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1st 00:10WSHHitJason Chimera hit Kris Letang
1st 01:01WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Tip-In
1st 01:13PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
1st 01:24PITHitJordan Staal hit Alex Ovechkin
1st 02:05PITShotMatt Cooke Tip-In
1st 02:13PITHitTyler Kennedy hit Mike Knuble
1st 02:15PITShotMatt Cooke Slap Shot
1st 03:20PITShotSidney Crosby Snap Shot
1st 03:38PITShotBill Guerin Snap Shot
1st 03:45WSHShotJason Chimera Slap Shot
1st 04:06PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Shaone Morrisonn
1st 04:08PITHitJordan Leopold hit Shaone Morrisonn
1st 05:23PITShotCraig Adams Wrist Shot
1st 05:29PITHitCraig Adams hit Joe Corvo
1st 05:32PITHitMax Talbot hit Eric Belanger
1st 05:40PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Quintin Laing
1st 05:48WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Jay McKee
1st 06:56WSHHitJohn Carlson hit Max Talbot
1st 07:36PITShotJordan Leopold Slap Shot
1st 07:44WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Bill Guerin
1st 07:52PITShotJordan Leopold Slap Shot
1st 08:42WSHShotMike Knuble Slap Shot
1st 08:52WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
1st 09:25PITHitTyler Kennedy hit Mike Green
1st 09:32WSHShotEric Fehr Wrist Shot
1st 09:42PITHitTyler Kennedy hit Jeff Schultz
1st 10:29WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Mark Eaton
1st 10:50PITShotCraig Adams Snap Shot
1st 11:52PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Alexander Semin
1st 12:17PITShotBill Guerin Slap Shot
1st 13:19WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Wrist Shot
1st 13:26WSHShotJohn Carlson Wrist Shot
1st 13:42WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
1st 14:00PITShotTyler Kennedy Wrist Shot
1st 14:03WSHPenaltyTomas Fleischmann Tripping against Ruslan Fedotenko
1st 15:22PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
1st 15:26PITShotSidney Crosby Wrist Shot
1st 15:53WSHHitMike Green hit Ruslan Fedotenko
1st 16:22PITShotRuslan Fedotenko Backhand
1st 17:06WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Tyler Kennedy
1st 17:07PITShotPascal Dupuis Backhand
1st 17:08PITShotPascal Dupuis Wrist Shot
1st 18:27WSHShotMike Green Slap Shot
1st 18:30WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Jordan Leopold
1st 19:00PITShotCraig Adams Slap Shot
1st 19:39PITHitJordan Staal hit Alexander Semin
1st 19:45WSHShotJason Chimera Wrist Shot
1st 19:57PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Jeff Schultz
2nd 00:23PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Backhand
2nd 00:42PITShotBrooks Orpik Slap Shot
2nd 00:59PITHitKris Letang hit Alex Ovechkin
2nd 01:06WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
2nd 01:09WSHGoalMike Knuble (27) Wrist Shot, assists: Nicklas Backstrom (61), Alex Ovechkin (52)
2nd 01:31WSHHitTomas Fleischmann hit Jay McKee
2nd 02:21PITGoalMax Talbot (2) Tip-In, assists: Brooks Orpik (20), Craig Adams (10)
2nd 03:44PITHitJordan Leopold hit Jason Chimera
2nd 04:27WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
2nd 05:22WSHHitJoe Corvo hit Ruslan Fedotenko
2nd 05:28PITHitMatt Cooke hit Mike Knuble
2nd 06:00WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Backhand
2nd 06:01PITPenaltyKris Letang Tripping against Alex Ovechkin
2nd 06:16PITShotCraig Adams Wrist Shot
2nd 06:59WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 08:47WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Snap Shot
