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1st 00:19NYRShotRyan Callahan Tip-In
1st 00:45NYIHitFrans Nielsen hit Chris Drury
1st 00:49NYRShotSean Avery Tip-In
1st 01:24NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Michal Rozsival
1st 01:30NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Marc Staal
1st 01:41NYRHitBrandon Dubinsky hit Jack Hillen
1st 02:12NYRShotEnver Lisin Wrist Shot
1st 02:24NYRShotBrandon Prust Wrist Shot
1st 02:30NYRPenaltyBrandon Prust Fighting against Trevor Gillies
1st 02:30NYIPenaltyTrevor Gillies Fighting against Brandon Prust
1st 02:49NYRHitJody Shelley hit Bruno Gervais
1st 02:59NYIHitRichard Park hit Artem Anisimov
1st 03:12NYRGoalArtem Anisimov (9) Wrist Shot, assists: Jody Shelley (5), Matt Gilroy (10)
1st 03:43NYRHitMarc Staal hit Matt Moulson
1st 03:50NYRHitSean Avery hit Freddy Meyer
1st 04:20NYIShotSean Bergenheim Backhand
1st 04:28NYIHitMark Streit hit Dan Girardi
1st 04:55NYRHitOlli Jokinen hit Frans Nielsen
1st 05:15NYIHitMatt Moulson hit Erik Christensen
1st 05:31NYIHitMatt Moulson hit Marc Staal
1st 05:44NYRShotMarc Staal Backhand
1st 05:45NYRGoalMarian Gaborik (35) Snap Shot, assists: Brandon Dubinsky (21), Marc Staal (18)
1st 05:57NYIShotTim Jackman Wrist Shot
1st 06:15NYIHitFreddy Meyer hit Ryan Callahan
1st 06:29NYRShotArtem Anisimov Wrist Shot
1st 06:39NYRShotSean Avery Wrist Shot
1st 06:45NYRHitChris Drury hit Freddy Meyer
1st 06:51NYRHitSean Avery hit Dylan Reese
1st 07:15NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Sean Avery
1st 07:30NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Michal Rozsival
1st 07:48NYRShotMarc Staal Wrist Shot
1st 07:49NYRShotOlli Jokinen Wrist Shot
1st 07:49NYIPenaltyTrent Hunter Slashing against Olli Jokinen
1st 08:30NYRGoalMichael Del Zotto (8) Wrist Shot, assists: Marian Gaborik (38), Erik Christensen (13)
1st 08:46NYIShotMark Streit Slap Shot
1st 09:09NYIHitJohn Tavares hit Michal Rozsival
1st 09:18NYIShotMatt Moulson Slap Shot
1st 10:20NYRShotOlli Jokinen Wrist Shot
1st 10:36NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Vinny Prospal
1st 10:48NYIShotFrans Nielsen Wrist Shot
1st 11:19NYRHitDan Girardi hit Jon Sim
1st 11:36NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Wrist Shot
1st 11:47NYRPenaltyBrandon Prust Hooking against Tim Jackman
1st 12:33NYIShotMark Streit Wrist Shot
1st 12:44NYIShotKyle Okposo null
1st 12:47NYIShotKyle Okposo Wrist Shot
1st 14:08NYIHitTim Jackman hit Wade Redden
1st 14:22NYIHitTrevor Gillies hit Wade Redden
1st 14:47NYIShotDylan Reese Snap Shot
1st 15:59NYRPenaltyMarc Staal Tripping against Matt Moulson
1st 16:36NYIShotMark Streit Slap Shot
1st 18:13NYIShotTrent Hunter Slap Shot
1st 18:18NYRHitMichael Del Zotto hit Tim Jackman
1st 18:59NYRShotEnver Lisin Wrist Shot
2nd 00:41NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Ryan Callahan
2nd 01:02NYRHitMarc Staal hit Matt Moulson
2nd 01:04NYIHitKyle Okposo hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 01:04NYRShotChris Drury Wrist Shot
2nd 01:31NYIHitJohn Tavares hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 01:44NYIHitBlake Comeau hit Marc Staal
2nd 02:01NYRShotMichal Rozsival Slap Shot
2nd 02:12NYRShotDan Girardi Wrist Shot
2nd 02:25NYRHitMichael Del Zotto hit Tim Jackman
2nd 02:31NYRHitArtem Anisimov hit Richard Park
