Tampa Bay

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1st 00:10TBLShotRyan Malone Wrist Shot
1st 00:16TBLShotKurtis Foster Wrist Shot
1st 00:36TBLHitMattias Ohlund hit Marc Savard
1st 00:45BOSHitDennis Wideman hit Alex Tanguay
1st 00:46TBLShotStephane Veilleux Snap Shot
1st 00:57TBLHitStephane Veilleux hit Daniel Paille
1st 01:07TBLHitStephane Veilleux hit Dennis Wideman
1st 01:50TBLShotVictor Hedman Wrist Shot
1st 02:21TBLShotMatt Walker Wrist Shot
1st 02:28TBLShotMatt Walker Wrist Shot
1st 02:41TBLShotAndrej Meszaros Slap Shot
1st 03:06BOSShotDerek Morris Slap Shot
1st 03:16TBLPenaltyMatt Walker Fighting against Shawn Thornton
1st 03:16BOSPenaltyShawn Thornton Fighting against Matt Walker
1st 03:20BOSShotMarc Savard Wrist Shot
1st 04:24BOSGoalMiroslav Satan (3) Backhand, assists: Marc Savard (21), Derek Morris (19)
1st 06:10TBLShotRyan Malone Slap Shot
1st 06:14TBLHitRyan Malone hit Adam McQuaid
1st 06:20BOSShotBlake Wheeler Backhand
1st 07:10BOSShotMark Recchi Wrist Shot
1st 07:15BOSShotZdeno Chara Wrist Shot
1st 07:26TBLShotVincent Lecavalier Snap Shot
1st 07:46TBLHitMattias Ohlund hit Miroslav Satan
1st 07:53BOSHitMiroslav Satan hit Mattias Ohlund
1st 07:55BOSPenaltyMiroslav Satan Tripping against Mattias Ohlund
1st 07:55TBLPenaltyMattias Ohlund Cross checking against Miroslav Satan
1st 07:58BOSShotZdeno Chara Slap Shot
1st 07:59BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
1st 08:17BOSShotBlake Wheeler Wrist Shot
1st 08:49TBLShotMike Lundin Wrist Shot
1st 11:21BOSGoalMilan Lucic (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Michael Ryder (10), Andrew Ference (6)
1st 11:33BOSHitDavid Krejci hit Mattias Ohlund
1st 11:42BOSShotMichael Ryder Snap Shot
1st 12:53TBLShotSteven Stamkos Wrist Shot
1st 13:23TBLShotStephane Veilleux Slap Shot
1st 13:33BOSHitMarc Savard hit Stephane Veilleux
1st 13:45BOSShotDaniel Paille Wrist Shot
1st 13:56BOSShotSteve Begin Wrist Shot
1st 14:11TBLHitZenon Konopka hit Andrew Ference
1st 14:17BOSShotShawn Thornton Wrist Shot
1st 14:20TBLHitTodd Fedoruk hit Steve Begin
1st 14:28BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Kurtis Foster
1st 14:40BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Wrist Shot
1st 14:48BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Wrist Shot
1st 15:08TBLShotVictor Hedman Wrist Shot
1st 15:44BOSGoalMichael Ryder (14) Wrist Shot, assists: Blake Wheeler (18), Derek Morris (20)
1st 16:03BOSHitBlake Wheeler hit Matt Walker
1st 16:39TBLHitSteve Downie hit Miroslav Satan
1st 16:41TBLPenaltySteve Downie Roughing against Miroslav Satan
1st 16:41TBLPenaltySteve Downie Roughing against Miroslav Satan
1st 16:41BOSPenaltyMiroslav Satan Roughing against Steve Downie
1st 17:19BOSGoalMichael Ryder (15) Wrist Shot, assists: Marc Savard (22), Patrice Bergeron (23)
1st 17:55BOSHitMark Recchi hit Andrej Meszaros
1st 18:06TBLHitMatt Walker hit Marco Sturm
1st 18:50BOSShotDerek Morris Slap Shot
1st 19:19BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Matt Walker
1st 19:47BOSShotZdeno Chara Wrist Shot
1st 19:57BOSShotDennis Wideman Slap Shot
2nd 00:24TBLShotKurtis Foster Wrist Shot
