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1st 00:24CARPenaltyAaron Ward Boarding against Max Pacioretty
1st 01:29MTLGoalAndrei Markov (3) Tip-In, assists: Tomas Plekanec (33), Marc-Andre Bergeron (11)
1st 01:36CARHitBrett Carson hit Benoit Pouliot
1st 02:05CARHitEric Staal hit Scott Gomez
1st 02:21CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Travis Moen
1st 02:51MTLShotAndrei Markov Wrist Shot
1st 02:52CARHitTim Gleason hit Andrei Markov
1st 03:06CARShotJoni Pitkanen Snap Shot
1st 03:06MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Joni Pitkanen
1st 03:38CARHitScott Walker hit Andrei Kostitsyn
1st 03:42MTLGoalAndrei Kostitsyn (11) Wrist Shot, assists: Mike Cammalleri (14), Tomas Plekanec (34)
1st 04:05CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Sergei Kostitsyn
1st 04:06MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
1st 04:08MTLShotScott Gomez Wrap-around
1st 04:12MTLShotJosh Gorges Slap Shot
1st 04:27CARHitAaron Ward hit Glen Metropolit
1st 04:39MTLHitMax Pacioretty hit Brandon Sutter
1st 05:27CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Maxim Lapierre
1st 05:48MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Matt Cullen
1st 06:01MTLPenaltyScott Gomez Cross checking against Tuomo Ruutu
1st 07:05CARShotSergei Samsonov Wrist Shot
1st 07:10CARShotJoni Pitkanen Slap Shot
1st 07:20CARShotBrandon Sutter Deflected
1st 07:21CARGoalBrandon Sutter (8) Wrist Shot, assists: Tim Gleason (7), Brett Carson (3)
1st 08:05CARShotMatt Cullen Wrist Shot
1st 08:55CARShotBrandon Sutter Tip-In
1st 08:58CARShotBrandon Sutter Deflected
1st 09:04CARShotJoni Pitkanen Snap Shot
1st 09:32MTLGoalSergei Kostitsyn (1) Tip-In, assists: none
1st 10:33MTLHitTravis Moen hit Aaron Ward
1st 10:51CARHitRod Brind'Amour hit Josh Gorges
1st 12:41CARShotTuomo Ruutu Snap Shot
1st 13:32CARHitPatrick Dwyer hit Ryan O'Byrne
1st 14:37MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Rod Brind'Amour
1st 15:20CARShotJoni Pitkanen Slap Shot
1st 15:28CARPenaltyTom Kostopoulos Interference against Josh Gorges
1st 15:35MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Slap Shot
1st 16:29MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Slap Shot
1st 17:08MTLGoalGlen Metropolit (9) Slap Shot, assists: Scott Gomez (15), Josh Gorges (5)
1st 17:19CARShotEric Staal Wrap-around
1st 17:44CARHitTuomo Ruutu hit Hal Gill
1st 17:49MTLShotTravis Moen Snap Shot
1st 18:38CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Jaroslav Spacek
1st 18:48MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Joni Pitkanen
1st 19:20CARHitSergei Samsonov hit Andrei Kostitsyn
1st 19:32CARShotNiclas Wallin Wrist Shot
2nd 00:15CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Hal Gill
2nd 00:32MTLShotTravis Moen Deflected
2nd 00:41CARShotTuomo Ruutu Slap Shot
2nd 01:10CARShotTuomo Ruutu Snap Shot
2nd 01:23CARHitPatrick Dwyer hit Andrei Markov
2nd 01:33MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
2nd 01:34CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Benoit Pouliot
2nd 02:19CARShotStephane Yelle Snap Shot
2nd 02:24CARShotNiclas Wallin Slap Shot
2nd 02:36CARHitMatt Cullen hit Max Pacioretty
2nd 03:06MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Tom Kostopoulos