2nd 08:49WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Wrist Shot
2nd 09:16WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Jay McKee
2nd 09:30WSHShotTom Poti Backhand
2nd 09:43WSHShotBrendan Morrison Slap Shot
2nd 10:12WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Jordan Staal
2nd 10:12WSHPenaltyAlexander Semin Hi-sticking against Mike Rupp
2nd 10:19PITShotKris Letang Wrist Shot
2nd 10:29PITShotKris Letang Slap Shot
2nd 11:00PITShotAlex Goligoski Slap Shot
2nd 12:45PITHitMatt Cooke hit Mike Knuble
2nd 12:52WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Snap Shot
2nd 12:58WSHHitMike Knuble hit Jay McKee
2nd 13:37WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Max Talbot
2nd 13:43PITHitKris Letang hit Eric Fehr
2nd 13:44WSHPenaltyTomas Fleischmann Tripping against Kris Letang
2nd 13:52PITShotSidney Crosby Snap Shot
2nd 14:39PITGoalBill Guerin (19) Wrist Shot, assists: Sidney Crosby (44), Alexei Ponikarovsky (27)
2nd 15:32WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Mark Eaton
2nd 15:44PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Alex Ovechkin
2nd 15:49PITHitBrooks Orpik hit Nicklas Backstrom
2nd 16:13WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Pascal Dupuis
2nd 16:40WSHShotJeff Schultz Wrist Shot
2nd 16:48PITHitMatt Cooke hit John Carlson
2nd 16:50WSHShotJohn Carlson Wrist Shot
2nd 17:41PITHitMike Rupp hit Tomas Fleischmann
2nd 18:26PITHitChris Kunitz hit Jeff Schultz
2nd 18:35WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Kris Letang
2nd 18:46WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Sidney Crosby
2nd 18:49WSHShotMike Knuble Snap Shot
2nd 19:31WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Craig Adams
2nd 19:53WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Craig Adams
3rd 00:16WSHHitBrendan Morrison hit Pascal Dupuis
3rd 00:43WSHHitBrendan Morrison hit Pascal Dupuis
3rd 00:54WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
3rd 00:58WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 01:52WSHShotEric Fehr Slap Shot
3rd 02:34WSHShotMatt Bradley Snap Shot
3rd 03:09WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Craig Adams
3rd 03:28PITShotMike Rupp Wrist Shot
3rd 04:11WSHPenaltyJeff Schultz Holding against Sidney Crosby
3rd 05:25WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Bill Guerin
3rd 05:36WSHGoalAlexander Semin (34) Wrist Shot, assists: none
3rd 05:50PITShotJordan Leopold Wrist Shot
3rd 06:26PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
3rd 06:35WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 07:14PITShotTyler Kennedy Slap Shot
3rd 07:32WSHGoalEric Fehr (21) Tip-In, assists: Mike Green (51), Eric Belanger (24)
3rd 07:44PITHitCraig Adams hit Shaone Morrisonn
3rd 08:11PITHitMike Rupp hit Shaone Morrisonn
3rd 08:37WSHHitTomas Fleischmann hit Mark Eaton
3rd 10:33WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Ruslan Fedotenko
3rd 11:12PITShotMark Eaton Wrist Shot
3rd 12:40PITShotAlexei Ponikarovsky Wrist Shot
3rd 12:52WSHHitBrendan Morrison hit Pascal Dupuis
3rd 14:08PITHitBill Guerin hit Mike Knuble
3rd 14:39WSHHitShaone Morrisonn hit Matt Cooke
3rd 14:48PITHitMatt Cooke hit Eric Fehr
3rd 14:54WSHHitEric Fehr hit Matt Cooke
3rd 15:52WSHHitTomas Fleischmann hit Sidney Crosby
3rd 16:10PITHitMax Talbot hit Mike Knuble
3rd 16:39PITShotJordan Staal Backhand
3rd 16:40PITShotJordan Staal Wrist Shot
