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1st 00:26BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
1st 00:40BUFShotPatrick Kaleta Wrist Shot
1st 00:46BUFShotChris Butler Slap Shot
1st 00:53BUFShotCraig Rivet Snap Shot
1st 01:41NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Steve Montador
1st 02:20NYIHitJohn Tavares hit Chris Butler
1st 03:10NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Tyler Myers
1st 03:28BUFShotAdam Mair Snap Shot
1st 03:29NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Steve Montador
1st 03:52BUFShotAdam Mair Snap Shot
1st 04:13NYIShotRob Schremp Wrist Shot
1st 04:21BUFHitTim Kennedy hit Rob Schremp
1st 05:22BUFShotCraig Rivet Wrist Shot
1st 05:24BUFShotCraig Rivet Wrist Shot
1st 05:38NYIShotKyle Okposo Wrist Shot
1st 05:38NYIGoalJohn Tavares (18) Wrist Shot, assists: Kyle Okposo (22), Andy Sutton (6)
1st 05:47NYIShotSean Bergenheim Wrist Shot
1st 06:08NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Steve Montador
1st 07:46NYIShotJon Sim Wrist Shot
1st 08:34NYIShotTrent Hunter Slap Shot
1st 08:46NYIShotFreddy Meyer Wrist Shot
1st 09:14BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Freddy Meyer
1st 09:23NYIShotRichard Park Wrist Shot
1st 10:28NYIHitKyle Okposo hit Michael Grier
1st 10:44BUFPenaltyTim Kennedy Hooking against Kyle Okposo
1st 12:04NYIShotJack Hillen Tip-In
1st 13:22NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Clarke MacArthur
1st 13:30BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Jack Hillen
1st 13:41NYIHitJon Sim hit Patrick Kaleta
1st 14:02BUFHitDerek Roy hit John Tavares
1st 14:39NYIHitBruno Gervais hit Thomas Vanek
1st 15:34BUFHitMichael Grier hit Andrew MacDonald
1st 15:54BUFPenaltyClarke MacArthur Tripping against Bruno Gervais
1st 16:22BUFShotPaul Gaustad Wrist Shot
1st 18:11NYIHitBlake Comeau hit Toni Lydman
1st 18:35NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Derek Roy
1st 18:57BUFShotTim Kennedy Wrist Shot
1st 19:42BUFShotJochen Hecht Slap Shot
1st 19:58BUFHitCraig Rivet hit Matt Moulson
1st 19:59NYIShotTrent Hunter Wrist Shot
2nd 01:09BUFPenaltyTyler Myers Tripping against Kyle Okposo
2nd 01:42NYIShotDoug Weight Slap Shot
2nd 02:52NYIShotJack Hillen Backhand
2nd 02:59NYIShotAndy Sutton Wrist Shot
2nd 03:08NYIShotRob Schremp Slap Shot
2nd 03:51BUFShotDrew Stafford Slap Shot
2nd 05:08NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Chris Butler
2nd 05:39NYIShotSean Bergenheim Backhand
2nd 06:43NYIShotJohn Tavares Backhand
2nd 07:14NYIHitBruno Gervais hit Michael Grier
2nd 08:47BUFShotThomas Vanek Slap Shot
2nd 09:27NYIShotMatt Moulson Slap Shot
2nd 09:30NYIShotJack Hillen Backhand
2nd 09:30BUFPenaltyJochen Hecht Slashing against Jack Hillen
2nd 09:42NYIShotMark Streit Slap Shot
2nd 10:53NYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
2nd 11:08NYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
2nd 11:09NYIShotMatt Moulson Wrist Shot
2nd 11:09NYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
2nd 11:29NYIShotJohn Tavares Wrist Shot
2nd 11:53NYIShotKyle Okposo Tip-In
2nd 11:54NYIShotKyle Okposo Wrist Shot
2nd 12:28NYIPenaltyFreddy Meyer Cross checking against Patrick Kaleta
2nd 13:35BUFShotTyler Myers Wrist Shot
2nd 14:32BUFShotCraig Rivet Wrist Shot
2nd 15:33NYIGoalSean Bergenheim (5) Tip-In, assists: Andrew MacDonald (3), Mark Streit (19)
2nd 15:54BUFGoalMichael Grier (9) Snap Shot, assists: Tim Connolly (26), Henrik Tallinder (10)
2nd 16:13NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Henrik Tallinder
2nd 16:15NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Jason Pominville
2nd 16:41NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Jason Pominville
2nd 16:43NYIShotTrent Hunter Slap Shot
2nd 17:07NYIHitBlake Comeau hit Patrick Kaleta
2nd 17:52NYIShotBlake Comeau Snap Shot
2nd 18:03NYIShotRichard Park Snap Shot
2nd 18:59BUFShotJason Pominville Wrist Shot
2nd 19:39NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Derek Roy
3rd 00:36BUFHitTyler Myers hit Kyle Okposo
3rd 01:15NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Clarke MacArthur
3rd 01:21BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Jack Hillen
3rd 01:59NYIShotFreddy Meyer Wrist Shot
3rd 02:10NYIShotBlake Comeau Wrist Shot
3rd 04:22BUFShotJochen Hecht Slap Shot
3rd 04:30BUFHitSteve Montador hit Sean Bergenheim
3rd 05:24NYIPenaltyMark Streit Unsportsmanlike conduct against Henrik Tallinder
3rd 05:24BUFPenaltyHenrik Tallinder Roughing against Mark Streit
3rd 05:38BUFShotJason Pominville Slap Shot
