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1st 00:43CARHitAaron Ward hit Andrew Ladd
1st 01:06CARHitChad LaRose hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
1st 01:28CARHitChad LaRose hit Troy Brouwer
1st 01:39CARShotMatt Cullen Snap Shot
1st 01:53CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Brent Seabrook
1st 03:02CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit Stephane Yelle
1st 04:02CARHitEric Staal hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
1st 04:14CARShotRay Whitney Snap Shot
1st 04:59CARHitChad LaRose hit Brian Campbell
1st 06:02CHIShotJohn Madden Backhand
1st 06:33CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Tomas Kopecky
1st 06:44CHIHitBen Eager hit Andrew Alberts
1st 07:17CHIShotMarian Hossa Wrist Shot
1st 07:49CHIHitAndrew Ladd hit Joni Pitkanen
1st 07:51CHIShotMarian Hossa Wrist Shot
1st 07:57CARShotBrandon Sutter Snap Shot
1st 08:34CHIShotJonathan Toews Wrist Shot
1st 08:59CARShotJiri Tlusty Snap Shot
1st 09:33CHIShotPatrick Sharp Wrist Shot
1st 11:07CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Andrew Alberts
1st 11:28CHIShotBen Eager Wrist Shot
1st 12:09CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Aaron Ward
1st 12:47CARShotJoni Pitkanen Wrist Shot
1st 13:30CARShotSergei Samsonov Snap Shot
1st 13:42CARShotJoni Pitkanen Slap Shot
1st 15:13CARPenaltyJussi Jokinen Hi-sticking against Duncan Keith
1st 15:20CHIPenaltyDustin Byfuglien Interference against Brandon Sutter
1st 16:23CHIShotPatrick Sharp Slap Shot
1st 16:33CARShotMatt Cullen Snap Shot
1st 17:32CHIShotMarian Hossa Backhand
1st 17:41CHIShotDuncan Keith Slap Shot
1st 17:44CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Wrist Shot
1st 18:24CHIShotJohn Madden Wrist Shot
1st 18:47CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Wrist Shot
1st 18:48CARShotEric Staal Snap Shot
1st 19:27CARHitPatrick Dwyer hit Brent Seabrook
1st 19:37CARHitMatt Cullen hit Brent Seabrook
1st 19:47CARShotAndrew Alberts Slap Shot
1st 19:50CARGoalSergei Samsonov (11) Wrist Shot, assists: Tom Kostopoulos (7), Andrew Alberts (7)
2nd 00:12CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit Jiri Tlusty
2nd 00:39CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Jiri Tlusty
2nd 00:45CHIShotPatrick Kane Wrist Shot
2nd 01:07CHIShotPatrick Kane Wrist Shot
2nd 02:02CARShotRay Whitney Backhand
2nd 02:29CARShotTom Kostopoulos Wrist Shot
2nd 03:09CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Kris Versteeg
2nd 03:24CHIHitTomas Kopecky hit Aaron Ward
2nd 04:01CARShotAaron Ward Wrist Shot
2nd 04:26CHIShotTomas Kopecky Snap Shot
2nd 04:45CHIShotJonathan Toews Slap Shot
2nd 05:06CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Chad LaRose
2nd 06:21CARHitAaron Ward hit Andrew Ladd
2nd 06:46CHIGoalMarian Hossa (15) Backhand, assists: Patrick Sharp (28), Andrew Ladd (15)
2nd 06:56CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Andrew Alberts
2nd 07:37CARHitRod Brind'Amour hit John Madden
2nd 07:49CARHitRod Brind'Amour hit Kris Versteeg
2nd 08:14CHIShotAndrew Ladd Backhand
2nd 08:30CHIPenaltyMarian Hossa Hooking against Brandon Sutter
2nd 09:56CHIHitNiklas Hjalmarsson hit Rod Brind'Amour
2nd 10:25CHIShotJohn Madden Slap Shot
2nd 11:29CHIHitTomas Kopecky hit Andrew Alberts
2nd 11:54CHIShotPatrick Kane Wrist Shot
2nd 11:57CARHitBrett Carson hit Patrick Kane
2nd 12:42CHIHitDuncan Keith hit Eric Staal
2nd 12:45CARHitEric Staal hit Duncan Keith
2nd 12:55CHIHitDuncan Keith hit Tom Kostopoulos
2nd 12:57CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit Matt Cullen
2nd 13:16CARHitMatt Cullen hit Marian Hossa
2nd 13:16CHIShotMarian Hossa Wrist Shot
2nd 13:47CARShotJiri Tlusty Wrist Shot
2nd 14:33CARHitAaron Ward hit Andrew Ladd
2nd 14:49CHIShotMarian Hossa Wrist Shot
2nd 14:51CARHitJoni Pitkanen hit Marian Hossa
2nd 15:30CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Tim Gleason
2nd 15:43CHIShotPatrick Kane Wrist Shot
2nd 15:53CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Patrick Kane
2nd 16:30CHIShotBen Eager Wrist Shot
2nd 16:44CHIShotBen Eager Wrist Shot
2nd 16:47CHIHitColin Fraser hit Patrick Dwyer
2nd 16:55CARHitPatrick Dwyer hit Colin Fraser
