve Begin
3rd 19:12BOSShotMichael Ryder Tip-In
3rd 19:25BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Slap Shot
3rd 19:26BUFPenaltyTyler Myers Roughing against Michael Ryder
3rd 19:26BOSPenaltyMichael Ryder Roughing against Tyler Myers
3rd 19:33BOSShotMark Recchi Slap Shot
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6D. WidemanD01-11023:04
16M. SturmL0001215:47
17M. LucicL00-10011:47
20D. PailleL00-12016:55
21A. FerenceD00-22014:00
22S. ThorntonL000129:30
26B. WheelerR00-31012:51
27S. BeginL0001010:42
28M. RecchiR00-21018:16
33Z. CharaD00-241725:33
37P. BergeronC00-14017:39
46D. KrejciC0003019:58
48M. HunwickD00-14023:12
54A. McQuaidD00-10013:32
55J. BoychukD10-15020:45
60V. SobotkaL00-31012:57
73M. RyderR00-22214:44
81M. SatanR01021216:43
40T. Rask2932.90658:05
4S. MontadorD0000021:41
5T. LydmanD0002022:08
8C. McCormickC01111211:37
9D. RoyC0112220:51
10H. TallinderD0030022:18
13T. KennedyL000007:40
19T. ConnollyC0013015:59
21D. StaffordR000409:24
22A. MairC1022011:48
25M. GrierR1013217:15
28P. GaustadC0110418:15
29J. PominvilleR1123019:59
36P. KaletaR0000107:12
42N. GerbeL0114015:06
44A. SekeraD0010012:52
52C. RivetD0011216:36
57T. MyersD0032423:20
63T. EnnisC1126016:56
30R. Miller3435.97160:00
scoring summary
1st Period
01:54BUF Adam Mair (1) ASST: Nathan Gerbe (1), Cody McCormick (2) 1 - 0 BUF
18:54BUF Jason Pominville (2) ASST: Derek Roy (2), Tyler Ennis (3) 2 - 0 BUF
2nd Period
09:22BUF Michael Grier (2) ASST: Paul Gaustad (1) 3 - 0 BUF
3rd Period
17:30BOS PPG - Johnny Boychuk (1) ASST: Dennis Wideman (2), Miroslav Satan (2) 3 - 1 BUF
18:17BUF EN - Tyler Ennis (1) ASST: Jason Pominville (1) 4 - 1 BUF
penalty summary
1st Period
09:11BOS Shawn Thornton  Elbowing against  Patrick Kaleta
11:23BUF Tyler Myers  Cross checking against  Steve Begin
2nd Period
05:10BUF Paul Gaustad  Hooking against  Patrice Bergeron
07:09BOS Marco Sturm  Hi-sticking against  Jason Pominville
10:53BUF Craig Rivet  Roughing against  Vladimir Sobotka
3rd Period
15:51BUF Derek Roy  Slashing against  Michael Ryder
18:36BUF Michael Grier  Tripping against  Steve Begin
19:26BUF Patrick Kaleta  Misconduct (10 min)
19:26BOS Michael Ryder  Roughing against  Tyler Myers
19:26BUF Tyler Myers  Roughing against  Michael Ryder
20:00BUF Cody McCormick  Roughing against  Zdeno Chara
20:00BUF Paul Gaustad  Slashing against  Zdeno Chara
20:00BUF Ryan Miller  Goalie leave crease against  Miroslav Satan
20:00BOS Miroslav Satan  Misconduct (10 min) against  Ryan Miller
20:00BOS Miroslav Satan  Roughing against  Ryan Miller
20:00BOS Zdeno Chara  Game misconduct against  Paul Gaustad
20:00BOS Zdeno Chara  Instigator against  Paul Gaustad
20:00BOS Zdeno Chara  Fighting (maj) against  Paul Gaustad
20:00BUF Cody McCormick  Misconduct (10 min) against  Zdeno Chara
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/50/2
Faceoff Wins2824
Blocked Shots926
Penalty Minutes3538
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