2nd 02:37NYIShotJon Sim Wrap-around
2nd 02:50NYRShotBrandon Prust Wrist Shot
2nd 03:04NYRShotDan Girardi Wrist Shot
2nd 03:05NYRHitArtem Anisimov hit Tim Jackman
2nd 03:17NYRShotSean Avery Slap Shot
2nd 04:11NYRShotRyan Callahan Wrist Shot
2nd 04:43NYRHitDan Girardi hit Frans Nielsen
2nd 05:48NYRShotEnver Lisin Wrist Shot
2nd 06:01NYRShotMatt Gilroy Wrist Shot
2nd 06:06NYRShotMarian Gaborik Wrist Shot
2nd 06:23NYRShotErik Christensen Wrist Shot
2nd 06:24NYRShotErik Christensen Wrist Shot
2nd 06:37NYIHitTim Jackman hit Wade Redden
2nd 06:46NYIPenaltyTim Jackman Hi-sticking against Wade Redden
2nd 07:24NYRShotMichael Del Zotto Slap Shot
2nd 08:23NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Slap Shot
2nd 09:25NYIHitMatt Moulson hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 09:36NYRHitMarc Staal hit Matt Moulson
2nd 10:09NYRPenaltySean Avery Hi-sticking against Matt Moulson
2nd 10:15NYIHitFrans Nielsen hit Chris Drury
2nd 10:29NYIShotMark Streit Slap Shot
2nd 11:01NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Frans Nielsen
2nd 11:27NYRHitMichal Rozsival hit Kyle Okposo
2nd 12:26NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 13:32NYRHitSean Avery hit Jack Hillen
2nd 13:38NYIPenaltyTrent Hunter Charging against Sean Avery
2nd 14:35NYRShotChris Drury Slap Shot
2nd 15:13NYIHitMark Streit hit Dan Girardi
2nd 15:23NYRShotMarian Gaborik Wrist Shot
2nd 16:24NYIShotTrent Hunter Tip-In
2nd 16:27NYIHitMatt Moulson hit Wade Redden
2nd 17:10NYRHitMarc Staal hit Tim Jackman
2nd 17:51NYIHitFreddy Meyer hit Brandon Prust
2nd 18:33NYIHitBruno Gervais hit Chris Drury
2nd 18:38NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Frans Nielsen
2nd 18:59NYRShotSean Avery Wrist Shot
2nd 19:23NYRHitMarc Staal hit Tim Jackman
2nd 19:28NYIHitRichard Park hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 19:38NYRHitMarc Staal hit Richard Park
3rd 00:12NYRHitSean Avery hit Dustin Kohn
3rd 00:44NYIHitFreddy Meyer hit Michal Rozsival
3rd 00:58NYIShotTrevor Gillies Wrist Shot
3rd 01:21NYRShotMarian Gaborik Wrist Shot
3rd 01:35NYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
3rd 02:02NYRShotEnver Lisin Slap Shot
3rd 02:22NYRHitDan Girardi hit Josh Bailey
3rd 02:28NYIHitJosh Bailey hit Dan Girardi
3rd 02:30NYRShotBrandon Prust Tip-In
3rd 03:05NYIShotRichard Park Wrist Shot
3rd 03:28NYIShotTim Jackman Wrist Shot
3rd 03:59NYIShotFreddy Meyer Wrist Shot
3rd 04:07NYIHitTim Jackman hit Marc Staal
3rd 04:12NYIHitRichard Park hit Artem Anisimov
3rd 04:20NYIHitTim Jackman hit Matt Gilroy
3rd 04:27NYRHitMarc Staal hit Tim Jackman
3rd 04:59NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Dan Girardi
3rd 05:36NYRShotOlli Jokinen Wrist Shot
3rd 05:37NYRShotRyan Callahan Backhand
3rd 06:25NYIShotJohn Tavares Wrist Shot
3rd 07:31NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Matt Gilroy
3rd 08:05NYRHitDan Girardi hit Kyle Okposo
3rd 09:07NYIShotMatt Moulson Wrist Shot
3rd 09:32NYRShotArtem Anisimov Snap Shot
3rd 09:58NYRHitBrandon Prust hit Richard Park
3rd 10:44NYRGoalMarian Gaborik (36) Backhand, assists: Dan Girardi (16), Erik Christensen (14)
3rd 11:18NYIShotMatt Moulson Snap Shot
3rd 11:30NYIHitKyle Okposo hit Erik Christensen
3rd 11:31NYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