2nd 03:13CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Andrei Markov
2nd 03:33MTLShotAndrei Markov Snap Shot
2nd 03:58CARShotPatrick Dwyer Slap Shot
2nd 04:43CARHitAaron Ward hit Travis Moen
2nd 05:18CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Matt D'Agostini
2nd 06:03CARShotJoni Pitkanen Wrist Shot
2nd 06:04CARShotTuomo Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 06:53CARShotBrett Carson Snap Shot
2nd 07:18MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Snap Shot
2nd 07:19MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Backhand
2nd 07:56MTLShotAndrei Markov Snap Shot
2nd 08:22CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Maxim Lapierre
2nd 08:28CARShotEric Staal Snap Shot
2nd 08:49CARShotBrandon Sutter Slap Shot
2nd 08:53CARHitRay Whitney hit Travis Moen
2nd 09:04MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Jussi Jokinen
2nd 09:08MTLPenaltyTravis Moen Roughing against Tuomo Ruutu
2nd 09:43CARShotBrandon Sutter Backhand
2nd 10:12CARShotEric Staal Slap Shot
2nd 10:30MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Eric Staal
2nd 10:41CARShotMatt Cullen Slap Shot
2nd 10:58CARShotMatt Cullen Wrist Shot
2nd 11:00CARShotTuomo Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 11:01CARShotTuomo Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 11:14CARShotJoni Pitkanen Slap Shot
2nd 12:17MTLShotJaroslav Spacek Slap Shot
2nd 12:43CARShotJussi Jokinen Snap Shot
2nd 14:14MTLHitTravis Moen hit Eric Staal
2nd 14:46MTLShotRyan O'Byrne Snap Shot
2nd 15:26MTLHitMatt D'Agostini hit Brett Carson
2nd 16:28CARHitTuomo Ruutu hit Glen Metropolit
2nd 16:43CARHitBrandon Sutter hit Andrei Markov
2nd 16:54MTLShotGlen Metropolit Wrist Shot
2nd 16:55CARPenaltyAaron Ward Tripping against Glen Metropolit
2nd 17:03CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Max Pacioretty
2nd 18:03MTLGoalGlen Metropolit (10) Backhand, assists: Scott Gomez (16), Jaroslav Spacek (9)
2nd 18:36CARShotTuomo Ruutu Snap Shot
2nd 18:44CARHitTuomo Ruutu hit Marc-Andre Bergeron
2nd 19:28CARHitEric Staal hit Tomas Plekanec
2nd 19:35MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Andrew Alberts
3rd 00:15CARShotMatt Cullen Snap Shot
3rd 00:16CARShotBrett Carson Slap Shot
3rd 00:18CARShotTom Kostopoulos Backhand
3rd 01:13CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Andrei Kostitsyn
3rd 02:22CARShotSergei Samsonov Wrist Shot
3rd 02:34CARHitTim Gleason hit Travis Moen
3rd 03:29MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Tuomo Ruutu
3rd 04:01CARShotJussi Jokinen Backhand
3rd 04:35CARShotJussi Jokinen Snap Shot
3rd 04:43MTLHitJaroslav Spacek hit Sergei Samsonov
3rd 04:52CARShotBrett Carson Wrist Shot
3rd 06:35CARShotEric Staal Wrist Shot
3rd 06:52CARPenaltyJussi Jokinen Hi-sticking against Jaroslav Spacek
3rd 08:29CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Max Pacioretty
3rd 08:43CARShotMatt Cullen Backhand
3rd 09:27MTLHitBenoit Pouliot hit Brett Carson
3rd 09:32CARShotRay Whitney Backhand
3rd 09:33MTLPenaltyHal Gill Cross checking against Tuomo Ruutu
3rd 09:57CARShotRay Whitney Slap Shot
3rd 10:12CARShotMatt Cullen Snap Shot
3rd 10:39CARShotJussi Jokinen Slap Shot
3rd 11:21CARShotBrandon Sutter Wrist Shot