2nd 02:09TBLShotKurtis Foster Wrist Shot
2nd 04:53BOSGoalMilan Lucic (5) Tip-In, assists: Zdeno Chara (27), Daniel Paille (10)
2nd 06:20BOSShotAndrew Ference Snap Shot
2nd 07:47TBLPenaltyMattias Ohlund Holding against Blake Wheeler
2nd 08:37BOSShotBlake Wheeler Backhand
2nd 11:36TBLShotKurtis Foster Wrist Shot
2nd 11:44BOSHitAdam McQuaid hit Zenon Konopka
2nd 13:31BOSHitZdeno Chara hit Steve Downie
2nd 13:35TBLPenaltySteve Downie Roughing against Zdeno Chara
2nd 13:35BOSPenaltyZdeno Chara Roughing against Steve Downie
2nd 13:35BOSPenaltyZdeno Chara Holding against Steve Downie
2nd 13:53BOSHitSteve Begin hit Kurtis Foster
2nd 14:51BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
2nd 14:53BOSShotDavid Krejci Backhand
2nd 16:10TBLGoalMartin St. Louis (22) Backhand, assists: Victor Hedman (12), Steven Stamkos (30)
2nd 16:45TBLHitSteve Downie hit Andrew Ference
2nd 17:00TBLShotKurtis Foster Snap Shot
2nd 17:04TBLPenaltyTodd Fedoruk Interference against Blake Wheeler
2nd 17:15BOSPenaltyMichael Ryder Holding against Mike Lundin
2nd 17:20TBLShotSteven Stamkos Wrist Shot
2nd 18:22TBLShotAndrej Meszaros Slap Shot
2nd 18:40TBLHitVincent Lecavalier hit David Krejci
2nd 18:40BOSPenaltyDavid Krejci Holding against Vincent Lecavalier
2nd 19:02TBLGoalMartin St. Louis (23) Tip-In, assists: Kurtis Foster (19), Steven Stamkos (31)
2nd 19:39TBLShotRyan Malone Wrist Shot
3rd 01:25TBLHitStephane Veilleux hit David Krejci
3rd 02:19TBLShotNate Thompson Wrist Shot
3rd 02:32BOSShotSteve Begin Snap Shot
3rd 04:14BOSHitDennis Wideman hit Alex Tanguay
3rd 04:25TBLShotVincent Lecavalier Wrist Shot
3rd 05:21TBLShotVictor Hedman Slap Shot
3rd 05:37TBLHitZenon Konopka hit Derek Morris
3rd 05:51TBLHitMattias Ohlund hit Milan Lucic
3rd 05:55TBLShotStephane Veilleux Wrist Shot
3rd 06:02BOSHitMichael Ryder hit Zenon Konopka
3rd 06:16BOSShotMilan Lucic Wrist Shot
3rd 07:22TBLHitRyan Malone hit Adam McQuaid
3rd 07:54BOSShotMatt Hunwick Wrist Shot
3rd 07:58TBLHitVincent Lecavalier hit David Krejci
3rd 08:00BOSShotDavid Krejci Wrist Shot
3rd 08:31TBLHitZenon Konopka hit Zdeno Chara
3rd 08:59BOSHitMilan Lucic hit Mattias Ohlund
3rd 09:48BOSShotMatt Hunwick Wrist Shot
3rd 10:30BOSShotMarc Savard Snap Shot
3rd 10:55BOSShotPatrice Bergeron Wrist Shot
3rd 11:09TBLGoalSteve Downie (12) Tip-In, assists: Victor Hedman (13), Steven Stamkos (32)
3rd 11:38TBLHitVictor Hedman hit Mark Recchi
3rd 11:44BOSShotMark Recchi Wrist Shot
3rd 11:51BOSPenaltyDennis Wideman Hooking against Steve Downie
3rd 12:24TBLShotRyan Malone Backhand
3rd 12:37TBLShotKurtis Foster Slap Shot
3rd 13:15TBLShotVictor Hedman Snap Shot
3rd 13:51BOSHitAndrew Ference hit Kurtis Foster
3rd 14:45TBLShotAlex Tanguay Wrist Shot
3rd 15:09BOSHitDerek Morris hit Jeff Halpern
3rd 15:32BOSShotMarc Savard Wrist Shot
3rd 15:58BOSHitDennis Wideman hit Stephane Veilleux
3rd 16:44TBLShotVictor Hedman Slap Shot
3rd 16:45TBLShotSteve Downie Wrist Shot
3rd 16:47TBLGoalSteve Downie (13) Wrist Shot, assists: Victor Hedman (14), Martin St. Louis (46)
3rd 17:36BOSShotMarc Savard Wrist Shot
3rd 18:58TBLHitKurtis Foster hit Michael Ryder
