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1st 00:48MTLPenaltyTomas Plekanec Interference against Mike Green
1st 02:33WSHShotJoe Corvo Slap Shot
1st 02:38WSHHitBoyd Gordon hit Josh Gorges
1st 03:00MTLShotTomas Plekanec Wrist Shot
1st 03:59WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Tomas Plekanec
1st 04:11MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Backhand
1st 04:19MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
1st 04:39MTLHitBrian Gionta hit Mike Green
1st 04:51WSHHitJeff Schultz hit Brian Gionta
1st 05:21MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Jason Chimera
1st 05:50WSHHitJason Chimera hit Travis Moen
1st 07:25WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
1st 07:30WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
1st 07:40MTLPenaltyAndrei Kostitsyn Hi-sticking against Tom Poti
1st 08:10WSHGoalAlex Ovechkin (3) Wrist Shot, assists: Nicklas Backstrom (3), Mike Green (2)
1st 08:36MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
1st 08:59MTLShotGlen Metropolit Wrist Shot
1st 09:04MTLShotSergei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
1st 09:11MTLShotGlen Metropolit Wrap-around
1st 09:12MTLGoalMike Cammalleri (2) Backhand, assists: Glen Metropolit (1), Roman Hamrlik (2)
1st 09:31WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Wrist Shot
1st 09:49MTLHitHal Gill hit Nicklas Backstrom
1st 10:00WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
1st 10:24WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
1st 11:04MTLHitMike Cammalleri hit Joe Corvo
1st 11:29WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Marc-Andre Bergeron
1st 12:04MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Brendan Morrison
1st 13:16MTLHitMarc-Andre Bergeron hit Alexander Semin
1st 13:42MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Tyler Sloan
1st 13:56MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Matt Bradley
1st 14:00MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Matt Bradley
1st 14:58WSHHitEric Fehr hit Sergei Kostitsyn
1st 15:28MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
1st 15:38MTLHitHal Gill hit Mike Knuble
1st 15:45MTLShotScott Gomez Wrist Shot
1st 15:51MTLShotScott Gomez Slap Shot
1st 16:07WSHShotMike Green Slap Shot
1st 16:38MTLShotDominic Moore Wrist Shot
1st 16:42MTLShotMaxim Lapierre Backhand
1st 16:46WSHPenaltyTomas Fleischmann Tripping against Andrei Markov
1st 19:09WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Slap Shot
2nd 00:20MTLHitTomas Plekanec hit Tomas Fleischmann
2nd 00:25WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 00:38MTLHitBenoit Pouliot hit Mike Knuble
2nd 00:49MTLHitBenoit Pouliot hit John Carlson
2nd 00:55MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Tom Poti
2nd 01:19WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Josh Gorges
2nd 01:22MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
2nd 01:40WSHHitEric Fehr hit Ryan O'Byrne
2nd 01:55MTLHitTravis Moen hit Joe Corvo
2nd 02:35WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Marc-Andre Bergeron
2nd 02:54MTLShotSergei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
2nd 03:01WSHShotMatt Bradley Slap Shot
2nd 03:10MTLShotTom Pyatt Wrist Shot
2nd 04:08MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Eric Belanger
2nd 04:17WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Tip-In
2nd 04:28MTLShotScott Gomez Slap Shot
2nd 04:53MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
2nd 06:22MTLShotRyan O'Byrne Wrist Shot
2nd 07:35MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
2nd 07:49WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
2nd 08:14MTLShotBrian Gionta Backhand
2nd 08:38MTLShotScott Gomez Slap Shot
2nd 09:20WSHShotJoe Corvo Slap Shot
2nd 11:17WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 12:02MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Slap Shot
2nd 12:14MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Jason Chimera
2nd 12:28MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Matt Bradley
2nd 12:29WSHPenaltyMatt Bradley Hi-sticking against Andrei Markov
2nd 12:34MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Slap Shot
2nd 12:40MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
2nd 13:10MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
2nd 13:13MTLShotRoman Hamrlik Wrist Shot
2nd 14:15MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Slap Shot
2nd 14:17MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
2nd 14:38MTLShotBrian Gionta Tip-In
2nd 14:39WSHPenaltyJason Chimera Roughing against Benoit Pouliot
2nd 15:32MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Tip-In
2nd 15:42MTLGoalBrian Gionta (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Andrei Markov (2), Marc-Andre Bergeron (1)
2nd 15:55MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Alex Ovechkin
2nd 15:59WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
2nd 16:40MTLPenaltyHal Gill Holding against Alex Ovechkin
2nd 16:55MTLShotTomas Plekanec Wrist Shot