3rd 11:36NYIShotJosh Bailey Slap Shot
3rd 12:20NYIShotDylan Reese Backhand
3rd 12:40NYRHitSean Avery hit John Tavares
3rd 12:41NYIPenaltyTrevor Gillies Roughing against Sean Avery
3rd 12:41NYIPenaltyBlake Comeau Roughing against Sean Avery
3rd 12:41NYIPenaltyTrevor Gillies Roughing against Sean Avery
3rd 13:38NYRShotVinny Prospal Tip-In
3rd 13:46NYRShotMarian Gaborik Slap Shot
3rd 14:56NYIShotBlake Comeau Slap Shot
3rd 15:04NYIHitBlake Comeau hit Vinny Prospal
3rd 15:15NYRShotMichael Del Zotto Slap Shot
3rd 15:24NYRShotSean Avery Snap Shot
3rd 15:34NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Tip-In
3rd 16:19NYRGoalDan Girardi (6) Wrist Shot, assists: Sean Avery (19), Michael Del Zotto (22)
3rd 17:02NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Artem Anisimov
3rd 17:16NYIShotDylan Reese Snap Shot
3rd 18:01NYRShotEnver Lisin Snap Shot
3rd 19:10NYRHitBrandon Prust hit Blake Comeau
3rd 19:20NYIShotBlake Comeau Slap Shot
3rd 19:38NYRHitOlli Jokinen hit Dylan Reese
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2M. StreitD00-14023:13
7T. HunterR00-12414:55
8B. GervaisD00-20023:31
10R. ParkR00-11017:09
12J. BaileyL00-13019:05
14T. GilliesL0001193:03
16J. SimL00-11011:17
20S. BergenheimL0001011:55
21K. OkposoR0001019:11
26M. MoulsonL00-13016:18
28T. JackmanR00-12210:46
38J. HillenD0000020:32
42D. ReeseD00-13020:21
44F. MeyerD00-11023:06
51F. NielsenC00-11018:27
56D. KohnD00-1005:09
57B. ComeauL00-12214:53
91J. TavaresC00-11017:12
30D. Roloson3944.88659:38
4M. Del ZottoD1103017:18
5D. GirardiD1113023:06
6W. ReddenD0020019:24
8B. PrustL000378:38
10M. GaborikR2125020:56
12O. JokinenC0003010:54
16S. AveryL0105216:08
17B. DubinskyC0123016:17
18M. StaalD0112220:33
20V. ProspalL0001016:16
23C. DruryC0002020:22
24R. CallahanR0012019:50
26E. ChristensenC0222014:31
33M. RozsivalD0011024:51
42A. AnisimovC1013012:15
45J. ShelleyL011009:01
81E. LisinR0005011:07
97M. GilroyD0111012:33
30H. Lundqvist27271.00060:00
scoring summary
1st Period
03:12NYR Artem Anisimov (11) ASST: Jody Shelley (5), Matt Gilroy (11) 1 - 0 NYR
05:45NYR Marian Gaborik (38) ASST: Brandon Dubinsky (21), Marc Staal (19) 2 - 0 NYR
08:30NYR PPG - Michael Del Zotto (9) ASST: Marian Gaborik (40), Erik Christensen (13) 3 - 0 NYR
2nd Period
3rd Period
10:44NYR Marian Gaborik (39) ASST: Dan Girardi (15), Erik Christensen (14) 4 - 0 NYR
16:19NYR PPG - Dan Girardi (6) ASST: Sean Avery (19), Michael Del Zotto (23) 5 - 0 NYR
penalty summary
1st Period
02:30NYR Brandon Prust  Fighting (maj) against  Trevor Gillies
02:30NYI Trevor Gillies  Fighting (maj) against  Brandon Prust
07:49NYI Trent Hunter  Slashing against  Olli Jokinen
11:47NYR Brandon Prust  Hooking against  Tim Jackman
15:59NYR Marc Staal  Tripping against  Matt Moulson
2nd Period
06:46NYI Tim Jackman  Hi-sticking against  Wade Redden
10:09NYR Sean Avery  Hi-sticking against  Matt Moulson
13:38NYI Trent Hunter  Charging against  Sean Avery
3rd Period
12:41NYI Trevor Gillies  Roughing against  Sean Avery
12:41NYI Trevor Gillies  Roughing against  Sean Avery
12:41NYI Blake Comeau  Roughing against  Sean Avery
12:41NYI Trevor Gillies  Misconduct (10 min)
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/32/6
Faceoff Wins3530
Blocked Shots2322
Penalty Minutes2711
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