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1st 01:00COLHitMatt Duchene hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
1st 01:23CHIShotBrent Sopel Snap Shot
1st 01:46CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Snap Shot
1st 02:16CHIPenaltyColin Fraser Fighting against Matt Hendricks
1st 02:16COLPenaltyMatt Hendricks Fighting against Colin Fraser
1st 02:45COLShotBrett Clark Slap Shot
1st 03:00CHIShotBrian Campbell Snap Shot
1st 04:42CHIShotKris Versteeg Snap Shot
1st 05:50CHIPenaltyDustin Byfuglien Slashing against Chris Stewart
1st 06:12COLHitMarek Svatos hit Duncan Keith
1st 06:34CHIShotJohn Madden Slap Shot
1st 06:57COLShotMarek Svatos Slap Shot
1st 07:00COLShotDarcy Tucker Snap Shot
1st 07:00COLShotDarcy Tucker Snap Shot
1st 07:39COLShotKyle Quincey Slap Shot
1st 08:30COLShotDavid Jones Backhand
1st 09:42COLShotTJ Hensick Slap Shot
1st 09:44COLGoalKyle Cumiskey (2) Snap Shot, assists: TJ Hensick (2), Cody McLeod (3)
1st 10:42CHIShotTomas Kopecky Backhand
1st 11:29CHIShotTroy Brouwer Slap Shot
1st 11:41COLShotMarek Svatos Slap Shot
1st 12:21COLHitKyle Cumiskey hit Brian Campbell
1st 12:35CHIHitBrian Campbell hit TJ Hensick
1st 12:59CHIPenaltyCam Barker Tripping against Chris Stewart
1st 13:42COLShotMarek Svatos Slap Shot
1st 14:06COLHitChris Stewart hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
1st 14:26COLShotBrett Clark Slap Shot
1st 14:36CHIShotPatrick Sharp Slap Shot
1st 14:36CHIShotPatrick Sharp Snap Shot
1st 15:20CHIGoalPatrick Kane (5) Snap Shot, assists: Patrick Sharp (9), Jonathan Toews (5)
1st 15:35COLShotKyle Cumiskey Slap Shot
1st 16:12CHIHitAndrew Ebbett hit Ryan O'Reilly
1st 16:20CHIShotPatrick Kane Backhand
1st 16:50COLHitDavid Jones hit Troy Brouwer
1st 16:52CHIShotAndrew Ladd Snap Shot
1st 16:56CHIShotAndrew Ladd Backhand
1st 17:13CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit David Jones
1st 17:28COLHitWojtek Wolski hit Brent Seabrook
1st 17:36CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit David Jones
1st 18:08CHIShotBrent Seabrook Slap Shot
1st 18:31CHIPenaltyColin Fraser Fighting against Cody McLeod
1st 18:31COLPenaltyCody McLeod Fighting against Colin Fraser
1st 18:53COLHitDarcy Tucker hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
2nd 00:13CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Adam Foote
2nd 00:59CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit David Jones
2nd 01:31CHIShotJohn Madden Slap Shot
2nd 02:07CHIShotAndrew Ebbett Snap Shot
2nd 02:07CHIPenaltyKris Versteeg Slashing against Craig Anderson
2nd 02:50CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit Paul Stastny
2nd 03:07COLShotMarek Svatos Snap Shot
2nd 03:21COLShotKyle Quincey Slap Shot
2nd 04:09COLShotChris Stewart Slap Shot
2nd 04:50COLHitMatt Hendricks hit Dustin Byfuglien
2nd 04:50COLShotTJ Hensick Slap Shot
2nd 05:20COLHitCody McLeod hit Colin Fraser
2nd 05:31CHIHitColin Fraser hit Adam Foote
2nd 06:17CHIShotJonathan Toews Slap Shot
2nd 06:22CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Darcy Tucker
2nd 06:39CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Matt Duchene
2nd 07:33COLShotPaul Stastny Snap Shot
2nd 07:39COLShotBrett Clark Slap Shot
2nd 07:43COLShotBrett Clark Slap Shot
2nd 08:15CHIShotKris Versteeg Slap Shot
2nd 08:39COLHitDavid Koci hit Brian Campbell
2nd 08:49COLShotChris Stewart Snap Shot
2nd 09:11COLHitCody McLeod hit Brent Sopel
2nd 10:06COLPenaltyMarek Svatos Holding against Dustin Byfuglien
2nd 10:35CHIShotCam Barker Slap Shot
2nd 11:28CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Cody McLeod
2nd 12:10CHIShotPatrick Sharp Slap Shot
2nd 12:24COLHitRyan Wilson hit Patrick Kane
2nd 12:24CHIShotBrent Seabrook Slap Shot
2nd 12:25CHIHitJohn Madden hit Ryan Wilson
2nd 13:10COLGoalWojtek Wolski (9) Snap Shot, assists: none
2nd 14:48CHIHitPatrick Sharp hit Matt Duchene
2nd 14:56COLShotDarcy Tucker Snap Shot
2nd 15:07COLShotKyle Quincey Slap Shot
2nd 16:59COLShotTJ Hensick Slap Shot
2nd 19:28CHIShotDuncan Keith Slap Shot
2nd 19:33CHIPenaltyKris Versteeg Interference - Goalkeeper against Craig Anderson
3rd 02:09CHIHitAndrew Ebbett hit TJ Hensick
3rd 02:30COLShotCody McLeod Snap Shot
3rd 02:40COLHitDarcy Tucker hit Brent Seabrook
3rd 02:47CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Brett Clark