2nd 17:12MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Brooks Laich
2nd 17:26WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Scott Gomez
2nd 17:35WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Brian Gionta
2nd 17:42MTLHitScott Gomez hit Tomas Fleischmann
2nd 17:47WSHHitTomas Fleischmann hit Ryan O'Byrne
2nd 17:53WSHShotMike Green Wrist Shot
2nd 18:13MTLHitTomas Plekanec hit Tyler Sloan
2nd 18:30MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
2nd 18:49WSHShotJoe Corvo Wrist Shot
2nd 19:53WSHGoalMike Knuble (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Boyd Gordon (1), John Carlson (3)
3rd 00:30WSHShotMike Knuble Wrap-around
3rd 00:32WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 00:43WSHHitMike Knuble hit Benoit Pouliot
3rd 01:08MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Brooks Laich
3rd 01:28WSHShotEric Fehr Wrist Shot
3rd 01:33WSHShotEric Fehr Backhand
3rd 02:13WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
3rd 02:16WSHShotJoe Corvo Snap Shot
3rd 02:40MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Boyd Gordon
3rd 03:06MTLShotAndrei Markov Backhand
3rd 04:41WSHShotBrooks Laich Slap Shot
3rd 04:56WSHHitBrooks Laich hit Andrei Kostitsyn
3rd 05:16MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit John Carlson
3rd 06:06MTLHitScott Gomez hit Jeff Schultz
3rd 07:33MTLShotTom Pyatt Wrist Shot
3rd 09:45WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 09:51MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Brooks Laich
3rd 10:15MTLShotRyan O'Byrne Wrist Shot
3rd 11:02WSHHitTyler Sloan hit Brian Gionta
3rd 11:09WSHGoalAlex Ovechkin (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Alexander Semin (1)
3rd 11:21WSHHitTyler Sloan hit Brian Gionta
3rd 11:48MTLHitTravis Moen hit Jason Chimera
3rd 12:01WSHGoalJason Chimera (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Matt Bradley (1)
3rd 12:21WSHShotMike Green Slap Shot
3rd 12:29WSHShotTom Poti Wrist Shot
3rd 12:36WSHShotMike Green Snap Shot
3rd 12:47WSHShotTom Poti Snap Shot
3rd 13:26MTLShotAndrei Markov Wrist Shot
3rd 14:15WSHShotJoe Corvo Wrist Shot
3rd 14:24WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Tomas Plekanec
3rd 15:45MTLShotGlen Metropolit Slap Shot
3rd 15:48MTLHitSergei Kostitsyn hit John Carlson
3rd 16:03WSHShotBrooks Laich Wrist Shot
3rd 16:34WSHShotBrooks Laich Backhand
3rd 17:33WSHGoalMike Knuble (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Nicklas Backstrom (4)
3rd 18:42MTLGoalDominic Moore (1) Backhand, assists: Roman Hamrlik (3)
3rd 18:53WSHShotEric Fehr Wrist Shot
3rd 19:02MTLHitMike Cammalleri hit Mike Green
3rd 19:49WSHGoalNicklas Backstrom (5) Wrist Shot, assists: Alex Ovechkin (4), Tom Poti (3)
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3T. PotiD0232021:19
8A. OvechkinL2133021:10
9B. MorrisonC00-2009:17
10M. BradleyR0101213:26
14T. FleischmannL00-11213:37
15B. GordonC0110014:36
16E. FehrC00-1308:44
18E. BelangerC0000014:48
19N. BackstromC1246019:14
21B. LaichC00-13016:12
22M. KnubleR2036017:36
25J. ChimeraL1011212:06
28A. SeminR0114015:56
52M. GreenD0114022:47
55J. SchultzD0000019:06
74J. CarlsonD0020019:40
77J. CorvoD0004017:44
89T. SloanD0000015:55
40S. Varlamov3639.92359:48
13M. CammalleriL10-25018:55
14T. PlekanecC00-22216:50
15G. MetropolitC011307:27
20R. O'ByrneD0012013:05
21B. GiontaR10-35022:16
26J. GorgesD00-10021:50
32T. MoenL0000011:35
40M. LapierreC00-11011:20
42D. MooreC1002013:17
44R. HamrlikD02-11015:27
46A. KostitsynL00-12214:26
47M. BergeronD01-33022:04
57B. PouliotL00-23018:38
74S. KostitsynL002208:17
75H. GillD0000218:07
79A. MarkovD01-22029:32
91S. GomezC00-34023:06
94T. PyattC000208:07
31C. Price3236.88959:00
scoring summary
1st Period
08:10WSH PPG - Alex Ovechkin (3) ASST: Nicklas Backstrom (3), Mike Green (2) 1 - 0 WSH
09:12MTL Mike Cammalleri (2) ASST: Glen Metropolit (1), Roman Hamrlik (2) 1 - 1 Tie
2nd Period
15:42MTL PPG - Brian Gionta (2) ASST: Andrei Markov (2), Marc-Andre Bergeron (1) 2 - 1 MTL
19:53WSH SHG - Mike Knuble (1) ASST: Boyd Gordon (1), Tom Poti (3) 2 - 2 Tie
3rd Period
11:09WSH Alex Ovechkin (4) ASST: Alexander Semin (1) 3 - 2 WSH
12:01WSH Jason Chimera (1) ASST: Matt Bradley (2) 4 - 2 WSH
17:33WSH EN - Mike Knuble (2) ASST: Nicklas Backstrom (4) 5 - 2 WSH
18:42MTL Dominic Moore (1) ASST: Roman Hamrlik (3) 5 - 3 WSH
19:49WSH EN - Nicklas Backstrom (5) ASST: Alex Ovechkin (4), Tom Poti (4) 6 - 3 WSH
penalty summary
1st Period
00:48MTL Tomas Plekanec  Interference against  Mike Green
07:40MTL Andrei Kostitsyn  Hi-sticking against  Tom Poti
16:46WSH Tomas Fleischmann  Tripping against  Andrei Markov
2nd Period
12:29WSH Matt Bradley  Hi-sticking against  Andrei Markov
14:39WSH Jason Chimera  Roughing against  Benoit Pouliot
16:40MTL Hal Gill  Holding against  Alex Ovechkin
18:05WSH Alex Ovechkin  Too many men/ice - bench
3rd Period
12:01MTL Carey Price  Unsportsmanlike conduct
19:49MTL Carey Price  Unsportsmanlike conduct
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/51/4
Faceoff Wins3926
Blocked Shots1422
Penalty Minutes810
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