3rd 16:43PITShotAlex Goligoski Wrist Shot
3rd 16:53WSHHitDavid Steckel hit Jordan Leopold
3rd 16:54PITGoalJordan Staal (21) Wrist Shot, assists: Chris Kunitz (19), Jordan Leopold (12)
3rd 17:15WSHHitJohn Carlson hit Pascal Dupuis
3rd 19:07PITShotChris Kunitz Snap Shot
3rd 19:33WSHShotEric Belanger Wrist Shot
3rd 19:42WSHHitEric Belanger hit Alex Goligoski
3rd 19:48PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Shaone Morrisonn
OT 00:23PITShotAlex Goligoski Slap Shot
OT 00:30PITShotJordan Leopold Slap Shot
OT 00:36PITHitChris Kunitz hit Mike Green
OT 01:17PITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
OT 01:54PITShotSidney Crosby Slap Shot
OT 02:33PITShotTyler Kennedy Wrist Shot
OT 03:19WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Wrist Shot
OT 04:08WSHShotBrendan Morrison Wrist Shot
OT 04:33PITHitRuslan Fedotenko hit Joe Corvo
ShootoutPITGoalKris Letang - Wrist Shot
ShootoutWSHShotNicklas Backstrom Backhand
ShootoutPITGoalSidney Crosby - Backhand
ShootoutWSHGoalAlex Ovechkin - Wrist Shot
ShootoutPITShotBill Guerin Wrist Shot
ShootoutWSHGoalAlexander Semin - Backhand
ShootoutPITShotChris Kunitz Wrist Shot
ShootoutWSHGoalMike Knuble - Wrist Shot
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3A. GoligoskiD0003024:41
4J. LeopoldD0114024:01
7M. EatonD0001022:27
9P. DupuisR0002016:15
11J. StaalC1003021:24
13B. GuerinR10-23018:52
14C. KunitzL01-15020:26
17M. RuppL001105:52
23A. PonikarovskyL01-12017:51
24M. CookeL00-12014:21
25M. TalbotC1001010:28
26R. FedotenkoL0001016:34
27C. AdamsR011407:13
44B. OrpikD01-11023:19
48T. KennedyC00-13012:36
58K. LetangD00-12224:55
74J. McKeeD00-10010:53
87S. CrosbyC0114025:55
29M. Fleury2932.90664:57
3T. PotiD0001223:31
8A. OvechkinL0124022:52
9B. MorrisonC0002014:01
10M. BradleyR00-21010:15
14T. FleischmannL0012412:50
16E. FehrC1013011:57
18E. BelangerC0101015:45
19N. BackstromC0115022:40
22M. KnubleR1015017:38
25J. ChimeraL0002018:34
26S. MorrisonnD00-10020:18
28A. SeminR1012219:01
39D. SteckelC00-20010:25
52M. GreenD0131025:02
53Q. LaingL00-1006:40
55J. SchultzD0011222:06
74J. CarlsonD0002017:39
77J. CorvoD00-10019:51
60J. Theodore3942.92965:00
scoring summary
1st Period
2nd Period
01:09WSH Mike Knuble (26) ASST: Nicklas Backstrom (60), Alex Ovechkin (53) 1 - 0 WSH
02:21PIT Max Talbot (2) ASST: Brooks Orpik (20), Craig Adams (9) 1 - 1 Tie
14:39PIT PPG - Bill Guerin (19) ASST: Sidney Crosby (44), Alexei Ponikarovsky (27) 2 - 1 PIT
3rd Period
05:36WSH SHG - Alexander Semin (34) ASST: NONE 2 - 2 Tie
07:32WSH Eric Fehr (21) ASST: Mike Green (54), Eric Belanger (25) 3 - 2 WSH
16:54PIT Jordan Staal (21) ASST: Chris Kunitz (19), Jordan Leopold (13) 3 - 3 Tie
OT Period
1PITKris Letang - Goal
2WSHNicklas Backstrom - Save
3PITSidney Crosby - Goal
4WSHAlex Ovechkin - Goal
5PITBill Guerin - Save
6WSHAlexander Semin - Goal
7PITChris Kunitz - Save
8WSHMike Knuble - Goal
penalty summary
1st Period
02:19WSH Tom Poti  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
14:03WSH Tomas Fleischmann  Tripping against  Ruslan Fedotenko
2nd Period
06:01PIT Kris Letang  Tripping against  Alex Ovechkin
10:12WSH Alexander Semin  Hi-sticking against  Mike Rupp
13:44WSH Tomas Fleischmann  Tripping against  Kris Letang
3rd Period
04:11WSH Jeff Schultz  Holding against  Sidney Crosby
OT Period
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/50/1
Faceoff Wins2828
Blocked Shots1818
Penalty Minutes210
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