3rd 03:58COLHitCody McLeod hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
3rd 04:03COLShotCody McLeod Deflected
3rd 04:25CHIShotBen Eager Slap Shot
3rd 04:56CHIGoalCam Barker (4) Snap Shot, assists: Colin Fraser (3), Brent Sopel (1)
3rd 05:07CHIShotDuncan Keith Snap Shot
3rd 05:19CHIShotBrent Seabrook Slap Shot
3rd 05:31CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Marek Svatos
3rd 05:45CHIShotJonathan Toews Slap Shot
3rd 05:49CHIShotPatrick Kane Snap Shot
3rd 06:40CHIHitDuncan Keith hit David Jones
3rd 07:15CHIShotAndrew Ladd Slap Shot
3rd 07:23COLHitCody McLeod hit Cam Barker
3rd 07:45CHIHitTomas Kopecky hit Matt Duchene
3rd 07:55CHIHitBen Eager hit Matt Duchene
3rd 08:15CHIShotAndrew Ebbett Backhand
3rd 08:29CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit David Jones
3rd 09:16COLHitChris Stewart hit Brian Campbell
3rd 09:54CHIShotKris Versteeg Backhand
3rd 09:55COLHitCody McLeod hit Patrick Kane
3rd 10:03CHIShotKris Versteeg Snap Shot
3rd 10:28CHIHitPatrick Sharp hit Kyle Quincey
3rd 10:36CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit TJ Hensick
3rd 10:48COLHitKyle Quincey hit Andrew Ebbett
3rd 12:22CHIShotTroy Brouwer Snap Shot
3rd 12:22CHIShotJohn Madden Tip-In
3rd 13:22COLHitBrett Clark hit Ben Eager
3rd 14:33CHIHitCam Barker hit Adam Foote
3rd 14:58COLShotBrett Clark Slap Shot
3rd 15:31COLHitScott Hannan hit Patrick Sharp
3rd 15:45CHIShotJonathan Toews Slap Shot
3rd 16:38COLHitDavid Jones hit Duncan Keith
3rd 17:10CHIShotKris Versteeg Snap Shot
3rd 19:44CHIShotDuncan Keith Slap Shot
OT 01:14CHIShotBrian Campbell Slap Shot
OT 01:20CHIShotJonathan Toews Snap Shot
OT 01:54CHIShotBrian Campbell Backhand
OT 02:56CHIShotKris Versteeg Slap Shot
OT 03:31CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Kyle Quincey
OT 04:28COLPenaltyWojtek Wolski Cross checking against Brent Seabrook
OT 04:30COLHitWojtek Wolski hit Brent Seabrook
ShootoutCHIGoalJonathan Toews - Snap Shot
ShootoutCOLGoalMarek Svatos - Backhand
ShootoutCHIShotPatrick Kane Snap Shot
ShootoutCOLShotDarcy Tucker Backhand
ShootoutCHIGoalPatrick Sharp - Snap Shot
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5B. ClarkD0015023:06
7T. HensickC0123014:37
8W. WolskiL1011222:20
9M. DucheneC0000018:28
10K. CumiskeyD1012021:24
15M. HendricksL00-1055:31
16D. TuckerR0003019:13
22S. HannanD00-10024:22
25C. StewartR00-12013:32
26P. StastnyC00-11024:02
27K. QuinceyD00-23025:19
28D. KociL000002:46
37R. O'ReillyC0010019:25
40M. SvatosR0004216:22
44R. WilsonD0000010:42
52A. FooteD0010019:47
54D. JonesR00-11019:41
55C. McLeodL0102517:22
41C. Anderson3739.94965:00
2D. KeithD0003026:10
4N. HjalmarssonD0000023:09
5B. SopelD0101015:17
7B. SeabrookD00-12024:08
10P. SharpL0113020:00
11J. MaddenC00-13018:50
15A. EbbettC0002010:34
16A. LaddL00-12015:13
19J. ToewsC0114020:50
22T. BrouwerR0002015:34
25C. BarkerD1002215:35
32K. VersteegL00-16419:32
33D. ByfuglienD00-11217:55
46C. FraserC0100107:54
51B. CampbellD0013023:54
55B. EagerL001106:34
82T. KopeckyR001109:46
88P. KaneR1003021:05
39C. Huet2527.92665:00
scoring summary
1st Period
09:44COL Kyle Cumiskey (2) ASST: TJ Hensick (2), Cody McLeod (4) 1 - 0 COL
15:20CHI Patrick Kane (5) ASST: Patrick Sharp (9), Jonathan Toews (5) 1 - 1 Tie
2nd Period
13:10COL Wojtek Wolski (9) ASST: NONE 2 - 1 COL
3rd Period
04:56CHI Cam Barker (4) ASST: Colin Fraser (3), Brent Sopel (1) 2 - 2 Tie
OT Period
1COLWojtek Wolski - Missed
2CHIJonathan Toews - Goal
3COLMarek Svatos - Goal
4CHIPatrick Kane - Save
5COLDarcy Tucker - Save
6CHIPatrick Sharp - Goal
penalty summary
1st Period
02:16CHI Colin Fraser  Fighting (maj) against  Matt Hendricks
02:16COL Matt Hendricks  Fighting (maj) against  Colin Fraser
05:50CHI Dustin Byfuglien  Slashing against  Chris Stewart
12:59CHI Cam Barker  Tripping against  Chris Stewart
18:31COL Cody McLeod  Fighting (maj) against  Colin Fraser
18:31CHI Colin Fraser  Fighting (maj) against  Cody McLeod
2nd Period
02:07CHI Kris Versteeg  Slashing against  Craig Anderson
10:06COL Marek Svatos  Holding against  Dustin Byfuglien
19:33CHI Kris Versteeg  Interference on goalkeeper against  Craig Anderson
3rd Period
OT Period
04:28COL Wojtek Wolski  Cross checking against  Brent Seabrook
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/40/2
Faceoff Wins1935
Blocked Shots2112
Penalty Minutes1418
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