3rd 19:10TBLHitSteve Downie hit Dennis Wideman
3rd 19:47TBLShotVincent Lecavalier Tip-In
3rd 19:55TBLHitKurtis Foster hit Mark Recchi
3rd 19:58BOSHitZdeno Chara hit Steve Downie
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6D. WidemanD0011226:21
16M. SturmL00-10018:17
17M. LucicL2013014:56
20D. PailleL0121015:30
21A. FerenceD0101019:09
22S. ThorntonL000157:01
26B. WheelerR0103016:18
27S. BeginL0002010:28
28M. RecchiR00-12015:12
33Z. CharaD0103624:17
37P. BergeronC01-13018:20
46D. KrejciC0014215:35
48M. HunwickD0012019:40
53D. MorrisD02-12021:35
54A. McQuaidD001008:06
73M. RyderR2103214:37
81M. SatanR101144:24
91M. SavardC0214018:19
40T. Rask3135.88659:58
4V. LecavalierC00-23019:09
5M. OhlundD0000416:27
6K. FosterD0126022:19
8M. WalkerD00-12511:25
9S. DownieR2023616:07
11J. HalpernC00-10013:38
12R. MaloneL00-14019:39
13A. TanguayL00-21017:55
14A. MeszarosD0002019:35
17T. FedorukL000028:52
19S. VeilleuxL00-23013:34
26M. St. LouisR2122022:55
28Z. KonopkaC0000010:53
32M. SmabyD00-2007:26
39M. LundinD00-21018:16
44N. ThompsonC00-11011:44
77V. HedmanD0315023:01
91S. StamkosC0322021:23
30A. Niittymaki1721.81020:00
41M. Smith1415.93339:04
scoring summary
1st Period
04:24BOS Miroslav Satan (3) ASST: Marc Savard (21), Derek Morris (21) 1 - 0 BOS
11:21BOS Milan Lucic (4) ASST: Michael Ryder (10), Andrew Ference (6) 2 - 0 BOS
15:44BOS Michael Ryder (14) ASST: Blake Wheeler (18), Derek Morris (22) 3 - 0 BOS
17:19BOS PPG - Michael Ryder (15) ASST: Marc Savard (22), Patrice Bergeron (25) 4 - 0 BOS
2nd Period
04:53BOS Milan Lucic (5) ASST: Zdeno Chara (28), Daniel Paille (9) 5 - 0 BOS
16:10TBL Martin St. Louis (21) ASST: Victor Hedman (12), Steven Stamkos (31) 5 - 1 BOS
19:02TBL PPG - Martin St. Louis (22) ASST: Kurtis Foster (20), Steven Stamkos (32) 5 - 2 BOS
3rd Period
11:09TBL Steve Downie (12) ASST: Victor Hedman (13), Steven Stamkos (33) 5 - 3 BOS
16:47TBL Steve Downie (13) ASST: Victor Hedman (14), Martin St. Louis (47) 5 - 4 BOS
penalty summary
1st Period
03:16TBL Matt Walker  Fighting (maj) against  Shawn Thornton
03:16BOS Shawn Thornton  Fighting (maj) against  Matt Walker
07:55BOS Miroslav Satan  Tripping against  Mattias Ohlund
07:55TBL Mattias Ohlund  Cross checking against  Miroslav Satan
16:41TBL Steve Downie  Roughing against  Miroslav Satan
16:41TBL Steve Downie  Roughing against  Miroslav Satan
16:41BOS Miroslav Satan  Roughing against  Steve Downie
2nd Period
07:47TBL Mattias Ohlund  Holding against  Blake Wheeler
13:35BOS Zdeno Chara  Holding against  Steve Downie
13:35BOS Zdeno Chara  Roughing against  Steve Downie
13:35TBL Steve Downie  Roughing against  Zdeno Chara
17:04TBL Todd Fedoruk  Interference against  Blake Wheeler
17:15BOS Michael Ryder  Holding against  Mike Lundin
18:40BOS David Krejci  Holding against  Vincent Lecavalier
3rd Period
02:47BOS Zdeno Chara  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
11:51BOS Dennis Wideman  Hooking against  Steve Downie
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/31/5
Faceoff Wins4029
Blocked Shots1117
Penalty Minutes2117
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