2nd 17:53CARGoalJussi Jokinen (17) Wrist Shot, assists: Eric Staal (25), Andrew Alberts (8)
2nd 18:00CHIHitMarian Hossa hit Aaron Ward
2nd 18:02CARShotTom Kostopoulos Snap Shot
2nd 18:19CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
2nd 19:05CHIShotPatrick Kane Slap Shot
2nd 19:15CHIShotTroy Brouwer Tip-In
2nd 19:57CHIShotPatrick Kane Backhand
3rd 01:10CHIHitMarian Hossa hit Chad LaRose
3rd 02:03CHIShotBen Eager Wrist Shot
3rd 02:38CARHitJussi Jokinen hit Brent Seabrook
3rd 02:40CARShotEric Staal Snap Shot
3rd 03:02CHIHitAndrew Ladd hit Aaron Ward
3rd 03:46CHIShotMarian Hossa Backhand
3rd 04:15CARHitBrett Carson hit Kris Versteeg
3rd 04:19CHIShotKris Versteeg null
3rd 04:26CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Wrap-around
3rd 04:28CHIShotCam Barker Slap Shot
3rd 04:36CHIShotCam Barker Slap Shot
3rd 05:07CARHitTim Gleason hit Troy Brouwer
3rd 05:17CARPenaltyNiclas Wallin Tripping against Patrick Kane
3rd 05:23CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Chad LaRose
3rd 05:31CHIShotDuncan Keith Slap Shot
3rd 07:03CHIShotJonathan Toews Wrist Shot
3rd 07:28CHIShotTroy Brouwer Tip-In
3rd 07:43CHIGoalAndrew Ladd (9) Wrist Shot, assists: Marian Hossa (15)
3rd 07:51CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Andrew Alberts
3rd 08:13CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Wrist Shot
3rd 08:33CARShotEric Staal Deflected
3rd 08:47CARShotChad LaRose Wrist Shot
3rd 09:08CARGoalBrandon Sutter (13) Tip-In, assists: Chad LaRose (6), Jiri Tlusty (3)
3rd 09:27CHIShotPatrick Sharp Snap Shot
3rd 09:34CARGoalMatt Cullen (11) Deflected, assists: Tom Kostopoulos (8), Sergei Samsonov (8)
3rd 10:09CHIHitBen Eager hit Patrick Dwyer
3rd 11:15CHIShotTroy Brouwer Slap Shot
3rd 12:54CARShotJussi Jokinen Wrist Shot
3rd 13:27CARShotAndrew Alberts Wrist Shot
3rd 13:31CARShotBrandon Sutter Wrist Shot
3rd 14:27CHIShotJonathan Toews Backhand
3rd 15:44CARHitJoni Pitkanen hit Andrew Ladd
3rd 16:41CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Kris Versteeg
3rd 18:04CARPenaltyNiclas Wallin Holding against Jonathan Toews
3rd 19:11CHIShotPatrick Kane Backhand
3rd 19:47CHIHitTomas Kopecky hit Matt Cullen
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2D. KeithD00-22029:40
4N. HjalmarssonD00-10018:24
5B. SopelD0010012:16
7B. SeabrookD00-20026:40
10P. SharpL0113019:47
11J. MaddenC00-12012:42
16A. LaddL1112016:14
19J. ToewsC00-24021:01
22T. BrouwerR00-23020:05
25C. BarkerD0012010:11
32K. VersteegL00-11014:09
33D. ByfuglienD00-13213:10
46C. FraserC000007:15
51B. CampbellD00-10021:39
55B. EagerL000408:42
81M. HossaR1117218:48
82T. KopeckyR000107:37
88P. KaneR00-27020:19
39C. Huet2024.83357:21
4A. WardD0001020:43
6T. GleasonD0010020:41
7N. WallinD0020416:35
8M. CullenC1013016:47
12E. StaalC0103020:34
13R. WhitneyL0002019:47
14S. SamsonovL1111015:13
16B. SutterC1013016:38
17R. Brind'AmourC000009:02
18S. YelleC000008:51
19J. TlustyC0112013:20
25J. PitkanenD00-12027:32
27B. CarsonD0000017:29
29T. KostopoulosR0212013:13
36J. JokinenL1002218:14
39P. DwyerR000009:16
41A. AlbertsD0222016:12
59C. LaRoseR0111013:57
30C. Ward3941.95160:00
scoring summary
1st Period
19:50CAR Sergei Samsonov (11) ASST: Tom Kostopoulos (7), Andrew Alberts (7) 1 - 0 CAR
2nd Period
06:46CHI Marian Hossa (15) ASST: Patrick Sharp (27), Andrew Ladd (15) 1 - 1 Tie
17:53CAR Jussi Jokinen (17) ASST: Eric Staal (25), Andrew Alberts (8) 2 - 1 CAR
3rd Period
07:43CHI Andrew Ladd (11) ASST: Marian Hossa (15) 2 - 2 Tie
09:08CAR Brandon Sutter (13) ASST: Chad LaRose (6), Jiri Tlusty (5) 3 - 2 CAR
09:34CAR Matt Cullen (11) ASST: Tom Kostopoulos (8), Sergei Samsonov (8) 4 - 2 CAR
penalty summary
1st Period
15:13CAR Jussi Jokinen  Hi-sticking against  Duncan Keith
15:20CHI Dustin Byfuglien  Interference against  Brandon Sutter
2nd Period
08:30CHI Marian Hossa  Hooking against  Brandon Sutter
3rd Period
05:17CAR Niclas Wallin  Tripping against  Patrick Kane
18:04CAR Niclas Wallin  Holding against  Jonathan Toews
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/30/2
Faceoff Wins1632
Blocked Shots1319
Penalty Minutes46
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