3rd 06:24NYIShotRichard Park Wrist Shot
3rd 06:51BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
3rd 08:04NYIHitJosh Bailey hit Craig Rivet
3rd 08:59BUFHitHenrik Tallinder hit Richard Park
3rd 09:11BUFShotClarke MacArthur Snap Shot
3rd 09:17BUFHitPatrick Kaleta hit Andrew MacDonald
3rd 09:35BUFGoalDrew Stafford (11) Wrist Shot, assists: Chris Butler (13), Thomas Vanek (14)
3rd 09:35BUFShotChris Butler Slap Shot
3rd 10:33BUFHitClarke MacArthur hit Bruno Gervais
3rd 11:19NYIShotAndy Sutton Slap Shot
3rd 11:59NYIShotJohn Tavares Wrist Shot
3rd 12:36BUFHitMichael Grier hit Andy Sutton
3rd 12:44NYIHitSean Bergenheim hit Chris Butler
3rd 14:06BUFShotJochen Hecht Backhand
3rd 14:56NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Michael Grier
3rd 15:58BUFHitDrew Stafford hit Matt Moulson
3rd 16:20BUFShotJochen Hecht Snap Shot
3rd 16:50BUFShotHenrik Tallinder Wrist Shot
3rd 17:18NYIHitAndy Sutton hit Paul Gaustad
3rd 17:32BUFShotPaul Gaustad Wrist Shot
3rd 18:14BUFShotMichael Grier Wrist Shot
3rd 19:25NYIHitTrent Hunter hit Drew Stafford
3rd 19:29BUFShotThomas Vanek Tip-In
OT 00:33NYIShotFrans Nielsen Wrist Shot
OT 00:47NYIShotFrans Nielsen Slap Shot
OT 01:37BUFShotThomas Vanek Tip-In
OT 01:59BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
OT 02:46BUFShotJason Pominville Slap Shot
OT 03:01NYIShotJohn Tavares Snap Shot
OT 04:52BUFShotPaul Gaustad Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIGoalRob Schremp - Backhand
ShootoutBUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIShotFrans Nielsen Backhand
ShootoutBUFGoalJason Pominville - Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIShotJosh Bailey Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIGoalMatt Moulson - Wrist Shot
ShootoutBUFGoalDrew Stafford - Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIShotDoug Weight Wrist Shot
ShootoutBUFShotDerek Roy Backhand
ShootoutNYIGoalJohn Tavares - Wrist Shot
ShootoutBUFGoalJochen Hecht - Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIShotKyle Okposo Wrist Shot
ShootoutBUFShotClarke MacArthur Wrist Shot
ShootoutNYIGoalTrent Hunter - Wrist Shot
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4S. MontadorD00-10011:02
5T. LydmanD00-10014:30
9D. RoyC0000021:27
10H. TallinderD0101226:31
13T. KennedyL00-1129:32
19T. ConnollyC0113017:42
21D. StaffordR1012014:34
22A. MairC000205:57
25M. GrierR1002014:21
26T. VanekL0113017:22
28P. GaustadC0003016:35
29J. PominvilleR00-13018:58
34C. ButlerD0112025:22
36P. KaletaR0001012:28
41C. MacArthurL0001215:07
52C. RivetD0014023:23
55J. HechtC00-14217:16
57T. MyersD0001227:57
30R. Miller3638.94764:56
2M. StreitD0101227:26
7T. HunterR0003016:47
8B. GervaisD0000016:14
10R. ParkR0012016:20
12J. BaileyL0003017:53
13R. SchrempC0002013:31
16J. SimL00-11010:49
20S. BergenheimL1013013:41
21K. OkposoR0103021:23
25A. SuttonD0102022:57
26M. MoulsonL0002012:04
38J. HillenD0004024:38
44F. MeyerD0002211:43
47A. MacDonaldD0100022:18
51F. NielsenC0002018:14
57B. ComeauL00-12016:58
91J. TavaresC1005016:55
93D. WeightC0001015:59
39R. DiPietro3133.93964:55
scoring summary
1st Period
05:38NYI John Tavares (17) ASST: Kyle Okposo (22), Andy Sutton (6) 1 - 0 NYI
2nd Period
15:33NYI Sean Bergenheim (5) ASST: Andrew MacDonald (3), Mark Streit (21) 2 - 0 NYI
15:54BUF Michael Grier (9) ASST: Tim Connolly (28), Henrik Tallinder (10) 2 - 1 NYI
3rd Period
09:35BUF Drew Stafford (12) ASST: Chris Butler (14), Thomas Vanek (14) 2 - 2 Tie
OT Period
1NYIRob Schremp - Goal
2BUFTim Connolly - Save
3NYIFrans Nielsen - Save
4BUFJason Pominville - Goal
5NYIJosh Bailey - Save
6BUFThomas Vanek - Missed
7NYIMatt Moulson - Goal
8BUFDrew Stafford - Goal
9NYIDoug Weight - Save
10BUFDerek Roy - Save
11NYIJohn Tavares - Goal
12BUFJochen Hecht - Goal
13NYIKyle Okposo - Save
14BUFClarke MacArthur - Save
15NYITrent Hunter - Goal
16BUFPatrick Kaleta - Missed
penalty summary
1st Period
10:44BUF Tim Kennedy  Hooking against  Kyle Okposo
15:54BUF Clarke MacArthur  Tripping against  Bruno Gervais
2nd Period
01:09BUF Tyler Myers  Tripping against  Kyle Okposo
09:30BUF Jochen Hecht  Slashing against  Jack Hillen
12:28NYI Freddy Meyer  Cross checking against  Patrick Kaleta
3rd Period
05:24NYI Mark Streit  Unsportsmanlike conduct against  Henrik Tallinder
05:24BUF Henrik Tallinder  Roughing against  Mark Streit
OT Period
04:45NYI Josh Bailey  Too many men/ice - bench
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/20/4
Faceoff Wins2930
Blocked Shots2120
Penalty Minutes106
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