3rd 11:41MTLHitMax Pacioretty hit Tuomo Ruutu
3rd 11:48CARShotTim Gleason Snap Shot
3rd 12:00CARHitNiclas Wallin hit Max Pacioretty
3rd 12:05MTLHitMax Pacioretty hit Niclas Wallin
3rd 12:44CARHitJoni Pitkanen hit Tomas Plekanec
3rd 12:55MTLHitRyan O'Byrne hit Tom Kostopoulos
3rd 13:23CARHitEric Staal hit Andrei Markov
3rd 14:03MTLHitSergei Kostitsyn hit Tim Gleason
3rd 14:08CARHitAndrew Alberts hit Scott Gomez
3rd 14:38CARHitTom Kostopoulos hit Hal Gill
3rd 14:49MTLHitHal Gill hit Tom Kostopoulos
3rd 16:01CARHitPatrick Dwyer hit Mike Cammalleri
3rd 16:17MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Slap Shot
3rd 16:53MTLShotMaxim Lapierre Snap Shot
3rd 17:03MTLShotJosh Gorges Slap Shot
3rd 18:01MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Tom Kostopoulos
3rd 19:20MTLHitHal Gill hit Matt Cullen
3rd 19:29MTLShotMatt D'Agostini Snap Shot
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6J. SpacekD0111020:52
13M. CammalleriL0110018:48
14T. PlekanecC0320020:09
15G. MetropolitC2003015:08
17G. LaraqueR000004:49
20R. O'ByrneD0011017:11
26J. GorgesD0102022:39
32T. MoenL0002217:46
36M. D'AgostiniR000108:16
40M. LapierreC0001012:21
46A. KostitsynL1014016:07
47M. BergeronD0112018:19
57B. PouliotL0002013:28
67M. PaciorettyL0000014:55
74S. KostitsynL1011013:18
75H. GillD0000218:46
79A. MarkovD1014223:10
91S. GomezC0311414:42
41J. Halak4647.97959:52
4A. WardD00-1047:23
6T. GleasonD0101020:34
7N. WallinD00-12016:41
8M. CullenC0006020:39
12E. StaalC00-24017:56
13R. WhitneyL00-13018:40
14S. SamsonovL0002016:18
15T. RuutuL00-17017:16
16B. SutterC1007018:41
17R. Brind'AmourC00-1004:49
18S. YelleC000008:27
24S. WalkerR00-1004:37
25J. PitkanenD00-16029:38
27B. CarsonD01-13022:27
29T. KostopoulosR0001218:44
36J. JokinenL0004216:30
39P. DwyerR0001014:31
41A. AlbertsD0000018:24
30C. Ward47.5719:32
34M. Legace1618.88950:28
scoring summary
1st Period
01:29MTL PPG - Andrei Markov (3) ASST: Tomas Plekanec (34), Marc-Andre Bergeron (11) 1 - 0 MTL
03:42MTL Andrei Kostitsyn (11) ASST: Mike Cammalleri (15), Tomas Plekanec (35) 2 - 0 MTL
07:21CAR PPG - Brandon Sutter (8) ASST: Tim Gleason (7), Brett Carson (3) 2 - 1 MTL
09:32MTL Sergei Kostitsyn (1) ASST: Tomas Plekanec (36), Scott Gomez (15) 3 - 1 MTL
17:08MTL PPG - Glen Metropolit (9) ASST: Scott Gomez (16), Josh Gorges (5) 4 - 1 MTL
2nd Period
18:03MTL PPG - Glen Metropolit (10) ASST: Scott Gomez (17), Jaroslav Spacek (9) 5 - 1 MTL
3rd Period
penalty summary
1st Period
00:24CAR Aaron Ward  Boarding against  Max Pacioretty
06:01MTL Scott Gomez  Cross checking against  Tuomo Ruutu
06:01MTL Scott Gomez  Unsportsmanlike conduct
15:28CAR Tom Kostopoulos  Interference against  Josh Gorges
2nd Period
09:08MTL Travis Moen  Roughing against  Tuomo Ruutu
10:44MTL Andrei Markov  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
11:53CAR Sergei Samsonov  Too many men/ice - bench
16:55CAR Aaron Ward  Tripping against  Glen Metropolit
3rd Period
06:52CAR Jussi Jokinen  Hi-sticking against  Jaroslav Spacek
09:33MTL Hal Gill  Cross checking against  Tuomo Ruutu
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays3/51/5
Faceoff Wins2639
Blocked Shots1712
Penalty Minutes1010
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